Dear America: I’m So, So Sorry…

Dear Rest of the Country,
As a Bostonian, I’d like to offer my most heartfelt apology. It seems that Jay Severin, the right-wing butt-munch who said that the majority of American Muslims aren’t loyal to their country and should be killed lest they take over the United States, is now getting his radio show nationally syndicated. I am so, so sorry:

He’s called Bill Clinton ”a traitor” and Al Gore ”Al Whore,” but until now, Jay Severin’s radio audience has been largely limited to Boston. That will change in January. Today Infinity Broadcasting will announce that it has signed the sharp-tongued former political consultant to do a radio show in a series of syndicated markets beginning next year.

But wait! It gets better:

Before taking to the airwaves, Severin worked for more than 20 years as a conservative political operative. He describes himself as a libertarian.

”And the people I criticize and, indeed, often ridicule tend to be Democrats,” he said. ”That’s because the Democrats right now are bigger threats to personal freedoms than Republicans.”

Yeah, ’cause you know, it’s those Democrats in the White House who are trying to deny American citizens the right to a fair trial!

Well, OK, maybe not.

But surely the ultra-left-wing Congress is responsible for passing budget-busting entitlement programs that are thinly-veiled giveaways to friendly industries!

Hmm, no, that doesn’t seem to work either…

Well, there’s still the Supreme Court, where the majority of judges were appointed by… uhm…

THE MEDIA!! Yes, the Left still controls all of the medi… ack. This isn’t going very well.

Oh, I know! HOLLYWOOD!!! Even though they have zero political power, they’re still responsible for taking away our right to… uh… Michael Moore is fat!

Severin said he doesn’t envision changing his approach to his show, which allows him to talk as openly about his sexual desires…

Uhm, have I mentioned how sorry I am about this? Well, if not, I’m really, REALLY sorry.


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“Well, if not, I’m really, REALLY sorry.”
Sadly, no.


96.9?? FM is why I have satellite radio.

I hate to accidentally ‘scan’ onto that crapola.

good for Jay, the whole nation SHOULD know what a COBAG he is

p.s. it’s ON


it’s ON

What’s ON?


“the majority of American Muslims aren’t loyal to their country” hmmm … surely believers in any religion would put their loyalty to God ahead of their country. Is there any religion that actually subordinates itself to patriotism? I can’t think of one … let’s ask Marie Jon’ …


Please forgive me for being such a dense old fart, but what the hell is a COBAG??


Jeff- Yeah I’m in the dark about that too. Been a while since you’ve been around, btw! I take it you’re still traumatized from being mentioned in “Sadly, Yes!” 🙂


“Severin said he doesn’t envision changing his approach to his show, which allows him to talk as openly about his sexual desires…”

And listeners collectively respond by changing their approach to his show, from “scan rapidly by, disinterested” to “scan rapidly by, disgusted, considering the option of never having sex again.”


Boston can’t take all the blame. He only pretends to broadcast from Boston, in reality living on Long Island somewhere and broadcasting remotely (except for occasional forays into live broadcasting from some bar).

The real question is whether he’ll drop the pretense of being “from” Boston now that he’s national.


Somebody had a post today about Jay claiming he had a received a Pulitzer or soething. IT was hilarious. I really really really hate that guy. Somehow my clock radio got set on 96.9 and then I would have these hit snooze like a million times mornings and he would just oppress the crap out of me.

Jeff- cobag is like douchebag but worse, and more gender neutral.

short for colostomy bag, feel free to use it in polite conversation!




I just decided to crank the engine over a few times and spit polish my place. I’ve been off for most of the last 2 years.


Severin said he doesn’t envision changing his approach to his show, which allows him to talk as openly about his sexual desires…

Well, one shudders to ask what this entails. Does he hit on guests? Or just say inappropriate things out of the blue, like, “Gee, I’d sure like to boink Renee Zewelliger, that little hussy!” Or is he–eew–more specific? In any event, it sounds like a great big FCC complaint waiting to happen-I hope the stations that carry him have a few million socked away to pay for fines.


I love how they don’t really give a Pulitzer for over the air hot air and associated asshattery. I’m shocked that such a category doesn’t exist!


How much you want to bet his sexual desires are frat-boyish as hell?


Michael Moore is fat!

So was Socrates.


That Michael Moore gets fatter and fatter every day, lately


Socrates is looking a tad more bloated, too. Must be contagious.

I only hope I won’t have to see Severin’s ugly mug on billboards any more. Please, if he’s no longer solely local, *please* tell me I don’t have to see his gruesome gargantuan noggin glaring down at me.


“a face for radio”??


I don’t know why y’all wouldn’t want to hear about his sexual predilections — he’s got the body of an Adonis and face made for radio.


Damn! Mdhatter beat me by four minutes…




I THINK THAT MDHATTER IS TRYING TO SAY THAT HIS BLOG IS BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MD subtelty is lost on these yokels.


Isn’t the market for Bush buttboys on the radio pretty much supersaturated at this point? How many more can it take?


Pinko, thanks for clearing that up for me! (And a double super-secret background thanks for not calling me an idiot)



Thanks for noticing my absense…

Traumatized? No. But very guilty feeling because I was placed up with the pantheon of greats, and I am but a mere court jester….

I have been having some fun on the side though. Check out The Narrow

You’ll see my thumbprint all over those helpless Christian Kids. (I even threw in a plug to Sadly, No!)


Man, Jeff, why waste your precious cranial fluids? That site makes the baby flying spaghetti monster cry.


You’re right of course.

However, it gets even worse. I take some perverse pleasure in debating Christians. Because 99 times out of a hundred their final stance is “I don’t care what the Bible says. Why do you hate God?” To which I think to myself, “my job here is done.”

You and I live in a reality-based world; this is true. But sometimes I like to walk on the wild side…

It’s like a Monty Python skit…


Do you embarrass easily?

Do words like fart, tinkle, and vibraphone make you uncomfortable?


You are a brave, brave man Jeff Perado.


Yeah, but Jeff, why do you keep kicking Bryan M. in the gonads, or whatever that phrase is?


Jeff gets an award right now for his tireless work. we who only snark must salute those that do!


Jeff, it isn’t just one flake at WND, it is hordes of clones saying it all over. God is punishing america for making the poor innocent jewish colonial exploiters vacate even one inch of holy ground, and after all, their divinely appointed territory includes, ultimately, the entire planet, so this is putting their god mandated expansion behind schedule. That’s official, we have it from top kabbalist sages.


Hey MD! Nice Frank Black Honeycomb plug. I frigging love that album.


the entire planet, and indeed, the UNIVERSE …


This dude wants to be free to talk openly about his sexual desires on the air? What, is he into a power-glutes thing or something?


How much you want to bet his sexual desires are frat-boyish as hell?

All that we know, all that we need to know is that he was an early male co-ed at Vassar.

He acts like some sort of alpha-dog, and that his triumphant conservatism is just a natural expression of his he-man and authentic american macho self.

He is not he-man, just manneristic.

He is not gay, but exhibits the same beta-dog hero worship of butch politicos one might expect to find among self-hating gay republicans. This includes the irrational homophobia and babe-loving/misogynistic routine.



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