Why can’t there be some things just for me?

It’s all about Barbara today:

An attack on the president is a direct attack on those who voted for him, putting the blame for everything that goes wrong on President Bush, and by extension, his supporters.

And when Barbara gets attacked, Barbara gets angry!

Conservatives are expected to be cognizant of potential slurs to minorities and to avoid them.

If only Barbara were a liberal, she could go around calling Blacks niggers, homosexuals queers, and lesbians dykes. Just like we do all the time! It sure ain’t easy being a conservative.

It is popular on college campuses to deride ?dead white guys?, i.e. the founders of our country. ?Pardon me, you talkin? to me?? After all, those dead white guys could be my ancestors[.]

Right, and monkeys could fly out of my butt.

But it doesn’t get better than this:

Minorities who have grievances appeal to the American public to address those grievances. [bla bla bla, China, Tiananmen Square, bla bla bla] So, when we hear minorities insult our goodness and willingness to listen to grievances, we should be challenging ?You talkin? to me??

That shit makes a lot of sense!


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“Liberals who shout the loudest about the right being unsympathetic, even ?racist?, continually present themselves as being kind and understanding and, most of all, tolerant. However, they are quick to call conservatives ?mean-spirited?, ?stingy?, and worse.”

OH MY GOD! I can barely bring myself to think about such words. The woman who actually typed them out must have a stomach of cast-iron. Sailors blush when you call them the m-word.

That scene in it’s a woderful life where Jimmy Stewart chews out the bank manager was the inspiration for the milder dialogue in pulp fiction.

“Sure, we are a nation of immigrants and our ancestors came here from somewhere else. But, our ancestors were eager to be a part of the American dream. While keeping some of their customs, they realized the value of melting into the population. They knew they were coming to a ?promised land? and were determined to add their efforts to keep it that way. So, my ancestors were immigrants, LEGAL immigrants, who jumped through the bureaucratic hoops to gain entrance to this blessed land. ?We need to embrace all immigrants? You talkin? to me? Don?t insult my intelligence.'”

No, they didn’t Barbara. They didn’t learn to speak Native American languages. They knew nothing about Native Religion. They very rarely moved into Native cities, preferring to build their own seperate enclaves of white people and black slaves.

When they reached critical mass, these settlements waged bloody war on Native Americans, stealing their lands and conquering their nations. They forced Native Americans to adopt foreign culture. They outlawed native religious expression, in blatant disregard for their own laws. They broke contracts made in good faith because they wanted Native property.

The “dead white guys” who founded this country were a hundred times worse then the illegal immigrants she complains about. Yet we aren’t allowed to mock them.

That shit pisses me off.


The shorter Barbara:

-Stop making me feel guilty.
-Stop being so different from me and making me uncomfortable.
-That mirror scene in “Taxi Driver” is soo hot!
-Hey minorities, we have heard your complaints, now move along. I said GOOD DAY!


She’s off her meds again.


An attack on the president is a direct attack on those who voted for him, putting the blame for everything that goes wrong on President Bush, and by extension, his supporters.

You got that right, sister.


Actually, Bar got it right on the head
for me–I actually DON’T blame Bush–I knew he was a fuck up back during the 2000
election. I knew he was incompetent and would run everything into the ground as
he did with his other ventures.
And of course, I was right. After the first (nearly) full year on his watch,
we were attacked and lost 3000 citizens. Then we got the lovely, bloody, horribly
thought out and planned (not to mention–really NOT necessary) Iraq war–now
he’s losing more American citizens AND another country’s citizens to boot! Almost
a full 4 years AFTER 9/11, he loses a whole city. I’m sickened, disgusted and
in mourning for the victims of 9/11, Iraq AND Katrina; but surprised? Hell no.

He’s a fuck up, and he appoints fuck ups. The ones he appointed who WEREN’T
fuck ups, became fuck ups. So, not totally suprised by the shockingly horrible
handling of things in the wake of Katrina.
So, who do I blame? You got it–the ones who voted for him. It’s their fault.
They voted him in, and look what it got us: terrorist attacks, an incredibly
uneccessary and costly war, a bankrupt government and a whole damn city lost.
I even heard one Bush supporter say something along the lines of : "see?
this is why we support the GOP–federal government is bad, it needs to be scaled
down so things like this don’t happen" Well, actually no, I don’t see that,
but I DO see how the government YOU wanted and YOU voted into office is bad.
So, shut up. You really have no right to complain.
And they know it. That’s why they are frantically scrambling around the blogs,
trolling moderate and liberal blogs to yell, scream and (oh you better believe
it) play "the blame game". They know its their fault, and they. cannot.
face it.
So everytime one of them shows up here, or at any other liberal blog to call
us "bush haters" "bush bashers" "moonbats" and
to claim that this will bring the DNC down and how Blanco and all the other
democrats are to blame, just remember: it’s all projection; projection caused
by the overwhelming guilt they feel for putting fuck ups into office. So read
their trollish posts, shake your head sadly, and say a little prayer for their
souls (maybe even light a candle). Their feelings of guilt over their
votes have turned them into gruesome worms of hate.
(and if anyone gets that last ref, I’ll be beyond thrilled!)


Oh, and before I forget–of course, never respond to their trollish posts, because it will turn you into a gruesome worm of hate, too. Take it from one who made that mistake.

I’ll try not to do THAT again.


Why is it that people like Barb can’t see the fundamental difference between the insult “nigger” and the insult “mean-spirited”?

“Nigger” (or spic, kyke, mick, chink, what-have-you) is racist because it devalues a person based on their genetic makeup, skin color, hair color–all of which have no actual bearing on the person’s actions, intentions, and character.

“Mean-spirited” is a CHARACTER TRAIT: it reveals itself in your behavior and your actions towards other people. Any person of any creed or color can be “mean spirited”–and people CHOOSE to act mean spirited. (People do not CHOOSE to be a particular race.)

So here’s the thing, Barb: you want to be the party of personal responsibility? Fine. Then accept responsibility for your choices: if you choose to act like a mean-spirited bitch, I will call you a mean-spirited bitch. (I will not, however, call you a pasty-white honky mean-spirited bitch, because THAT would be racist.)

And yes, if a black person acts the same way, I will call him mean-spirited, also (yes, Alan Keyes, I am looking in your direction).

If you don’t want to be called mean-spirited, stop being mean to people. It’s as simple as that.


“Are you sure this is worms? It feels like spaghetti.

Ah! But it’s gruesome spaghetti of hate, boiled in the blood of children!”

Did I get it?

To me, a troll is somebody who won’t actually have a conversation; when you point out why they’re wrong they just bring up some unrelated thing. “Well, maybe Bush had more responsibility then I thought, but what about Clinton’s scandals?” And then when you point out Clinton’s scandals weren’t anything at all, they bring up Ward Churchill.

I tend to give everybody the courtesy of one response before deciding they’re trolls.


It is popular on college campuses to deride ?dead white guys?, i.e. the founders of our country. ?Pardon me, you talkin? to me?? After all, those dead white guys could be my ancestors[.]

Heh. They actually ARE my ancestors (as anyone who’s corresponded with my via e-mail and knows my middle/last names understands it was straight Anglo-Saxon when my family got they sex on).


How the poor got trapped“First, many of the stranded, dead, and dying were women, children, old, or infirm. Many of the able bodied DID try to walk out. All the roads out of town were washed out except the Crescent Cities Bridge, which led into Gretna, in Jefferson Parish.”
‘Get Off The Fucking Freeway’: The Sinking State Loots its Own Survivors As we approached the bridge, armed Gretna sheriffs formed a line across the foot of the bridge. Before we were close enough to speak, they began firing their weapons over our heads. This sent the crowd fleeing in various directions. As the crowd scattered and dissipated, a few of us inched forward and managed to engage some of the sheriffs in conversation. We told them of our conversation with the police commander and of the commander’s assurances. The sheriffs informed us there were no buses waiting. The commander had lied to us to get us to move.

We questioned why we couldn’t cross the bridge anyway, especially as there
was little traffic on the 6-lane highway. They responded that the West Bank was not going to become New Orleans and there would be no Superdomes in their City. These were code words for if you are poor and black, you are not crossing the Mississippi River and you were not getting out of New Orleans.

Police in Suburbs Blocked Evacuees, Witnesses Report Police agencies to the south of New Orleans were so fearful of the crowds trying to leave the city after Hurricane Katrina that they sealed a crucial bridge over the Mississippi River and turned back hundreds of desperate evacuees, two paramedics who were in the crowd said. The paramedics and two other witnesses said officers sometimes shot guns over the heads of fleeing people, who, instead of complying immediately with orders to leave the bridge, pleaded to be let through, the paramedics and two other witnesses said. The witnesses said they had been told by the New Orleans police to cross that same bridge because buses were waiting for them there. Instead, a suburban police officer angrily ordered about 200 people to abandon an encampment between the highways near the bridge. The officer then confiscated their food and water, the four witnesses said. The incidents took place in the first days after the storm last week, they said.
Yeah don’t blame bush, don’t blame racism or classism, it’s nobodies fault.This shit is sickening.


> ?You talkin? to me??

No, dumbass – I’m talking to people with three-digit IQs.


Why is it that people like Barb can’t see the fundamental difference between the insult “nigger” and the insult “mean-spirited”?

Because they weren’t paying attention to the guy who said: “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”


Friday I was in a liquor store, behind some sad old black man. The cashier was a white guy, about 35, with day old stubble, a flannel shirt, cutoff sleeves, and a “Git-r-dun” hat. Lets say he seemed a little angry. Given the events of the past weeks, it struck me that the phrase “Git-r-dun” could have a certain “final solution” connotation. At least I’d see it that way if I were black.


And what the hell does this mean?

Favorite targets of liberals are Christians. In fact, they are just about the only people you can vilify, except for Jews, especially if they are Orthodox.

Looks like she’s saying it’s OK to vilify Jews any time. Did I miss a memo?

Floyd Alvis Cooper

(People do not CHOOSE to be a particular race.)

I know this is a minor point, but.. you know, this is one of those things that people people say, and it seems at first glance to be incontravirtable, but I wonder if its as simple as that.

In a strict literal sense, its true. However, people don’t experience race in a strict literal sense; they experience it through their own perception of the individual concerned. And that is very dependent both on context and presentation.

The fact is, it’s not THAT hard for a black person to pass as white these days. There are two factors that make it much easier was true a couple of generations ago:

1) There are much better skin-lighting creams, hair straighteners, etc., and especially plastic surgery techniques than in former times.

2) At the same time, the American population has gotten somewhat darker over the last century with the influx of Italian, Greek, Polish, etc. and now Hispanic immigrants.

So it’s MUCH easier to pass than most people think. Yes it takes effort and a certain amount of money (although most people, even poor people, have a LOT more money socked away than is commonly realized), but really almost ANY person of color is capable of it PROVIDED they are willing to put in the effort. (And if they aren’t, whose fault is that?)

Consider: if you’re a black parent, which is the better investment for your child — tens of thousands of dollars for a university education (after which the child will still be black), or spending the same amount on surgery, cosmetics, deportment lessons, and so forth that will allow the child to pass as — in effect, become — white?

Isn’t it obvious that the latter course would be the best bet for increasing the child’s long-term financial potential and overall prospects for success in society?

I’m not saying that’s good, I’m not saying it’s bad; I’m just saying that’s how it is in America.

Note also that I’m not saying that there is anything wrong at all with being BORN black. I’m just saying, why STAY that way, when with modern techniques it’s no longer necessary?

Anyway, a point to consider, I think.


Nah. I think she’s just bringing up the obvious point that we liberals are all notorious anti-Semites.
That’s us, just bashing the Jews all day long.
That’s why there’s so many of us in the KKK, you know. Sure, we feel bad about all the race-baiting that goes on there, but anything for a chance to hang with other anti-Semites.
‘Cause, you know, it’s trendy.


"Are you sure this is worms? It feels like spaghetti.
Ah! But it’s gruesome spaghetti of hate, boiled in the blood of children!"
Did I get it?
Yes! You got it! One of my favorite host segments, ever.
Why, yes. I am a geek. Thank you. : )


I may not have been born with a lobotomy, but now I can look like I was!


it was straight Anglo-Saxon when my family got they sex on).

Don’t let me get my flex on, do some gangster shit, make the army go to war for Exxon!


Well, it’s worth blaming the people that voted for Dubya. I’m sure a lot of them are in denial now.

Because, after all, Dubya certainly is going to remembered as an exceptional president. How many other presidents will have lost, not one, but TWO wars (Afganistan and Iraq), as well as losing a major american city? That’s a hard record to beat, no doubt about it.

But we should also be sure to blame Bill Clinton.

That’s right, Clinton. See, Bill made it look like it was easy to be president. Like it didn’t take an earnest, boring wonk (Gore, Kerry) to be president. Any moron could do it.

So what happened? They elected a moron.

In six months, having a “W’04” sticker on your SUV will be the equivalent of wearing a dunce cap. Just watch.


Was that THE FLoyd Alvis Cooper? Do you guys realize who we have on this board, and nobody too the bait! HE’S A SUPERSTAR!

Back in a sec!




And we quote:
“Floyd Alvis Cooper Says:
August 14th, 2005 at 3:15 am
I know this isn?t going to popular on this website, but may I just point something out?

A soldier?s #1 job is to stay alive. If you die, you can?t accomplish the mission, and you weaken your team and put your buddies in danger.

Obviously Sheehan?s son, I forget his name at the moment, didn?t die on purpose, and he may well have have had no control over the circumstances that let to his death.


In war, there are no excuses. You find a way to stay alive, whatever it takes ? if you?re a good soldier. Sheehan?s son didn?t do that. He paid the price. but he als failed the mission and let down his buddies.

As a soldier, he was a failure. He was brave (maybe), but he was also incompetent.

So, really, how much exactly are we supposed to grieve over this guy? Isn?t a certain amount of disapproval in order for the guy ? and by extension his mom, for making such a fuss over a person who was, in the last analysis, by definition a loser?

So shouldn?t Mrs. Sheenhan be showing a little more shame about the situation and maybe not wanting to get her son and his shortcoming splashed all over the media?

Something to consider, anyway.”


Damn, it must hurt to be that stupid.


I will continue to say to Bush fans, just as I did prior to the election: Just how fucking stupid can you get?


I assumed the point of a FAC post was *not* to take the bait.

Actually, my definition of a troll is someone who comes into your blog, forum, or home, and engages in behavior that, while merely stupid in their own blog, forum, or home, is downright antisocial in yours.
Someone, in other words, whose goal is less to join the party than to break stuff, hoard the good booze, and keep switching the music to Paul Anka.


Unlike intelligence, stupidity apparently has no bottom limit.

But I will give the wingnuts credit… No one has yet blamed Katrina on the “murder” of Terri Schiavo (to my knowledge).

I mean come on how hard would it be for doughy pantload or assrocket to come up with the connection? I can do it in just four degrees… Terri Schiavo was murdered, murder is supported by evil “morally relative” liberals, liberals support gays, gays were headed to NOLA for their “southern decadence”….

I mean seriously guys, quit lazing around, get with the program!


Well, I’m pro-Floyd. He has a masterful way of making an insane argument in a reasonable way. I think it was at the Poorman Cafe that he argued that it was Casey Keehan’s shame for dying, since in so doing he failed his mission and America. Genius, I tell ya, Genius!


What the fuck is ol’ Floyd doing trolling around here? I thought his schtick was trolling over at the Editors’ spot. “Commenting” over there certainly doesn’t qualify one to comment over here. Of course, anyone who posts comments here is fully qualified to comment at the Poorman, it’s just that most of us don’t want to be contaminated by criminally cutesy kitties–bleagh! Floydsie-go back to where you’re “known” and “loved.”


What I want to know is, why aren’t more white people passing for black these days? It’s pure comedy gold when they do!


Do I blame W supporters? Gee, let me think? Um, YES!!!! You’re FUCKING MORANS WHO PUT US IN THIS MESS!!! Jeebus.


Oh shit, I thought “it’s all about Barb” meant Barbara Bush.

At first I thought it was the elder version, since Poppy Bush said last week anyone who wants to criticise her son to her face had better bring a “flak jacket”

Then with all the cussin’ and hip language I though it might be Barb the young and inteperate.

Wrong on both counts but it was fun while it lasted.


FAC is not masterful. He?s merely insanely delusional a la Marie Jon’ and Mr. BLT. So since we love them so much I guess that he should fit well in here. Something to cultivate I guess but his first take here was a particularly nasty one.


Heh. They actually ARE my ancestors (as anyone who’s corresponded with my via e-mail and knows my middle/last names understands it was straight Anglo-Saxon when my family got they sex on).

Brad Rothschild, are you bragging again?


I say Floyd Alvis Cooper (the love child of Floyd the Barber and Alice Cooper) is the greatest satirist troll to ever hit the Internets. A genius. He’s what Gary Boatright would be if Gary Boatright were intelligent, well-written, and, oh yeah, on the other side.


Liberals take advantage of the fact that they are facing people who have been taught to be polite and turn the other cheek.

Shut up, just Shut Up! OK, cut her mike.


At the same time, the American population has gotten somewhat darker over the last century with the influx of Italian, Greek, Polish, etc. and now Hispanic immigrants.

Um, we’re dark? That’ll be news to pretty much my entire pasty-white extended family of Polacks. I’ll be sure to tell them over Thanksgiving dinner, which is held in the basement every year – far, far away from the potentially endarkening effects of the sun’s rays.


I knew a guy of Polish heritage that would darken up very nicely if ya set him out in the sun for a while–unlike me-I crumble to dust in true creature-of-the-night fashion. Anyway, saw the tan lines (among other thangs) to prove it. Mmmm, kielbasa!


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