Oh, This is Just Too Funny

There’s a rather amusing feud goin’ down between Andrew Sullivan and the Power Tools. The whole thing is worth reading, but this line by Hinderocket is just freaking hilarious:

I was an admirer of Andrew’s for a long time–in truth, I still am–but it seems to me that ever since he decided, for whatever reasons, to turn his back on the Bush administration, his writing has lacked coherence.

So in Hinderocket’s world, “coherence” equates with “being a porker for the Bush administration.” There’s something almost refreshing about someone who’s intellectually honest enough to admit they don’t ever think for themselves.


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Since Sully stopped fluffing for Bush, his breath has been singularly atrocious and he’s inflicted everyone at Time’s blog of the year with the heartbreak of psoriasis. And he’s getting fat, like Michael Moore. Who is fat.


I am reminded of the quote from the little kid with bickering parents in the commercial for Marvin Monroe’s Family Therapy in Season One of The Simpsons: “Why don’t you BOTH SHUT UP?!?”

Any time a brain-dead reactionary complains about Sully, I remind him/her that everyone else had to put up with his disingenuous shit from 2001-2004.


Whenever anyone says , “in truth”, you better know he’s a lyin’ dawg


You just can’t hang your hat on sully the pooh, even when he is 100% right, because then he will post something astonishingly dense, you’ll be gobsmacked, to coin a stupid stupid phrase. Thing is, Andy man comes across as dense as a log, whereas Powerline never comes across as dense. Lightweight, idiotic, illogical, wrong, but never that unbelievable level of denial that Andy orbits in, because he must be in a different place- he occasionally says something that you might agree with, which Powerline will never, ever do, unless it has to do with Ms. Venezuela’s breathtaking hotness.


I understand. There are times (like his analysis of Abu Grhaib) when I really think Sully’s turned the page. Then he’ll post something praising THE BELL CURVE, and I get a massive headache all over again like it’s Sully ’01.

That said, the guy’s usually fun to read, ESPECIALLY when he says something completely dense and bizarre (I remember one time when he bragged about getting hit on by “this hot anti-Chomsky homo.” It stands as one of the most surreal sentences of all time).


I find the Ambiguously Gay Trio’s list of 10 differences between Hugh Hewitt and Sid Blumenthal to be most amusing.

7. …Sid’s nickname is “Vicious.”

Well, um, Sid’s nickname among Conservative idiots, perhaps.

6. The president Hugh supports is a gentleman.

Yes, the sort of gentleman who calls another man a “fucking son of a bitch” in front of that man’s children. The sort of gentleman who mocks death row inmates pleading for their lives.

And as far as I can tell, numbers 3, 4, 5, and 9 are just opinions, and opinions that are not well-supported by any evidence that normal people can discern.

However, I will acknowledge that Hugh Hewitt has never been called before a grand jury(10) and that he has, as yet, failed to compare George Bush to Hitler or Stalin in a negative way(2).

Finally, I think someone should point out to the powerschmucks that updating a post with “Awesome!” and “Well said” doesn’t make the post any more coherent or relevant.


Well said, Singularity!


How am I supposed to say it?

Let me try this:

It is truly so.



Oh, I completely respect everything that you say Brad R, and idolize you like a father, but you are a nattering fuckwit doucheroo, and I just don’t sense any fiber to your thought on these issues.

Did I get the Conservative backhand? right? Should it be more backhanded? I need to learn from the masters. I know it has the form “I totally agree with you about everything, except this one tiny thing, which is 90% of what you just said, you douchewad.”

Oh my fave Andy man thing is when he rights stuff about the Catholic Church as “a church that knows better” after they do something totally asinine and terrible like don’t let a gay guy have a funeral. I need to look up his latest stance to see if he wants to apologize for the Ratman’s attempt to pin the pedophilia on the gays.


Weird. The Panthers smack the Pats and Brad disappears… wonder how that happened?


I am reminded of the quote from the little kid with bickering parents in the commercial for Marvin Monroe’s Family Therapy in Season One of The Simpsons: “Why don’t you BOTH SHUT UP?!?”

These days I only have one question for bloggers like those. “How does it feel to have voted for Bush.” Simple, direct, to the point. Most of the time I can hear their sphincters closing right after I ask it. Only complete shitwads suppport him anymore, a bush/cheney bumpersticker on your SUV will become the near future equivelent of a duncecap.


We liked it so much, we bought the company

Isn’t that lozenge with the waterfall blinking ‘Photoshop Me!’ in just the most ardent fashion? [Update for Crooks & Liars folks: John actually wanted to send y’all to this post.]…


Congratulations on the C&R mention. Based on Blue Gal’s experience, many will read, and a few will return. Consider Blue Gal a regular reader.


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