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Vitriolic Lefty Post of the Day

It?s hard to pick the winner of this category; they?re all so cute and full of bile! But I think Jesse Taylor takes the prize for today?s defiantly ugly lefty post of the day, complete with the obligatory nasty smear against yours truly: Pandagon: In Defense Of Cursing. (Hat tip: NC.)

You know, I?m worried about Jesse. It?s not healthy to be that full of animosity and hatred.

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Pot meet kettle.


Jesse’s essay was actually quite a barn-burner. Have you read it yet?


Yeah, it was a mighty fine post. Then I started to read the LGF comments. It’s truly as if we live in separate realities.


It makes me question my sanity sometimes; I know. It’s almost an epistemological problem.


If they’re sane and we’re not I’m quite happy to live forever in my delirium.


Well, the kicker is that whenever I think they might posibly be right about something, they turn out to be flamingly, insanely wrong.

But one keeps checking, right?


Vitriolic Lefty Post of the Day

The crusadists really do that every day? Coz I need to expand my blogroll.


I wish they did. We just keep trying and trying…


So… I found this early on in the comments:

“Vermin is vermin. I kind of hope they get tired of their irksome debating and just get on with ‘playing revolution’ so that they may be legally hunted for sport.”

Is… is he joking with us?

But then some dude name PassiveVoice said,

“#73 Simple Voice

No, I, for one, am willing to state that many on the Left are evil. Some are maliciously evil and know what the end result would be of a victory for their side — they saw it in the gulags and the mass starvation of the kulaks and the Cultural Revolution and the killing fields of Cambodia — while far, far more are merely pasively evil, too weak, lazy or dimwitted to think through the ultimate consequences of letting themselves be used as tools and pawns of the malicious ones.”

Are the commentors on LGF some kind of Swiftian performance art group?


It’s as good an explanation as anything else, Christopher.

Jesse’s defense of cursing was good. But I did prefer his series on how to be mean. I should see if I can’t dig that one up. It was loads of fun.


As ever, the response to Jesse’s post just proves his point. The right blogosphere seems (or pretends) to think that a few swearwords is more demonstrative of “animosity and hatred” than undisguised racism. Well, beg your pardon, Michelle, but I hate racists.


My previous blog was named “Moonbat Blog of the Day” by LGF back in January, simply because I dared to point out the stupidity of one of their commenters who denied that Bush had ever claimed there were “stockpiles” of WMDs in Iraq. When I pulled out the quotes where Bush directly mentioned “stockpiles” (well, and also implied that LGF’s commenters were “ass-witted, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging morons”), they started going all apeshit, alternately threatening to “beat the hell out of someone,” kill various liberal bloggers “with a trident through the heart,” etc. etc. etc.

Yet we’re the ones who are too “vitriolic” for their delicate girlish sensibilities. You know, if LGF didn’t exist, somebody like General J.C. Christian would have to make it up. Politics would just be so bland without that kind of unintentional comedy.


Ah, such fastidiousness, that makes it okay to polish turds as long as they’re called fewmets, because of course it’s not content that makes one wrong, it’s word choice. And, by the way, how shameful those hateful lefty traitors are to call people names!


Teacher!! They’re hurting me!!


They are so schizoid. I am always amazed whenever the most racuous, bilious, assholian, foaming-at-the-mouth right-wingers gasp and cover their mouths and go “tut-tut” because a liberal called them on their shit and he or she (horror!) didn’t do it in a nice, civil, prettified way.


They don’t realize they are going through a bizarre kabuki theatre over there. The initial impetus of their wingy goodness was fear of Communism, some of it was real, some invented, but now it’s all invented. It’s behaving exactly like a religion or other cultural meme. It’s propagating itself, even though it is pointless and incorrect. Did that douchewad just mention the kulaks and the cultural revolution? I would bet some money that he doesn’t even really know any detials, they are just his muttered mantra. They are literally sociopaths, they fit in there because they know how to do the dance, but on the inside many of them don’t realize they are all just aping one another in a bizarre ritualistic shithole.


#18 Earl 9/19/2005 05:11PM PDT

Pathetic. Just pathetic. The nadir of discourse.

Earl, none of these words is applicable given the house you currently live in, regards, Pinko.

PS. I cannot fathom the umplumbable depths of your stupidity. And I’m a super genius capable of much fathoming.


“Mommy, mommy, he hit me back!” Some shit never changes.


May I ask, why exactly anyone should give a fuck what these cumguzzling douchebags say anyway? I mean, really!


BTW, it’s frickin’ on!


My apologies everyone, I have no idea how Yosef got the keys, or the magical glue that fuels the high priests at 3Bs.


Pinko Punko talk about your lapses in judgment! Geesh!


BTW, it’s frickin’ on!What’s on Yosef?


I have no idea how Yosef got the keys

It happened yesterday when Cap’n Yosef was making a raid.


Glad to see Malkin’s team is gearing up for the stone-casting-in-glass-house competition this winter…


Ginger Yellow is right. Not only did the response prove that Jesse hit a nerve, it also proved his point.


Blogometer has a nice write up of the tizzy. They basically recite the whole point of Jesse’s article is that you can’t get anyone’s attention on the right side, because they are going to ignore you or shout you down even if you try to be polite, so what’s the point. Might as well call Cobag on the cobags.

Chazmo, he is such a shit disturber. I am still mad that I hosed all of our chances at LGF logins. I suck.


Don’t worry, man… Chaz is a paranoid delusional bastard. It’s his fault we aren’t able to get accounts (even if we had, we would have been banned for innocently using a metaphor involving flying a kite or saying something moderately negative about Dear Leader, within an hour).


I know that I’m just unspeakably picky, but if those LGFers (who are always just busting with conservative humor) want to spend so much time bragging about their “cajones,” they might as well learn to spell the freaking word correctly. Christ in a rowboat.

… aaaaaand we’re done.


I made a wingnut turn purple today, by pointing out that the Chrissy Hitchens he worships was called a “lefty ex-Stalinist” by Little Green Farts.

Better duck, it’s head explosion time!


I love swearing at or about wingnuts. The fouler, the better. They in fact do start to shut up when you climb right up there in to the stirrups and give them a very detailed tour of your anatomy and what acts they are invited to perform on them.

It ain’t pretty, but I got over my bourgeois sense of decorum loooong ago.


I have an LGF account (not saying what it is, obviously) and have almost been banned twice so far. It’s really difficult. I once even spoke in agreement with two other lizards who were being contrarians, and somehow they sniffed me out as a liberal but left the other two alone.

It’s like some sort of nature show.


Dede… TWO staves! TWO STAVES!!!


Yes, it should be two staves. But no one’s going to actually play it, so… It’s… and…

OK, honestly, how often does a left-blog provide sheet music?


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