Where’s Yosef?

Oh no!


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The guy is a freak magnet, there is no doubt about it. I just hope he can feed the 27 kids still and have time for his new responsibilities, namely, proving to the world that we are headed straight to hell. In a Hello, Kitty? themed handbasket.


That’s what you want me to do? Shit, that’s nuthin’. I was trying to figure out something challenging to do.


Quite frankly, I wanna know more about this Seitz character recently mentioned on that site. He sounds dreamy.


He and Pinko are gonna make that blog awesome. They should just ditch the other guys.


GregH, I think they got confused by that weird name you post under. There’s no ‘H’ in it at all!!!


Silly liberals so easy to confuse. Maybe I should switch to Gregor Hamsa?!!The truth is that they love you more than me. *sigh*


Hmm. Scoping out the contributors list over at 3B, it seems there are 7 bulls now. Four must go! Unless, of course, some of them are other facets of the multiple-personalities disorder that walks like a man known as Pinko Punko.


Actually Marq, I think other than you, GregH and I, Pinko Punko is the only person on the internets. His is Brad, Gorge, and Jeff, he is even the lovely and elusive s.z.

However, he is NOT Atrios.


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