Aright, this rules.

[Update: Oh hell, these guys are on fire.]


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At last!!!!!!1!!!!


What? I just saw it!


Pity Link COBAGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BTW, I’m Hi on Nyquil and bacanora right now so you can’t use any of my comments against me. ‘k?


I so wanted to write:

Never mind I’m writing it now.

Wait for it!


Pinko Punko has been blogging his fingers to the bone to put a little food on the table and a little kibble in the bowl for Pinko Puppo and the meeces. And now this! He hits the bigz!!! A link from S,N! It’s like a comic’s first night on Carson. And to think that I knew him when! Remember us PP! Remember the little people that loved you before you became a STAR!!!!!!!!!!!


Dude, I’ve been wanting to get you on the link-o-tron to the right for weeks, but Seb’s all busy with his new kid.

Christ, man: who-all linked? It’s like First Draft, the General…


My new crackwhore drag name is Kitty Litterate.



that is classic and I hate you for it.

We got a huge pile o’ hits today, and only Fulsome got our little joke. We blew all our cred on a “Cobag?!!1!” in print joke. Ha ha. That was what was so funny. I feel so sad. People I know find out about my page and then they tell me they feel stupid because they don’t get it. I tell them well, it’s really more of Yosef humor. And they say “who’s Yosef?” and I say “Exactly, dumbo.”

Nobody knows what a cobag is, and because i’m a photoshop dorkotroid I couldn’t make the one a 1. I just put two more up, they aren;t funny, but the second one was Geenie Colas idea and I think it is a classic- poor George got his notepassing read in front of the whole class!


Holy Mary and her unbroken cherry, you people scare the hell out of me.


Oh, I think I figured out how Pharygula cheats and gets his posts to stay on top of everyone elses on RSS feeds. Just date them way in the future.

So sad. I also found outskies that if you have a Haloscan account you can do trackbacks from other peoples blogs to other peoples blogs. Now it that wasn’t an opportunity to put people’s peanut butter in other people’s chocolate, I don’t know what is. I think you could make a comment train wreck with that, G to tha M!


I want Pinko to show me on the doll where to touch him.


Oh kids,

this had me in sticheronis. Without comment, I noticed that hilzoy noticed our “my name is hilzoy” post that took a poop on Chazmo Birddog and posted it at “I Hate Charles Bird” .blogspot.com (without comment).


Teh interwebs!


Oh teh! You had me at doll!




TAG!!! (secont time, behind the back)


well, almost.



Hey Kids!!!!


my country right or wrong : “It will not be a crime to glorify an event that happened more than 20 years before, unless it is on a list
drawn up by the Home Secretary.” (today’s brit papers, i kid you not)


Yikes. It is too late for me to think about what that even means. Doesn;t sound good. Thank God S.N! operates with american crazies. I feel like English ones could be so obscure or subtle it would just be wha? all the time. Speaking of wha? Where is that hilarious, questioning contraction?


Ok, you guys officially hate me. Gav better come up with something about Wizbang fast, or they are gonna have their pointy little heads in a fuss….and they’ll be scratching ’em going huh?


what, the colostomy bags reference? well, it’s obvious, except I do not know what a colostomy bag exactly is, I assume that, if you have had your colon removed, you need a bag to capture the contents of your stomach, as they head south towards your bowels.


or did you mean “wha?”


3bulls has been on fire recently. And don’t forget that PP operates or contributes to at least 23 different blogs.


BTW, “Yosef Humor” is the ebst kind there is!







I think they’re funny ‘cuz the fill with gas too, which has to be ‘vented’.

You don’t want to be in the room.

The odor is worse than anything WorldNet has even imagined, but the comparison is apt.


Holy Mary and her unbroken cherry, you people scare the hell out of me.
Actually, technically Jesus would have to have popped his mom’s cherry when he was born. If you believe that fairytale crap.


Actually, technically Jesus would have to have popped his mom’s cherry when he was born. If you believe that fairytale crap.

…reports of a Celestial C-Section notwithstanding.


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