SadNo Select Presents: A Night at the Movies



The movie Serenity is opening nationwide on September 30. The people who are promoting the film thought it would be a good idea to offer private screenings to selected bloggers, just as they do with movie critics for newspapers and magazines. The idea is that we’ll watch the movie and review it on this site the following day. So we’re going to have a private screening of the film next Wednesday night, September 28, at 7:00 p.m. The showing will be at the Regal Eagan 16 theater in, obviously, Eagan, Minnesota.

And you’re invited! We decided to open the screening up, free of charge, for all Power Line Sadly, No! readers who are located in the Twin Cities (or, I suppose, are willing to travel to the Twin Cities). There are 120 seats available.

If you want to come, please send an RSVP to the following email address: The first 120 to respond will be put on a list to be admitted. (So be sure to put your actual name in the email, as opposed to, say, “” And please plan to arrive 20 or 25 minutes early.

See you there!
Posted by John Gavin M. at 01:20 PM 5:07 PM

[UPDATE: We hate to mention this to everyone, but some miscreants may be tempted to RSVP who are nowhere near Minnesota and/or don’t intend to go to the screening. We pointedly ask everyone not to do that and make a nuisance of themselves, for we assume that if Mr. Hinderaker is nice enough to have made such an offer, we can be mature enough to respect it.

Achoo! (cough-cough)

PS: That address once again is:]


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I saw that other post.

i thought it was better than this one.


I’ve seen it. It’s a hell of a film. I strongly recommend any viewers in the area to see it.


We shower you with gifts, Mdhatter, and what do we get in return?


ARRRRRRRGH, ASSROCKET LIKES FIREFLY???? That’s like one of my favorite shows. I’m gonna fucking puke.


I laughed

i cried

it was better than cats.


this movie is going to tank so hard. and that is probably sad. although, if all say 3 mill people see that maybe love show- that’s a 20 mill opening and a 0 dollar second week.


SadNo Select, a wholly owned subsidiary of SD** industries.

*Shit Disturber**

*they are almost too meta for me

note how the asterix is part of the title of the company, making it hard to astericize itself.


this movie is going to tank so hard. and that is probably sad. although, if all say 3 mill people see that maybe love show- that’s a 20 mill opening and a 0 dollar second week.

I dunno. I don’t think it’s gonna be a blockbuster, but you can imagine the really dedicated fans going to see it again and again.


Hellz yeah… I’ll be seeing it a few times.
I still can’t believe the bastards at FOX cancelled it… it was soooo good (though the new Battlestar Galactica is a nice consolation prize for us Sci-fi geeks).



However! I might catch the matinee if the local googleplex will offer me the XXL bucket of corn for half price.



I take it you never watched DEEP SPACE NINE?


Deep Sleep Nine? That show was doubly disappointing coming off of STNG. They basically flushed the franchise down the toilet.


Even in if the bridge goes through space, DS9 was basically a tollbooth/ truck stop, and that’s not a winning concept, especailly if you leave out all the possible stories about the truckers and waitstaff, and focus soleon on the management.

At least Babylon 5 had some real scope to it, and some much cooler aliens.


As much as I loooove Firefly (fie on you comicbookguy! fie!), what is UP with that picture? Is that Rain? Sheesh.


So no one’s signing up for the free screening? I’m surprised at you guys! Powerline is counting on a full house!


gavin, I got what you were trying to do, but you might have been too meta for these guys. You are a sly dog. I think you would have needed to say:everyone quick sign up! and Johnny H will be sitting there by himself at the show! but these guys here are too big a firefly fans to deprive even some sad powerline reader of a minute’s respite from their normal fantasy with a movie fantasy. Plus then the whole right side of the internets would be cluck clucking all over us for meanily ruining their little party.


I’d never suggest that people sign up vainly.


That would be unkind.


I actually enjoyed DS9 (though TNG will always be my favorite, ever since it was pointed out that I look like a heavyset Jonathan Frakes (or Orson Wells if you prefer)).
The Dominion War stuff kicked ass (where else besides First Contact to we get to see fleet-vs-fleet action?), and I liked the characters, though it took a few seasons (and the addition of Worf) to get to a point where it was consistantly watchable.
Voyager made me vomit (though there were occational flashes of brilliance early in the run, it went downhill quick), and Enterprise was inconsistant at best until it’s last season (bastards at UPN! Canceling it just when it started not to suck!).
At least I’ve got BG and SG: Atlantis to entertain me (:sobs:).


Oh c’mon GG, “NEXT very special TNG! Worf goes through Klingon menopause! and we reconfigure the shield generator to get out of some mess, AGAIN!”

That said, the Wesley/Ashley Judd ep was so cute. *heart*


Westerns are the new Sci-Fi

Phoenician in a time of Romans

As much as I loooove Firefly (fie on you comicbookguy! fie!), what is UP with that picture? Is that Rain? Sheesh.

It’s River, and I think it’s no spoiler to say she kicks ass in at least one point during the movie.

I’ve seen the movie (yes, here in NZ – I was one of the sf-geek preview audience).

Solid 9/10, great humour, and epic storytelling. Would be a 10/10 except for some major plotholes, and serious problems with science and world construction that whiz past most people and only annoy hard-sf-geeks (if you know what the word “insolation” means, you might blink a bit at the introduction). Whedon enjoys the freedom of the budget and effects, but still goes for the story, and the characterisation is a little rushed, given 9 characters from TV series to deal with.

But it’s a *story*, first and foremost, a bit darker than the series. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a sf movie with a *story*, to which the CGI were tools for storytelling.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Oh, and I’m going again and dragging at least two Firefly virgins to it when it comes out here mainstream, mid-November.


Oh, and I’m going again and dragging at least two Firefly virgins to it when it comes out here mainstream, mid-November.

Show ’em the DVDs first. My roomate showed me the very first episode, and I watched the rest over the span of like three days. Amazingly addictive.


Worst sci-fi ever? Do you not remember Logan’s Run? Galactica 1980? Buck Rogers? Earth: Final Conflict? Dude.


How dare you mention Earth: Final Conflict in the same comments section as anything BG related (even the gawdawful ’80 version!)…
That piece of shit was rank- Satan himself uses it to torture Sci-Fi geeks in Hell (mainly masturbaters and the envious…).


John Wayne Gacy: Firefly is a Western as SciFi. Best of ALL worlds.


Why the hell is that tag still supported?

You (GavinM) will do an extra 30 days in purgatory just for using that tag.

IE users, nevermind, your browser is nice to you, in not nice.


in = if.



I loves me Firefly. Unfortunately, I live no where near a pre-screening, so opening night it is for me.

I cannot believe this is even being compared to ST. I mean, I love ST as much as the next geek, but Firefly is to Star Trek what MLB is to T-ball. T-ball is fun for the kids and no one gets hurt (except annoying no-name ensigns and Tasha Yar, who really should have been killed in the first episode)


I want to be one of the select few! But why not show it some place civilized like the Bay Area?!?! Sheesh!!


Earth: Final Conflict actually *started* well. If they carried the momentum forward from the first season, rather than killing off the cast and replacing it with bizarre robotic action figures (yes, the management wanted a “youth-oriented action show”), it might have worked out. But after seeing the first two or three episodes of the second season, I couldn’t watch it anymore, and only saw it sporadically from then on. By the middle of season three, I stopped watching it entirely: it was too awful.


May your tags blink until the end of days, mammon!


Did you get Blake’s Seven (1977-1981) in the USA?
typical camp imagery therefrom


So you’re not going to wreck Hindrocket’s party, then?

Ladies, gentlemen: What is this, Crooked Timber? What are you, Belle Waring? When has a S,N! steering committee (=you) ever in recent memory not gone into full BLA-HA-HA! mode for an eeeeeeeeeevil plot?

People… (I’m sorry. I need a tissue.) Do you know how big Little Green Footballs is? And you know how we punched them in the nose not long ago, and they were all like, “Aaaargh! Raah!” — running around yelling and tripping over things for a day?

Aright, I’ll admit honestly that I won’t KNOW that we didn’t totally fake out and ruin the Powerline Movie Night until Hindrocket either posts something like, “Yay! Swell movie night! Wheee!” or, “I was ALO-o-ONE for the whole mo-O-ovie…where was every-body!? Angry-angry! Why have I no-O-o friends!?”

But come on, yo. E Pluribus Conservito Ass-spankimus, or however they say it in Latin America or Latvia. Latin.

Muh. No, I don’t want any ice cream. No, I’m just upset. Mh.


Oh, i got yer back.

but the tags are KILLING me.

I’ve been complaining about them for 10 years, it’s nothing personal.

plus, IE users won’t get it (i think), assuming their virus check is done.


I’m a bit far from the Twin Cities for not having a cara, otherwise I’d go to fuck with ’em… but as it stands I have no manner of transport and it’s a long ass way to hitchhike.


Have another Guiness, Guy, and maybe you can think of a way to mess with them without having to go to the Twink Cities, without needing a car, using solely the power of the Intarwebs. And an opportunity to sign up for a screening of a movie you can’t possibly get to.

Please don’t make me have to get out my blink tags. They’re neon purple.


But I actually want to see the movie!
:sobs: I’m such a nerd…


I just didn’t want to e-mail them. I know Johnny H would have disbursed my e-mail throughout the internets. I know he would have, he would have nailed me for the Ms. Venezuela panties remark and I would have been done for. DONE FOR!!


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