Now seems like a good time to start referring to the Bush White House as the “No one had ever imagined anything like this Administration (NOHEIALTA):”

The debate began after officials realized that Hurricane Katrina had exposed a critical flaw in the national disaster response plans created after the Sept. 11 attacks. According to the administration’s senior domestic security officials, the plan failed to recognize that local police, fire and medical personnel might be incapacitated.

According to the Department of Former Bush Campaign Staffers Homeland Security, the national response plan is intended to handle two things:

  • terrorist attack,
  • natural disaster; and
  • other large-scale emergency

    Three things, the national response plan can handle three things! Amongst their weaponry: Nuclear Incident Response, and dealing with weapons of mass destruction (the real, non Judith Miller Variety.)

    Given what they’re supposed to be preparing for, what kind of a fuckstick doesn’t plan for the possibility that “local police, fire and medical personnel might be incapacitated”? Are they supposed to be nuclear explosion proof?

  • Do you enjoy being exposed to thermal pulse, neutrons, x- and gamma-rays, radiation, and electromagnetic pulse?* Then the New Orleans Police Department has a job for you!
  • Is your body immune to the effects of low hydrolyse acetylcholine and the resulting accumulation of excessive concentrations of acetylcholine in such areas as the smooth muscle of the iris, ciliary body, bronchial tree, gastrointestinal tract, bladder and blood vessels; to the salivary glands and secretory glands of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract, as well as to the cardiac muscle and endings of sympathetic nerves to the sweat glands? Then call your local fire station!

    There is nothing that is dumb enough, sufficiently dishonest, or abundantly false for anonymous senior Bush Administration officials not to say to the press. (And there’s no sentence incomprehensible enough that we won’t write it.)

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    What? They don’t use the Comfy Chair?!!!!


    Man, if this is the best my country can do, I may as well just place my faith in the Armaggedon Fluffy Kitten Squad.

    At least the destruction will be cute and cuddly.


    Yeah, this whole administration is STAGMC. oh my head…oh my head.


    though it may be somewhat muddled, your last sentence is not incomprehensible. In fact, it may well be the truest statement I’ve read in a long time.


    Are they supposed to be nuclear explosion proof?

    That’d be pretty sweet- NO ONE would fuck with us if we had nuke-proof cops (and yes, I’m still alive… oh my God do I hate Steel Reserve… but I still got up at 8 this morning and made the half hour T ride for my econ. class… I am truly hardcore…)


    Enjoy the feel of hot lead and shound of whizzing shrapnel?

    Join the Reserves.


    The real reason Bush was exercising a lot and getting more physically fit during his vacation? He knows it will soon be every man and woman for him/her self when the Kitten Death Squads attack! Plan now. Stock up on plenty of catnip for your emergency supplies. It helps neutralize the attackers.


    You should have had another steel reserve ready to drink this morning. No other way to get through the day!


    You should have had another steel reserve ready to drink this morning. No other way to get through the day!



    Brad, you are only hard core if your T-ride was the B line. Then you are super hard core.

    The B-line is STAGMC.


    Pronounced Stag-mac


    I think they thought I was still drunk and didn’t know what I was typing. Yosef got used it too in a thread below.


    In my day, hard core was the Orange Line. Once, on my way to a pparty in JP, I got punched in the head when I stood up to a bunch of bullies who were hassling a drunk.

    Ah, the good old days.


    Yeah, I guess the O-line is more hard core, but unless BRad were riding it the other way to Tufts, he wouldn’t be in the shit as it were. I was thinking more like packed in with a bunch of massively annoying people for a long long time going not that far. That is the suffering of the B-line.


    Brad, you are only hard core if your T-ride was the B line. Then you are super hard core.

    Orange line, THEN the B line (I live in JP).


    BradR, were you the engineer here? PE, i mean.

    If so, congratulate me. I’m re-employed.

    Did I mention I also got a new job the week after 9/11.

    yay me!

    I think i just broke my arm.

    Mr. GregH, M.S., P.E.

    No that was me. People often get Brad and I confused though.


    And congratulations on the job!!!


    BradR, were you the engineer here? PE, i mean.

    Uh, no. I majored in creative writing in undergrad.



    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Everything the Bush Admin. has done has pointed to its incompitence in dealing with anything and everything other than fleecing tax-payers for its oil-based brand of crony capitalism. There’s nothing inconceivable about it.


    I hate the B-line. I hate JP. I hate JP snobs that say “ugh, Brookline, its sooooo homogenous.” It’s not like I Iived down at the country club, douchebags. Sheesh. How’s your 450,000 dollar JP condo, assmuches? (not Brad R- the other ones, Brad R. is super hard core).

    I’m just bitter cuz Sveum set V-tek and he was out by a million feet.






    (not Brad R- the other ones, Brad R. is super hard core).

    Yeah, I live down by Forrest Hills- i.e., NOT the yuppie part.


    That means you can go to the Pizza Hut!

    See, sometimes you get a taste for stuff in the city that you can’t have, hence the yearly two bus transfer to the Pizza Hut down by you. I know, sad.


    I live near a Pizza Hut (I just moved down here so i don’t know the area)?

    BTW WTF is with Aaron Small? He has zero talent and somehow manages to pitch well.


    Two guys on let see what we can do. I don’t know what the eff is up with small, all I know is that Schilling is on my nerdboy team and we are playing some other nerd who has Arod, and money is on the line this week.

    Where the hell has Manny been? How about a 2 out hit……Graf-

    Survey says?


    BTW- that is one of two Pizza Huts that are within an hour by public transportation in the Hub. Treasure it, even though it is dirty, has terrible service and looks closed even when it’s open.

    Graffanino? Survey says…..


    Liner to Matsui.

    F to the UCK


    Well, the good news is, I think Small might be gone and hopefully Torre will be really dumb and put Embree in. We can hope.


    Oh. My. God. Did you see Renteria’s throw???


    I am so glad I can’t watch this. Trupiano just had a fricking aneurysm. If I had to see that Renteria throw I would have lost it.



    By the end of the weekend, the Yankees will be one game back.

    verplanck colvin, E.I.

    No P.E. yet, but let’s hope I follow through and get one of my own in the spring!

    Just wanted to throw that out there and show some respect for my fellow engineers. mdhatter, GregH, this fourth vodka and lemon juice is for you…




    Good luck on the PE test Verplank. My advice is to go into thinking that you’re going to have to take it again and you’ll pass for sure. What type are you? I’m Civil/Environmental.


    Nixon got lucky. And did he really just watch a staight fastball go by for strike 1??

    OK, let’s do it V-Tek!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    verplanck colvin, bootlegger, E.I.

    I’m going for environmental (I mostly do stormwater stuff). I went to school for chemical, but my employment has steered away from that pretty far. I don’t think I’ll be designing any distillation columns or batch reactors in the near future.

    Unless some willing/paying internet folks need a real nice still or meth lab. Hmmm….


    Dear Engineering Cobags,

    I hate the Yankees.

    That is all.

    Work sucks ass.



    Greetings all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    With all that’s going on in the world, I just have to say… the best pizza in JP is at The Same Old Place.

    (Pizza Hut!?)


    Sorry to confuse the two of you. and, for the record, i’m not an engineer, I’m a chemist. No flies.

    I’ll take an overpriced JP Licks. My dad grew up hopping streetcars on centre street, no kidding.

    and oh yeah,



    I’ve alway rooted for teams from Boston, San Francisco and Cleveland. Don’t know why because I’ve never lived in any of those cities. While I love the Red Sox I cannot stand Curt Schilling and all of his Bush loving STAGMCory.


    Happy birthday, Brad!
    (Sorry about the t-shirt. I don’t think they *make* filthy plant innuendo gear. Sad, really.)
    Enjoy your Saturday, anyway. Don’t do anything Yosef wouldn’t do in public.


    Schilling is totally STAGMC. But I still love the Sox, and Schilling better jack up an awesome performance today, even if it is dedicated to Bushwad and the JC.

    And JP Licks 4 dollars for a cone of chewy ice cream sucks my ass. I want to go in there and chant “over-rated over-rated”. Herrells pricing is better (you don’t get much, but at least it was 2 bucks a small cone). And their Cafe Au Lait flavor was da bomb. And they had WAY better jimmies.

    And Toscanini’s (Tosci’s to the MIT nerdburgers) is overrated too. I just want some ice cream, and you wouldn’t give it to me. Just one ice cream cone. (“Institutionalized” Suicidla Tendencies voice)

    “Hi, JP Licks douchewad, I’d like to celebrate Brad R’s birthday with a frappe.”

    “Sure thing, let me just run your credit report…OK, that will be a million dollars.”

    “wah wah.”


    I’ve not been to Jamaica Plain in years, but to get a good deal at JP Licks, you have to ask for the lesbian prices.

    Hey, they know how to take care of their own.


    That is probably true. They don’t have that policy in their Brookline loca. Which is a lot newer. People just herd in there on any ole hot day and unqeustioningly fall for their non-lesbian pricing. I really would prefer to just walk up Harvard ave to Ozzies- a sub and pizza place (owned by a Turkish family I believe) and they do the frozen yogurt thing with a million possible flavors. The people are nice, there isn’t so much of a line, and you really feel like you are at a local place, not some mechatronic factory line of overpriced chewy ice cream. Ice cream should not be chewy ever. And if anyone here is from Ann Arbor, the kind of shitty chewy ice cream is Stucchis. Pronounced “Suckies” EAT IT COBAGS!!!


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