Do Not Attempt to Adjust Your Screen

Lost at Tora Bora
Published: September 11, 2005

Well past midnight one morning in early December 2001, according to American intelligence officials, Osama bin Laden

Empty your mind. Relax and breathe. Breathe with the crescents… The crescents… The crescents… The crescents…



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These crescents are making me thirsty!


Cookies are a sometimes food.


Yes, Lambuel? You want me to do what with the gasoline? Oh, no, Lambuel, Daddy told me to stay away from the matches…


They are hypnotizing me…..


Tora Bora Bora
Tora Bora Li
Tora Bora Boraaaaa…
’tis an Afghan lullabeyyyyy


I will not “atempt” it.


Hey, ‘t’s are expensive.


After I came out of my hypnotic state I read the NYT article. Pretty interesting.


would it be too much to ask for a set of photos of this James Bond style complex? (yup)


I always knew sugar maples were Muslim-Communist… it’s like you’re bleeding a tree for crying out loud, so you can drink it’s blood on your pancakes. Gross.


All I’m getting is boobs.


Did you honestly just use the god damn blink tag???

Wow. I haven’t seen one of those in… many years.


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