Malkin: photo feature proves there’s no such thing as racism


A white person (at left) interacting with black people

Of course, if that’s the prevailing standard of evidence, race relations in America are quite friendly indeed (please scroll).

Next up: “Rock the Casbah” video shows how Jews and Arabs are actually party buds.


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Boy and girls- someone just mentioned this over at The Editors

I can’t even see straight. I am depressed that, besides making gobs of dog shit come out of Goldberg’s mouth, there is no way for me to accurately depict his putrescence on MGT.


Thanks for finding, Gavin. My life will never be the same.


Hey Gavin,
The pictures were not meant to suggest that there is no such thing as racism (and I’m guessing you knew that). What they do suggest is that folks shouldn’t be so quick to slander the entire rescue mission in New Orleans as racist, as they continue to do, when the rescue mission is very clearly not.


No racism Michelle? BTW that was 2 black people(center and right) for those of you vision impaired and/or just plain COLOR BLIND!
Michelle, just what color is Bush’s asshole? (at bottom back in front of Malkin’s lips)

Crude, sorry.


Please put NSFW next to things like that- please?


What they do suggest is that folks shouldn’t be so quick to slander the entire rescue mission in New Orleans as racist, as they continue to do

Who’s saying the ENTIRE thing is racist?


It would clearly be inaccurate to say the people who are helping are racist. That would be a strawman, designed to make everyone who helped say, “Well, I’m not racist, because I care, so obviously this had nothing to do with race.”

I believe the actual argument is that the reason that many tens of thousands of people were stranded in NO to fend for themselves in the first place is, at base, race-related, if not in fact racist.

And clearly, at least some of the response has been quite racist, including that of Ms. Malkin’s friend Steve Sailer.


Jesus way to miss the point entirely Mary.
Nobody thinks that the brave people actually down there in new orleans, risking life and limb are racist, of course they aren’t. (but they make good props for evidence to the contrary)
It’s the undercurrent of bumbling and staggeringly incompetant leadership exhibited by FEMA and government officials that cause people to think of this as a race issue.
The thing you really need to ask yourself is do you *really* believe that if that if a similar situation occured in the richer areas of florida or other similar places that the response would be as half-assed as it is now?
Anyone who can, without doubt say “Yes it would be exactly the same” Is either a liar or a fool.


What is this, rocket science? It’s not personal racism that counts, but structural and historical racism that constructs big ghettos and poor cities with crappy public transportation and poor states (LA, with @35% Af-Am population, is 49th poorest state in the country on many measures).


…if a similar situation occured in the richer areas…would be as half-assed as it is now?
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who was picked up and blown to Pawtucket.
He said with a grin,
Above the hurricane’s din,
The Katrina victims can suck it!


the kicker in these photos is that its the all-powerful white folk helping out the poor, down trodden black folk. There might be one picture that has it vis-versa



Race baitin’ bloggers
at the site called “Sadly, no!”
Well, there’s no other place
where these folks would rather go
Yo, they love to pull the race card
’cause the -ism brings a schism
why multiply unity
when you can have division?
why not unite with the right?
yeah, let’s join the same fight
help the folks in New Orleans
’cause they face their darkest night….
Yo, I’m no Eminem, but then again
‘ don’t claim to be
I’m just a fly in your ointment
don’t you know that speech is free?



the fact is that the federal response to Katrina has been remarkably different to its response to the storms in Florida. To claim that everything is okay because of a photo of three people holding hands is insane. The eye-witness accounts do not support this complacency.

Furthermore, the vast majority of blacks already vote Democrat, and show no signs of changing their minds. They seem to disagree with you on who is more focused on what they really need.

In what possible way can we “help” people in Louisiana by “uniting”, i.e. refraining from criticism?

If speech is free, yours is way overpriced.


Bruce just wants to bind us back together in a sheaf so we can be unified. (Decoding available on request, but first, can you guess what I’m saying?)


Jade, I’m not basing anything on a photo. You seem a little jaded. A bad pun, I know, but a bad pun is better than none. I’m not saying that racism is not a factor in the case of the Gulf region, , and I’m not saying that it is.

I’m just saying that many of you on the left appear to use the race card to gain political advantage in crisis situations and to reinforce negative stereotypes that you have against Republicans. Jesse Jackson is a prime example of a race card opportunist, though I’ll go easy on him since he fought so hard to fight for Teri Shiavo’s life.

Portrait of the Terri Schiavo’s Lst Days:
words/music by Dr. BLT (c) 2005

John, isnt it a little early in the morning for riddles? At least the two of you seem willing to engage in real dialogue, instead of resorting to some of the adolescent strategies of some of your fellow bloggers. I respect you for that. Jade, I’ve been called a lot of things worse than “Sandwich.” Now there’s a riddle I did pick up on. You are saying that I offer some meaty food for thought ,sandwiched between logic and good common sense,


For what it’s worth — which isn’t much — here’s a reply.

I’m just saying that many of you on the left appear to use the race card to gain political advantage in crisis situations and to reinforce negative stereotypes that you have against Republicans.

Considering the fact that only 10% of Americans are black, and 90% of those already vote Democrat, the “political advantage” is minute. How do you account for the fact that the accusations are coming from witnesses?

You might also like to explain why “so many of you on the right” constantly accuse left-wingers of being anti-Semitic when they criticise the Israeli government, even though this the very outermost limit of the absurd. Perhaps the fact that 75% of the Jewish vote is also Democrat has prompted them to try this desperate strategy?

And since when has any right-winger ever hesitated to reinforce stereotypes they have against their opponents?

I called you sandwich because you give your name as “BLT”. You have yet to offer any food for thought here. You are simply a mechanical doll repeating the standard talking points of righties which you have collected from print and radio over the years. You have yet to make a single remark that I haven’t already heard several times over.

In case you hadn’t noted, it was recently proved beyond the reasonable doubt even of Frist that Terri was dead all along, as the doctors told us. Perhaps if the inhabitants of New Orleans had inserted feeding tubes into each other, Mr Bush might have cut short his holiday before the cake photo-op.

I know that this is supposed to be primarily a humour blog, but it is absolutely staggering to me that Bush’s utter inability to cope with the sort of emergency he has been blathering about since 2001 has whooshed entirely over the heads of his supporters.


And as for Jesse Jackson’s response, you might want to look at

Jesse Jackson apparently thinks that “refugee” is a swear word. This was one of the things that apparently troubled him most about the federal response. (The article also rips into Atrios — and about time, considering what a raving babbler he is.)


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