When good people borrow our line it’s a chance to make new friends. When wankers do? Ugh.



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Off topic. I know that I suck. But you guys got scooped by Roger Ailes on the stoopidest Virgin Ben article ever.*

*That has nothing to do with sex.


The power of GregH compelled me.


That’s the unfunniest and least insightful cartoon strip eva. Makes the Leftersons and Mallard Filmore look like Krazy Kat.


BTW, this is the best site that I’ve found for Conservative Humor


What happened to the Google Bomb? Sadly, No ain’t even on the first page any more.


Yeah, I noticed that the other day. We’ve got to rectify it.


Um…usually I have no problems deciphering the humor (and the meaning) in comic strips, but I’m just not getting this one. It’s not just that it’s not funny as far as I can see; it also appears to be nonsensical.

Or is that what’s supposed to be funny?


Rumblelizard, I agree. I read the strip several times and just didn’t get it. Then I read some of the archived strips and I didn’t get them either. The disconnect between Conservative Humor and Liberal Humor may be wider than I ever imagined.

Rumblelizard Gizoogled

Um…usually I have no problems blunt-rollin’ tha humor (and tha frontin’ in comic strips, but I’m just not gett’n this one . Im a bad boy wit a lotta hos. It’s not J-to-tha-izzust tizzle it’s not F-U-Double-Nizzy as far as I can see; it also appears ta be nonsensizzles fo’ sheezy.

Or is tizzle what’s supposed ta be funny?


Gotta agree with Rumblelizard. That strip isn’t even funny in an academic sense.

Maybe it’s a shoutout to this site? Fo-shizzle.


That strip can’t even be called wanky. I mean, no Conservative can even get of to that. I hate that comic so goddamned much.


I said GET OFF.

I hate this bog.


I think I understand what the joke was supposed to be, but it hinges on the main character never quite understanding the term “flyover states” other than it is (a) negative, and (b) supposedly used exclusively by Democrats who only land on the coasts. You are right, it makes no sense, since you have to assume the conservative is an uninquistive moron who knows “flyover states” is a put down but not why. The liberal’s use of “sadly, no” is a double slam, a guilty confession that liberals are coastal snobs and a wry (well, as wry as this comic gets) reference to SadlyNo.com. This strip is a mess. But I have to disagree with an earlier posting, NOTHING makes “Mallard Filmore” look good.


Mallard Filmore is fucking hilarious (at least the concept is)- it uses a racist duck reporter with a riff off the name of one of the most bigoted presidents in US history, of all things as its main character.
It at least deserves points for originality.

I would also like to point out that the concepts (hip black programmer with the politics of Alan Keyes and ‘liberal’ white chick who rarely, if ever, actually promotes liberal politics) of the main characters don’t actually exist in real life. They are the masturbation fantasies of Karl Rove… there, I said it.


is it racist to make the black conservative ‘hip?’ Since there are no ‘hip’ conservatives in real life, isn’t Muir just playing on the stereotype that all brothers are ‘cool’ and ‘with it’?


Muir is a brother, and the black dude seems to be his own idealised version of himself.

So to be fair, he does know at least one black guy with ludicrous rightwing politics.

But god, Day by Day sucks.


For some reason, that black programmer character always makes me think of Giancarlo Esposito.


yeah, I thought of that right after I hit ‘post’. mea culpa. But his comic still sucks, and I would submit that he is trying to cash in on the stereotyped ‘hipness’ of black people even though he is conservative, and ipso facto cannot be ‘hip.’


GuinnessGuy, I could have spent the rest of my tragically short life (to be taken into Jesus’ bosom prematurely on my 89th birthday) without once being compelled to contemplate the masturbation fantasies of Karl Rove but nooOOOOoo, you had to go and spoilt it for me didn’t you.

I curse you thus: may you accidentally vote Republican.


Dude you better never read the Rude Pundit if GG’s post got to you.


(11 Sep) CNN absolutely refused to show 9/11 victims. Now it’s suing the govt so it can show dead bodies from Katrina. / CNN doesn’t see any bias to such coverage?
Hey, I thought it was all Blanco’s fault! Or was it?
(12 Sep) I think this (dead guy) over here voted Democrat.
How do you suppose they could guess something like that?
(13 Sep) I’m looking for Iraq coverage, not MSM hotel reviews.
I wonder why they are stuck in their hotels, considering how splendidly it’s going?
Day by Day is the best conservative cartoon on the planet, bar none. — John Hawkins.
Sadly possible!


I curse you thus: may you accidentally vote Republican.
Hey, you never know- there may be another massive paradigm shift for both parties ala 1932 and 1964 (two parts to the shame shift, really- though it could be argued that 2000 was the first shift for a Repub paradigm shift)- and I could be left with no choice (bwahahaha).

Of course, there’s always the possibility I’ll tactically vote (like in the UK) for Jim Nussle (who actually is fairly moderate, and a genuinely nice guy in person) for governer (in Iowa) so that a Dem can take his House seat. It wouldn’t be too terribly different from Vilsack, who’s eyeing the White House (in vain).


WTF? The language appears to be English, but kinda like that poetry that computers write. Maybe he meant “reacharound” instead of “flyover.” Naw, that doesn’t work any better.


It’s almost creepy to compare Mallard Filmore and Day by Day to, say, Doonesbury and Get Your War On (new Katrina strips just posted! ) It’s like comparing some mental defective who drools onto his shirt all day to Leonardo da Vinci. I’ve seen single-panel political cartoons by conservatives that I could respect, even if they ‘noyed me, but there seems to be something about the comic strip format that really brings out the lame-assitude of conservatives.

Of course, being in politics does that too.

Oh, and blog-writing, too.


Get Your War On is losin its edge, hard to credit but true.


The comic also appears to hinge on the idea that it was liberals who pushed the idea of Bush flying over New Orleans in a helicopter. See, liberals wanted that, even though it’s stupid, which proves that they’re stupid in other ways, like while flying on planes to the coasts. Get it? Get it?


the thing with most attempts at “conservative humor” is that they are trying so hard and going so far out of their way to shove an agenda into their “jokes”, where, on the other hand it’s easy to make fun of conservatives without having to resort to such overt and forced political buzzwords, because they tend to be ridiculous enough without our help.

I mean, seriously, is there anything more grotesquely amusing at first glance than Barbara “beautiful mind” Bush?


Get Your War On is losin its edge, hard to credit but true.

Gladly, no!


Check out the latest one, on Bush’s little note. It makes even less sense. Besides the fact that Kofi Annan was more or less completely exonerated by the Volcker report, it seems to be suggesting that the media reporting the note proves their bias against Bush because they’d never have reported it if it were Clinton, because they were too busy harassing him over Lewinsky. WTF?


it seems to be suggesting that the media reporting the note proves their bias against Bush because they’d never have reported it if it were Clinton, because they were too busy harassing him over Lewinsky. WTF?

Oh, this is an easy one. See, even when conservatives hold all the reigns of power, and even while they’re engaged in merciless attack, there’s some psycological bit within their makeup that demands that they are the oppressed ones. No, really. Eternal victimhood is theirs. It’s one of the reasons so many of them resent the hurricane refugees. They just couldn’t stand the fact that the media’s attentions temporarily shifted away from the poor, beleaguered American Right. Doesn’t anybody care about the wingnuts, the true victims of this terrible disaster? Especially the ones in Michegan and California and stuff?


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