Oh but we are taking it very seriously, thankyouverymuch!

Boy, a blog goes away for a few days and all sorts of crazy things start to happen. We see that World O’Crap, who last year accused us of not doing drugs with Amber is now suggesting we are not taking our relationship with her (Amber!) seriously. Are too! In fact, we would suggest no one else in the blogging world did as we did and sent Amber an e-card for the new year. Yes, we did! So when we read this from WOC:

So, all the men are off having LIVES over the holidays, and nobody is paying any attention to Amber Pawlik. And that’s just not right. You can’t raise a girl’s expectations that way and then never call her. You guys are in a relationship with her now, and you have to either uphold your end of it, or break things off cleanly.

Well, frankly, it hurts. Right in that special place too. For not only did we send Amber an e-card, she sent us an email after reading the card.* So if anyone is not taking their relationship with that special Ayn Randian Princess (ARP) it ain’t us. Indeed, our friend Google says Sadly, No! ranks 4th and 5th for Amber Pawlik commentary. So there! Happy new year!

* Gentlemen do not tell tales out of school, so don’t ask what it said!


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Bad news, dudes. You’re at 6th and 7th now.


But did she send you an “Enjoy Cock T-shirt as worn by Bjork” for Valetine’s Day? If not, if you go here http://chapination.blogspot.com/ and scroll down to her post from yesterday, she provides a link where you can buy your own.

Anyway, I’m glad to know that you aren’t leaving Amber pining by the phone, never knowing just why she’s been abandoned.


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