Shorter Rebecca Hagelin

Throwing out the thugs

“Black people in the news means it’s time to take a hard look at gangsta rap.”

[Update: What a ridiculous day! From a heads-up by Nolo in comments: We posted this at 4AM EST (see Deutschestimestamp, below), and now TBogg has a sassy 7AM time on his Hagelin thingo. Which means 4AM because he’s in California. What hive mind is this?]

[Update: Ok, Amanda — you definitely checked in here before you posted this Shorter Rebecca Hagelin thing, otherwise free will is hereby disproved. Q: Who was the hero of Legend of Zelda?]


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gangsta rap???

Yeah, its the music that’s the reason a few idiots decided to steal a few flat screen TVs, because some song convinced them that the lack of electricity made taking TVs highly preferable..

Only idiots see these types of connections of idiots to their idiotic actions…

Rebbie, go donate to the NAACP College Fund, then we’ll talk….


If you gotta listen to someone tearing into Ray Nagin, for among other things his half baked comments about rampaging addicts, then Malik Rahim of the Black Panther Party is a nice relaxed way to do it (no transcript yet):
Democracy Now!


Actually, the Titanic is like Katrina, in that most of the victims were the poorest people. The rich people got out first.


So, when the niggers and queers become stale, do we go back to the kikes?

I think I’ll write the Heritage Foundation (they who funded J. Phillipe Rushton’s career measuring cock) and ask who’s next.


Oh. My. God.

Anyone who calls the Titanic sinking a great moment in civility is off their rocker. And “Throwing out the thugs” as a call to selflessness???? What kind of sociopath do you have to be to derive that interpretation? How fucking dumb are her readers? Even if they are racist?


Well, she’s got a point, because things like looting and rioting didn’t happen before the 1980s brought us Gangsta Rap. That’s why there wasn’t any looting aboard the Titanic.


Tbogg’s got this covered as well.


This is becoming a common talking point for conservatives, that they didn’t see any black people being nice to one another when they were watching the disaster on their TeeVees.

What is wrong with these people? Most of the footage I saw was people helping other people out. The only “bad” stuff I saw was the relatively little amount of footage showing people carrying off TV sets and shoes, and that footage was re-run about a billion times.

People who watched the coverage, and didn’t register cooperative behavior have to be sick.


I can/t help but think of Rummy back after the fall of Baghdad. He made famous the canard about looting. “You see the same picture of one guy hauling off a vase over and and over…”

Then: oh there was no looting

Today: oh the looting was horrific

Clearly, the difference was gangsta rap…


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