Chuckle, snortle, huck…

Hi, John Tierney. Oh look, it’s the new Tom Friedman column.

Let’s see how long it takes the NY Times to notice this little hole in the fence, with the whole pay-to-read-columns thing.

P.S.: A certain particular couple of readers at the Times had better not squeal, or else we send evil death kittens, and we don’t mean maybe.


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A story so good, it needed to be posted thrice!


For about 7 1/2 seconds!


Check out your local public library as well. A lot of them subscribe to periodical databases that have full-text indexing of major newspapers. We have a few at the library I work at. They’re generally free to library card holders.


I know nothink!


Um, that would be an obligatory Sgt. Schultz reference…


jeu football reseau , jeu enfant 5 ans gratuit..


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