This is us being generous and all that

We see that TBOGG’s What’s up for 2004 lists Amber Pawlik under the “no longer interesting” category. Wow — that’s gotta hurt we don’t care where you’re from. Fortunately, here at Sadly, No! we live to write about the “no longer interesting.” Besides, seeing Amber so abandoned brings a tear to our eyes (or a cookie to the mouth for Amber.)

What better solution, we thought, than offering to adopt the now blog surrogate parent free Amber? We think that we and s.z. at World O’Crap would make the perfect role models for Amber.

More later this week…


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I need my Amber fix so please, adopt Amber! Give her a good home so her antics are not lost in the ether! Bring Amber home!


I didn’t know that Mark Sobolewski was one of the authors of that Men’s News Daily blog. Sobolewski’s a career fruitcake on, home of the biggest collection of bitter cranks the Interweb has ever seen.

And Bernard Chapin claims to be a school psychiatrist. I pity the kid who gets sent to him.


You say this Amber Pawlik is a conservative? Look at those eyes – she looks like she’s just done a rasta spliff of some really wicked green.

Not that I would have any way of knowing about that sort of thing, of course (cough).


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