* is back!

First it was Scooby McClellan, now it’s the President himself!

THE PRESIDENT: I was — I knew that a big storm was coming on Monday, so I spoke to the country on Monday* morning about it. […]

* Sunday

We’re thinking about using this technique soon on Sadly, No!, the world’s most popular blog.*

* Not the world’s most popular blog.


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If they ever try to implement this policy of correcting Bush’s mistakes* in earnest I see a worldwide shortage of astericks.



Sadly, No!* is my favorite blog!


**The Dark Window


The Panthers are a championship-caliber* football team.

*Second-rate boondoggle who lost the lowly Saints.


Yosef*, if you start nesting loops of astericks it’s going to make my head explode.

*Hottest Young Conservative Writer on the Interwebs **,***
**After the Doughy Pantload that is.
***Not really
****Nailed, COBAGZ!!!!


The Red Sox* are the best baseball team ever!

*Team that couldn’t score 1 run against the Yankees.

Dude, Brad, it’s on this week. We might have lost Jenkins for the season again, but we’re going to beat the crap out of the Pats** on Sunday!

**STAGMC Cobagz who blow goats.


Bush worked* on the Sabbath? Say it ain’t so!

*Sunk his warty meatstick into John Roberts’ gaping mangina.


I’m hoarding non-perishable asterisks till it all blows over. Keep an eye on the Stars and Stripes — there may be looting.


Just hope Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly don’t take to doing this.
Talk about a shortage…


You guys would be the most popular blog if it weren’t for Marie Jon’ skewing the curve.


jade has the right idea. We’d better go through punctuation emergency preparations. Beware those who hoard ‘ (Marie, I’m talking to you) and !@#$%^*&*()_;:”- (Kaye, I’m talking to you).


DON’T WORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



(That ought to get us through one Swank column, maybe two, if they’re short.)


I haven’t heard the Scooby name for Mr. McClellan. That’s a good one. I like Scott the Sucker MC and Puffy McMoon Face.


I’m not even goign to try. This is now my fave* Sadly, No! thread ever.

*after the Brad R. drunk thread**

**after the super long thread***

***Yosef is a douchewad+


^where the hell is Ukko/Tapio? I feel like he really might be in jail somewhere.


‘Tis strange that he’s been missing ever since the LGF incident. But I think that he is a student so he’s probably devoted himself to his studies*.*partying down with the coeds


I bet he goes to a real school* where they do lots of work.

*not american college+

+I don’t want to hear it, Engineering douches**


^am I?#


Major Shortssniffer


*You guys r lossers!!!11!!1**

**Whond on’t have anythin beter to do wiht yuor time than put stars on shit!


Oh crap, Shortssniffer’s back.


Ooof, it smells like a Tijuana Bordello* in here. Where’d that come from?*Author’s knowledge of Tijuana bordellos is purely speculative. Author has never visited such an institution.



How did you get out of the cell down there, and what happened to Jockstrap, I know he was pleasuring the girlfriend of the gangleader that retlaiated against Asshats, er, asshat. It’s all so confusing.


…And Sadly, No! is headed up by jeff-perado*

* jeff-perado has nothing to do with the leadership of Sadly, No!

Sheesh! Am I really that much of a shameless hussy?*

* No, I just love beating a dead horse**

**The horse isn’t really dead yet until Marie Jon’ and BLT says its dead.

(Sorry, Seb, until Marie Jon’ publicly admits I’m nothing more than a lowly commenter, I will remain in Charge of Sadly, No!)


“(That ought to get us through one Swank column, maybe two, if they’re short.)”

So what then do we do tomorrow*

maybe sooner since Swankie is on a roll**

How many “articles”*** did he write today?

*** That was not a nod to Kaye Grogan, as he only writes collections of words, loosely related, and publishes them as news articles.


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