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From the Freeperville Choo-choo:

The humanitarian disaster which has followed in the wake of Katrina has shocked the world almost more than the hurricane itself. Here is a selection of the letters to the editor addressed to Der Spiegel that we’ve translated into English.


It’s the Big Easy’s own fault that so many of its citizens are trying to stay behind with their homes. They’re not really so pitiable. Most of them decided quite consciously to stay. There were enough cars, even if New Orleans has fewer than other cities. And if hotels weren’t affordable, there must have been plenty of relatives and friends. Why did the people ignore the public warnings? “The Big Easy” also likes to take it easy, since the government will provide. This care-for-me mentality has been fatal.

Alan Benson, Germany

But wait just one second here. We’ve seen an Alan Benson before.

Alan Benson
Berlin ? Fri Apr 29 07:00:59 EDT 2005
Active also with other peace / Democrats / Kerry get-out-the-vote organizations. Long time in Berlin

And while we were still wondering if we were silly or remembering things wrong, der Google yielded this, from the Euro version of Time Magazine:

For Kerry to change his mind at times is not a fault but a virtue ? and even a sign of intelligence. As new information comes to light on an issue or conditions change, a good thinker can objectively re-evaluate the potential outcome for the long run instead of doggedly sticking to old prejudices. My hope is that many voters will take Kerry as an example and have the intelligence and courage to change their preference to him.
Alan Benson

Have we found the German Floyd Alvis Cooper? Verily, as with counterfeiting and art forgery, the truly world-class trolls might be the ones whose work never draws suspicion. If you’re out there, Benson, drop a line.


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was that the real Floyd Alvis Cooper on your board earlier in the week? Where is he from. He’s like an invisible mist. Stealthy, yet somewhat moist.


“I cried when I had no shoes. Until I met a man with no feet. Then I laughed. Really hard.”


We have a version of that saying here in CA:

“I cried because I had no Oscar, until I met a man who had no Golden Globe.”


Maybe you can drop the Alan Benson listed in the phone book a line?

Benson Alan
14109 Berlin


“I cried because I had no shoes. Then I met a man who had no feet. So I took his shoes, because hey, he didn’t need them.”


If he were a real international troll, he’d make sure there was an Umlaut in his German name.

I would


So then I put on his shoes so it would be easier for me when I carry him home.


Surprised I’m getting an international (ir)repute. Most who know me think of me as a liberal. That is one reason why I wrote that letter to DER SPIEGEL in the first place, because I find it unfair by those (and specifically those) who willfully remained in New Orleans, and then get themselves into trouble and expect to be bailed out.

Here is my ‘improved’ translation of my letter that was originaly in German:
My correction:
It’s Big Easy’s own fault that so many of New Orleans’ citizens stayed behind in their city. They’re not really so pitiable. Most of them decided quite consciously to stay. There were enough cars, even if less than elsewhere. And if motels weren’t affordable, there must have been plenty of relatives and friends. Why did the people ignore the explicit warnings? “The Big Easy” also means to take it easy; the state will provide. This care-for-me mentality has been fatal.

They cut the ending of the last sentance which originally went like this: “, which many had to learn unfortunately floating face down in the water.”


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At you the excellent site. Respect!

Courtney Gidts

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