Alas, it’s no longer possible to jigger URLs in incredibly basic fashion and sneak into the NY Times pay section for free.

“You can still get my columns here.”

I know, Paul, but we wanted to see John Tierney’s latest big-shoe dance.

Published: September 20, 2005

Lee Scott, the chief executive of Wal-Mart, could insist on low everyday prices while still leaving the area as well prepared for the next disaster as Wal-Mart was for Katrina.

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I mean, it’s not like there’s any mystery to a Tierney column. We all know what he’s going to say. But how many double-backflips will he do, and when the seat of his pants splits wide open, what kind of Underoos will he be wearing? That’s what keeps you coming back every few days.


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I’m predicting the following…..

Gymnastics Routine: Stalder-full, hop-full, Gienger; toe-on hecht to high (fall); full-twisting double layout (piked body in second flip).

Pants Splitting: Third line second paragraph.

Underoos: Aquaman.


Oh no way, Wonder Woman panties all the way


PP, Aquaman is much more sissy than Wonder Woman and you know it.


boring white y-fronts is my guess because his Mum obviously still buys his undies for him


you’re exactly right about Tierney. Which underoos are in favor of privatizing everything?

I read that column during lunch yesterday, and as soon as I got home was hit by a severe attack of diarrhea. Coincidence? I think not


Screw Tierney (figuratively, I mean) I want RICH! GIVE ME RICH!!


Urine and semen stained red heart boxers…


PP, Aquaman is much more sissy than Wonder Woman and you know it.

Yeah. WW is right butch!


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