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Estimated body count in NOLA.

When officials say, “I know the estimate, but we’re not supposed to release it,” this is probably the figure they’re referring to.

Breaking, etc.


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So it’s tens of thousands now.
Probably 10,000 – 40,000.


You thought it wouldn’t be that high?


If that turns out to be anything like the final figure, I’ll be disgusted if Bush and the Republicans don’t pay a heavy price.


Oh, you can rest assured that nothing substantial will happen. It isn’t that kind of country.


I have it on good authority that the only people hurt were a buncha worthless nignogs too dumb to help themselves. Kinda like the 2000 election in Florida, ya see . . .


Holy shit!
I was thinking 10,000, but….

Then again, I doubt we’ll ever get an accurate body count.


You weren’t disgusted the last fifteen times these guys took a shit in the country’s mouth and said it was chocolate ice cream?


We don’t do body counts, remember?


Ugh. Hopefully, the guestimate is way off, to the high-end. That’d be almost 10% of NO’s population–and that’s if we’re lucky and there’s no major outbreak of infectious disease(s).


Folks, please, let’s try not to get so bogged down in political finger-pointing. Those who dragged their feet at the onset of this operation can’t hide forever, and their day of accountability will come. Right now, let’s unite–left and right, to offer support for victims.

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Goddamit blt, the last thing I need after news like this is your shameless disaster pornography and calls to “stop the blaming”.
I don’t know about the rest of you but I have no problem playing the blame game, my finger is pointed right at the whitehouse and the dept. of homeland “security”
Oh and I’ve donated allready and plan to do so again on my payday (I also am living paycheque to paycheque) and I can assue you it had nothing to do with your generous offer.


Do you have any constructive criticism to offer, Timmah420, or do you just want to put disparaging, pejorative labels on us conservatives and everything that we do? Of course we all know that we can’t juxtapose the terms conservative and compassionate. For you, that is an oxymoran. Of course I am incapable of compassion, after all, I’m conservative, so I turn to crass commercialism (of course we’ll ignore the fact that I’m not receiving even one penny for these songs). Anything we do in the name of charity, is automatically attributed to sinister motives. Enough of trying to defend myself. Go ahead, be suspicious of my motives, put me down as lacking in talent, cuss at me, ridicule me using adolescent bullying tactics and foul language—anything short of sharing your homicidal, sadistic fantasies about what you’d like to do to me (that’s where I draw the line)–as long as you’re giving, I’m forgiving. Like I said, I want to thank the silent majority of you that have put your political differences on the back burner long enough to unite with the right in support of victims of the hurricane. That takes a great deal of courage, maturity, and selflessness.


Seb, Gavin, Brad? Is it possible to trade this troll in for one who’s less… emotionally needy?
Even Marie Jon’, while occasionally outright repugnant, is not so whiny.


Sidhe, you’re getting less insulting. Emotionally needy is the best compliment I’ve had around here all day. As desperate and needy as I am, I need all the compliments I can get. I just don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t get anyone to like me.


BLT, if you want people to like you, perhaps you should hang out with people more in tune with your own worldview. And who dig whoring for attention.


And “whiny”, Doc. You forgot “whiny”.


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