Drumroll, please

The winner of the latest contest, the Strange Day When Everybody Either Thought of the Exact Same Stuff We Did, or Sneakily Stole All Our Material Without Linking, While Going, “Heh Heh Heh, You’ll Never Catch Me” Contest, is…

The Editors, who linked!

What a weird day. …Oh no — the air strikes! Back to base, kittens! Back to base!

“Reeow! Oops! Hspftht!”


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That’ll teach those rat bastards…
Fly, kitties, fly!.


Befuddle him with your nukuler pussy web of guile and evil axis!



Gud gad’a’mighty! Them’s some fearsome felines!!!


Now is NOT the time to play the
blame game on who unleashed the kitties!


It’s up. I’m headed for bed. I will dream of a particular cuddlybuggly snuggloctopus tonight, though.


Those kitties… they’re so grey… and yet… their ears… they’re so pink… oh no! is my sophisticated metaphor broken yet?

I’m coming to the conclusion that you are objectively pro-kitty. Thank God that Geedubya is not a stupid, crying woman who may not necessarily be black because I’m not racist although The Bell Curve raises some good points, most of those points being the points on the ears of Islamofascist kittens who are shocked, yes, shocked, that a noble, oh-so-bwave sheepdog should take steps to defend himself on a website from the flying purple pixels of doomful derision beamed from Michael-Moore-dot-com via the Morgan Spurlock Gay Fat Farm for Pink Sheep. Thank God, and I think Fox just saved Whitsuntide, fuck Celine Dion and Sean Penn, who allowed him to buy a boat.


Where the fuck did you get that awesome picture???


The precision formation…the glow of destruction in their eyes.
Good God, they’re completely terrifying!…and the bombs they drop!


Can you imagine the shock and awe of a S,N! thong?


“…but rather a citadel of hope and order and restraint and compassion.”

and sea of very brown shirts.


I, for one, welcome our new flying death kitten overlords.

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

I want a Kitten of Mass Destruction!

Please, please, please?


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