The good, the bad, or the ugly *

Or, in Michelle’s case, all three at once. Someone (we can’t remember who it was, though our money is on Mithras or TBOGG,) recently commented that Michelle Malkin’s current blog picture had that very special, my eyes aren’t the same size quality to it:

We remember thinking this was true, and moving on. Until now.

Reader Jiu-Noon* writes:

Basically, half of Michelle’s face seemed at war with the other half. It was almost like her face was two images squished together. To test this theory, I went into my fabulous MS Paint program and pasted the image from her web page twice. I then copied, mirrored, and placed the left half of her face on one image and did the same with the right side on the second image. Sure enough, when the images are mirrored, each half of her face
makes up a somewhat attractive woman, but together, she looks like Two-Face from the Batman comics.

And we have to say, he’s almost entirely correct. Except that result B is definitely not an attractive woman, unless you mean Ann Coulter attractive.

mm.gif 2faceMM.jpg

* Please no one tell us it means IP Freely in Korean. Please.


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She’s a Dick Tracey villain; you know how their outer appearance mirrors the evil within? You had Prune Face, , Blank Face, Littleface, Putty Puss ect. She can be Stupid Lying Racist Moronic Twisted Asshole Face.

?course that?ll make the action figure packing a little tricky.


well the right side kind of looks like Omarossa from the APprentice. but the left side is pretty cute.


Yes the two right side combination isn’t that attractive. I think that God is trying to tell us something.I remember reading a long time ago that symmetry was one of the keys to perceived beauty. They did this study where they mirrored faces like Jiu-Noon did and the mirrored faces were rated as more attractive.


Well, to be fair most people’s faces are not perfectly symmetrical. In fact, I remember a Time magazine article from a long time ago (maybe 10 years?) which defined “beauty” as having a more symmetrical face. Looking up google I was easily able to find more of these articles.

As for Malkin, she is not only “two-faced” physically speaking (a bit more than normal people though it seems), but a major hypocrite as well.


I haven’t been staring at Malkin over the years, but lately, that droop on her right side seems to indicate some kind of palsy or paralysis. Now, being a kind person, I would normally express some kind of sympathy for what might be the onset of a chronic illness.

…but, since it’s the racist Ms. Internment we’re talking about here, I can safely assume it’s the demon which has possessed her asserting itself. Watch out for any spewing of green pea (or mung bean) soup.


yes, but, what about the missing white woman?


I dunno…if you’ve got photo-editing software, do the same to your own face. it’s a humbling experience.

besides, BOTH sides of her brain are ugly and twisted–why get all looksist? unless you’re talking Ann Coulter, of course.


Picture #2 looks like the woman Elsie or Elsa from Hell’s Kitchen.


Umm…did you guys invent a time machine? Or have you been frenchies all this time and I just missed the memo?

Viz.: Posted by Sadly, No! at September 21, 2005 06:46 PM


S,N! is indeed a multinational entity.


Isn’t one side of the face supposed to be more like the real you, or something? How does that go? Like the right side is how you’d like others to see you and the left is how you really are, or vice-versa? I’m having trouble Googling for this, with my memory of the phenomenon in question being so vague.


I meant it the other way around. American right and left not euro. the reverse.


I like option B better. I’d like to put my penis in that mouth. Option A looks like a space alien.


As a service I will provide you with a littledistance.


Two-face from Batman.

exactly. Or like an old “yes” tour poster.


Thank you gregh.

a good host would offer him a tissue


I dunno- I’d go out with both girls in the graphic (assuming they didn’t have Michelle’s personality)… Number one has the advantage in ‘soft, kind features’ but two isn’t too bad (better than most of what I could get around here, anyway).


GG, don’t sell yorself short dude!



yet 1 + 1 = 3 ?


Actually, that was mainly a statement about the shortage of pretty girls in Galesburg, Illinois (those that do exist have their pick, as it is. What can I say? I’m a ‘dad’, not a ‘cad’. I’ll have my revenge in 10-15 years, when the biological clocks start going off- just like my old man, who didn’t get married till he was 34 heh).


Oh I know what you meant GG and I just want to say one thing more…..NAILED!!!


Bastard (*wink*).


Ah GG, if I could ship a few local hotties up to you in small town Illinois I would. Except I think there’s laws against that type of thing now. Damn liberals!


Stupid “interstate trafficing for the purposes of prostitution”… those damn hippies.


She’d be cute except you can still sense the evil, sort of like MJ. There’s so much hatred there that it kinda leaks out.


Ok, maybe MJ isn’t really EVIL, just kinda deluded. Ms Internment of 2005 though, evil to the bone..


Of course Marie Jon’ is not evil … she is labouring under the quite comprehensible delusion that right wing guys make better husbands. They talk a lot more about ‘family values’, which is what has deceived her ; eventually (one hopes not the hard way) she will learn that ‘family values’ is more or less the opposite of being a good husband.


My theory is that MM has made a “Portrait of Dorian Grey” style pact with the devil. In real life she’s young, beautiful, and even symmetrical, but the corruption and evil of her personality is displayed in her media images. Over time, she will remain the same, while her web photo will morph into a sneering, pustulant, distorted monstrosity.


No, I’ve never seen that picture before, but it *literally* looks like one side of her face is in a brawl with the other. It’s like her asian side can’t fathom why the other side of her body would be such a callous racist bitch all the time. I think it’s kind of like having an annoying loudmouth friend around all the time. All the time you’re hoping he doesen’t say anything too stupid and when he does you strain not to hit him. I bet when she’s writing those columns you can really see the two halves of that face colliding.


“She’d be cute except you can still sense the evil, sort of like MJ. There’s so much hatred there that it kinda leaks out.”

Yeah. No hatred HERE though.


Yeah. No hatred HERE though.

Oh, cut me a goddamned break. Since we here aren’t hypocrites, I think most of us are quite willing to admit that there are certain people and institutions that we hate, yes, actually hate. If we were Ms. Malkin, though, for instance, we would hate her for her Filipino heritage. Instead, we hate her because she’s an unrepentant racist bitch. See the difference? She’s have no choice as to whether she was the first example, but the second is largely her own choice. It’s a bad, even evil thing, and deserves the harshest scorn. If she renounced that crap and was shown to really mean it, I’d change my opinion of her to at least neutrality. It’s that simple.


Michelle Malkin is a lazy cunt

*update at the bottom* And Jim Kouri, a board certified grade A moron. Michelle “Two-Face” Malkin quotes Jim Kouri writing: The Brady organization is out-and-out lying about the new Florida law. First of all, the law addresses use of deadly…


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