Shorter and Longer James Pinkerton

The MSM Bites Back!

Through its devious strategy of reporting on the mess in the Gulf Coast, the MSM has managed to damage President Bush’s approval rating, from its earlier impressive level of the low 40s all the way into the high 30s.

As far as shorters go, Roy Edroso has one of his own.

Yet Pinkerton, who once spent part of a column dreading the reelection of Canadian PM Jean Chr?tien even after Chr?tien had announced his resignation, has truly managed to outdo himself this week. How? Thanks for asking:

Even when the answer to his question is obvious, and even when said answer shows the problem lies with the Bush Administration, Pinkerton begins by blaming the MSM:

Now how do you suppose that Newsweek got that nugget? Assuming it’s not fabricated out of whole cloth, the answer is that Bartlett either leaked it himself or someone leaked it about him. Either way, the trust level inside the Bush White House, once high, has now fallen lower than the New Orleans land-level.

And of course the MSM is to blame for the lower trust level inside the Bush White House. Who else?

the MSM is still out there, and it’s having an impact.

How much impact? Let’s look at the polls, which show that Bush’s approval rating has dropped three or four points, to between 38 and 42 percent — here’s a graphic look at the same data.

You really should look at the graphic, because then you would see that Bush’s approval rating has been stuck in the 40s since May 2004. Every sentient being in the universe know this — Pinkerton, being a grade A fuckstick, doesn’t. So even using Pinkerton’s straw man, which assumes that Bush did nothing wrong and that whatever criticism has been directed at Bush is nothing more than the liberal media “biting back,” the MSM’s impact is a few percentage points. Scary stuff!

In other words, the MSM got there firstest with the mostest.

In other words, Pinkerton is the dumbest with the leastest.

First, the MSM is still shrinking. It hasn’t disappeared yet, and it may never go extinct, but new players continue to crowd into the marketplace, including Google News and now, even more dramatically, Yahoo!

Yeah, Google News with its fantastic summary of MSM sources is sure to give the MSM a run for its money! And Yahoo, with the the “former chairman of the ABC television network” heading things, is totally going to revolutionize the news business.

In the meantime, Bush, and what remains of his domestic-policy revolution, is being buried under an avalanche of bad news, badly reported — all part of the media-‘Trina juggernaut. It’s a big wave, indeed, a Category Five assault on the progress of the last five years.

Conservatives really are the eternal victims:

Last night, the Republican faithful were angry. After four years of being in charge of the House, Senate, Supreme Court and Executive branch, they were not gonna take it anymore. Yeah! Down with the people who are already down!


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I automatically ignore anyone who uses the acronym “MSM” in a non-ironic sense. At this point, it’s as trite as yelling “Freebird” at a rock concert.

And I love it when wingers talk about poll nunbers. I think the thought process goes something like this: Everyone knows the President is popular (Hey, everyone on Free Republic supports him, and they’re the heart of America, right?) Since this is an indisputable fact, all polls showing otherwise must be either dishonest or biased. It’s a classic case of begging the question.


Good lord, what a clueless dumbfucktard jackass moron asshole fuckface dickhead.

(sorry, there’s really no point in writing anything mature after reading that)




I love graphs and scales. Look, it’s important the bars are different!!! different!!!! 3 is this tall, 4 is WAY UP HERE. see??!?!?!

maybe if we made a pie graph. Wait, fafblog needs to do a pie-graph edition of pie-blogging, that’s the ticket.


Jeebus, I actually had to click on the first link before I realized the quote wasn’t fucking sarcastic. In fact the voice in my head was practically DRIPPING with it. I was ready to read some fabulous smackdown of GOP poll-watchers. Damn. My definition of what’s truly stupid keeps sinking every day.

— TP in UT


Actually, he’s probably right. After all, the MSM sportswriters made the Panthers lose to New Orleans on Sunday because they thought it would show an indomitable spirit.


If you don’t like what TCS publishes you should pay them to take a different position. I’m so tired of people complaining about something but not doing anything.


Straw math! Whee!

Theophrastus Bonbastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste

The Phoenix? Of Boston? Surely you jest.

The personal ads are quite a bit more suggestive than those of the Salt Lake Tribune, but that hardly makes it Sigmund Freud to the Herald’s Franz Josef.


To put it plainly, the substantial pro-Bush contingent of the New Media — that is, cable news, talk radio, and the Net — was overwhelmed.

By a sudden surge of facts that couldn’t easily be weaselled out of.

My new name for the pro-Bush New Media: ‘fact levees’.


It’s a big wave, indeed, a Category Five assault on the progress of the last five years.
All that hard work the MSM has done for 5 years to create a completely fictitious, cardboard cutout “fearless resolve” Bush mythos — down the drain.
Now the freepers have to find a whole new pretend-Texan college cheerleader fratboy to prop up as a fake hero. Oh, the heartache.


Sadly, No! gets better all the time. You guys are doing great. Thanks for the laughs. 🙂


this is the worst propaghanda/bush fluff piece i have read.

he spends the entire article talking about how people hate bush, then he tries to blame it all on the media and how they misportrayed the katrina aftermath.

the only thing he could have done to make this piece worse is to claim that the katrina aftermath was a stunning success and an example of republican party values in action.


Kiche, I know it’s tempting to politicize the Katrina disaster, but we must strive, on both sides of the political isle, to avoid such a temptation. The mistakes made as it pertains to this disaster were massive. It was an bipartisan uncoordinated cacophony.

I do appreciate all of you who are continuing to give to charitable organizations offering relief in the Gulf region. In terms of my donate-to-download program, your donations as indicated by the volume of downloads on the remakes of City of New Orleans and Me & Bobbi McGee, as well as the original, New Orleans (In the Wake of Katrina), have been generous.
Those songs are still available as free mp3 downloads for folks who have donated funds to The Salvation Army (800) SAL-ARMY, or to another reputable organization providing relief in the Gulf. Your donation is private and based on the honor system. There has been a new song added to the donate-to-download offer. It is a song I wrote with my Canadian, Darryl Enns and recorded by our American/Canadian band,
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The other songs can be found at my mp3 jukebox:

Once again, thanks to the silent majority that has been willing to put aside political diffferences and join me supporting the relief effort in the Gulf!


PS: Please excuse the typos above (I’ve already spotted two). I’m notorious for typos, though some of you would say the typos are nothing compared with all else I am notorious for.


The right has all but bent the press to its will, thus when the press has its hypnotic trance momentarily broken, the right assumes a putsch.

Bush wants more power for the military in the future during these events (ignoring that this abyssmal response was due to poor organization, not to inadequate mandate). The press will be far more compliant in the future if they are imbedded,as they are in Iraq, in military units for domestic response. Can’t let those news mavens freely gather facts can we?


Mudge, are you not making broad generalizations about “the right,” and “the press,” suggesting that “the right” consistently acts in one accord, as the press does? It seems to me that there is considerable variation both among “the right” and among members of “the press.” It seems to me that certain high profile individuals among the group I affiate with, the right, have been guilty of painting “the press” with one broad stroke, in calling “the press” liberal. Are you not doing the same thing in this case, painting both “the right,” and “the press,” each with one broad stroke?


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