That’s gotta hurt I don’t care where you come from:

”He’s [Michael D. Brown] done a hell of a job, because I’m not aware of any Arabian horses being killed in this storm,” said Kate Hale, former Miami-Dade emergency management chief who oversaw emergency response during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. “The world that this man operated in and the focus of this work does not in any way translate to this. He does not have the experience.”


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Ooh, snap, girlfriend!

OT, but apparently Malkin, yearning to return to her usual wingnuttiness after last week’s brief bout of sanity, is back to being the evil racist cnut we all know and don’t love.


Is it just me or do they keep hiring/appointing incompetents so that when something goes wrong, they can then scapegoat and fire them while at the same time saying “See, government just doesn’t work, let’s get rid of it”?


Anne, I do belief you’re on to something…


I’d buy that, except this administration so rarely fires anyone.


It seems they more often fire or demote people not for incompetence, but because they are willing to call bullshit on Bush shit. Shinseki, Clarke, O’Neill, Todd Whitman, Lindsey, etc. On the other hand, Brownie and Skeletor will probably get medals.


True, true. They blame ’em and then discreetly keep ’em, I guess.


Based on the pattern so far, the basic choices here seem to be

1) blind, unwavering loyalty to Rove = praise and promotion
2) competance at your job = nothing, really
3) telling Rove he’s made a mistake = demotion and discredit
4) telling anyone else Rove made a mistake = complete destruction of your career, public smearing of your reputation, possibly even death or dismemberment

In a situation where sucking up is rewarded and point out mistakes is punished, natural selection weeds out the competant. Sooner or later, a competant person will notice a circumstance where the boss is wrong. At that point, you make the choice to call the boss on it (and take the negative consequences) or toss away your conscience and keep your mouth shut. In this environment, two kinds of people will float to the top: sociopaths and the stunningly stupid.

Honestly, the stupid frighten me more than the sociopaths. You have a chance to convince the sociopath that doing the right thing is in his best interest (you’ll look good, you’ll get a nice reward, whatever). At worst, the sociopath will probably walk away (except in the rare case where there’s much to be gained and nothing to lose by doing the wrong thing.)

The stupid, however, are too incompetant to do the right thing even if they honestly try. And they will often do the exact WRONG thing and make the situation worse.

In this administration, we have the perfect storm of the stunningly stupid sociopaths.

Gods help us all.


You’re a devisive coward. How dare you manipulate the horror of the situation in the south to accomplish your pathetic political objectives. How about cutting this trash long enough so that we can help these people. That’s all I have to say to you.


hmm, hello young right is might person. I see your blog starts like this : “I’ve finally figured it out. Liberalism isn’t an ideology, a belief, a standard, a religion, a way of thinking, or anything along those lines. It’s a disease, pure and simple. Why do I say this? I’ll tell you. I decided I needed to see what the other half of the country was thinking, so I browsed some liberal blogs today. Wow. I knew there was going to be whining and fingerpointing, but to see the venom that is being unleashed right now is shocking, really shocking.”pot kettle black, etc etc.Funny thing is, the terms ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ have had their meanings neatly reversed in today’s Mer’ka anyway, which contributes to the general pavlovian atmosphere (everything is conditioned reflex, not thought out).


I am wondering about this person:Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Cheri Ben-Iesanshe popped up to give one killer quote then disappeared from the radar screens. Curious huh


I want to thank those of you who have had the courage and grace to put political differences on the back burner and participate in my donate-to-download offer. For those of you who would like to follow their lead, for a charitable donation for hurricane relief, (donate to the organization of your choice), I am offering free downloads of two songs dedicated to victims of the hurricane:
New Orleans (In the Wake of Katrina)
words and music by Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, (c) 2005

post-Katrina re-make of classic,
City of New Orleans:

or visit

Once again, for those of you who have been donating-and-downloading, thanks for sharing in the music, while helping to ameliorate the suffering of victims of the hurricane. Whether you come from the left or right, let’s all expand our wingspans and unite in towards this common goal of relieving suffering in the region.


pompous tone deaf no talent bum heard from


PS: The first song, New Orleans (In the Wake of Katrina) has been modified and now represents a full one-man-band mix. Furthermore, rhythm has been added to the second song, City of New Orleans. Let me know whether you prefer the initial “unplugged” editions or the new editions. The second song really hasn’t changed all that much.


Yeah! The hell with all of you who clung to your political differences and insisted on figuring out how this shit was allowed to happen but donated anyway because it was the right thing to do!
But then, there can’t be too many of us like that, ’cause, you know, people can’t do two things at once, like, figure out where responsibility lies *and* try to help other people.

Hey, Doc? What color are your socks today? Either of them.


I see the Times-Picayune has found some small girl corpses in the freezer at the convention center – cause of death as yet unconfirmed…


Sidhe, I’m not wearing any socks today. I decided to donate them, and challenge you to donate yours too. It’s time we all took off our socks, donated them, rolled up our sleeves and came up with a plan on how to work together harmoniously. If you want to look for who was responsible for things getting started so slowly, I guess that’s OK, but blame rarely is found strictly on one side or the other. Sure, everyone must ultimately be accountable but the priority right now should be making sure the hurricane-stricken people’s needs are met.


And here’s to you greasy sandwich
Jesus loves you more than you can know
Whoa whoa whoa…

Seriously, get a clue, or at least buy one. Hocking third-rate songs here will not get it. Pack up your gee-tar and go sing your dreck to those suffrin durty Welfare-queen n****s. I’m sure they would really appreciate it. Who knows, maybe they will spend those millions of dollars they bilk from taxpayers and buy up your songs. You know your songs speak to them!


rightchoice, you make me laugh, buddy!
“wait, let’s just cease fire long enough for
me to reload!”

die in the dirt, ruiner of my country.


Yeah, I’ve even been getting the “people should shut up and help” meme at a board where I’m a mod. A number of people have said that you can hold people responsible for what they’re responsible for while at the same time helping, but folks’ll just plow on whining about how the finger-pointing doesn’t do any good.

Like Ginmar says, don’t let them forget.


I see a Presidential Medal of Whatever the fuck it’s called in his future.


Well, gosh, I’d love to take off my socks and donate them, but I don’t have time. See, I’ve been busy assembling bundles of clothes, toiletry items, bedding, furniture, and kitchen supplies for about 30 refugees who landed in a rent house offered by my neighbor’s coworker.

And I’ve been too busy cleaning up the two guest rooms and putting new sheets on the day bed, just on the off chance than any of the FOUR DIFFERENT AGENCIES I have contacted to offer hosting to over the past seven days decide to call me back.

As it stands now, we will probably just take in a family or two from the neighbor’s co-worker’s rent house to ease the pressure there, assuming any of them want to leave that group. But I am completely flabbergasted that I (and thousands of people like me) have been jumping up and down, waving our hands, and holding up signs saying how many people we can take in since BEFORE THE HURRICANE HIT, and yet when I called the local shelter coodinater YESTERDAY to repeat my offer to her, she was completely unaware that such a sign-up program existed, let alone that there were nearly 1000 offers of housing in our city alone.

Oh, that’s right, it’s run by that far-left, Michael-Moore loving, Cindy-Sheehan-supporting group Move-On.


Jeff, I’m sorry you were not happy with the songs for victims of the hurricane. I’m not sure what you would have me do since with songs I sell, I typically offer the unhappy customer his/her money back. These songs were download-for-donation songs. Since you were required to donate money for victims prior to accessing the songs, shall I assume you’d like to have me arrange for your donation to be taken back?


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Michael Brown, its director, have taken a lot of heat for the delayed and bungled Katrina relief operations. With such memorable moments as blaming the victims for staying and claiming the federal gove…


Dorothy, you are an angel. Thank you so much.
I get a lot of idiotic questions about why we let two people live with us while they try to pay off debts (medical and credit card) and gather enough for their own places, and my answer is always this: when you know that you could be homeless or jobless next month, I think you owe it to society to help those who are *this* month.
We need to work together, and what you’re doing, Dorothy, makes you a real hero. I think taking in strangers would make me uncomfortable, the two we have are old friends. So bless you doubly.

Anne: Yes. Don’t let them forget about accountability in the headlong rush to the next disaster or media circus. Don’t let them get away with it. And don’t let them add more victims to a victim count that’s already shockingly high.

Doc, do you understand that many of the people here had already donated before you made your offer? Do you understand that they did it because it was the right thing to do, and they are human?
If they downloaded your song, it was most likely not because they felt their donation gave them the right to.
And nobody here donated for the sheer pleasure of listening to your song.
Many of them are bleeding heart liberals. But they’re all humans. They help people. Even when they can’t afford it.

You are rubbing people the wrong way, because you come off as trying to take credit for what people you don’t even respect do.
Wonder why you’re not getting any respect?


D. Sidhe, what makes you think I’m not getting any respect? I’ve received plenty of respect from the intelligent, thoughtful, considerate folks at this sight. True, I haven’t received any respect from the rude, adolescent-minded, ignorant troglodytes who communicate with crude, hateful, primitive language and can’t seem to get beyond name-calling and mindless insults. The way you earn respect from troglodytes is to show as little class as they do. It’s not worth getting their respect if I have to lower myself to their level to obtain it.


Frankly, Doc, I was more than willing to ignore you purely from disinterest, but you spent a lot of time here engaged in self-amused lowbrow humor yourself.
Liberals have bad parents, liberals were poorly potty trained, liberals are anal about spelling, liberals want to play the blame game more than they want to help people.
Pretty adolescent. If you’ve decided suddenly to improve the tone, don’t be too surprised that I’m still not taking you seriously. First impressions and all that, and I’ve seen no particular evidence that with all your current high-minded talk about reasoned discourse that you won’t regress into “Yo momma” again.

You’re still behaving like a troll. You’re just behaving like a troll that’s aspiring to the moral high ground.
Now, you have a perfect right to troll here, certainly, since it’s not like you came here unprovoked. I’ve got no problems with you being here.
But for some reason guys who want to act like they’re morally superior to people while at the same time engaging in that same behavior they are condemning really get up my nose. Call it a personality flaw on my part.

I don’t know if you genuinely don’t understand what I’m saying to you, or if you just think “All the lurkers agree with me” is clever, but let me try one more time.

People here, and elsewhere, have done what they can do for victims of a crisis that should never have been allowed to become this tragic. They have done it from disgust at the mismanagment, from outrage at the sure knowledge that “this is not the time to play the blame game” will let the people responsible skip away to the next disaster completely unpunished, from shock that part of our country suddenly looks like a third world country, from horror at the suffering of other human beings, and from emotions and motivations I can’t begin to guess at.

The vast majority of them weren’t shamed into it or enticed into it by the offer of your music. It is simply not rational to believe that to be the case. If you think it is, I suggest you check out the statistics on illegal downloading of music and movies.

People who already donated may have then gone on to download your songs. But that’s a different thing, and by suggesting that you are “working together” to help people, you are in effect saying that these people do not react in a human way to a human tragedy unless there’s something in it for them.
Can you understand why that seems like a disrespectful thing to say?

You are also suggesting that anyone who is helping people is doing so because they have set aside a desire to find the responsible parties.
That’s not necessarily the case. I don’t need your cooperation to do what I can for people in need. You don’t need mine. Or at least, you shouldn’t.
And many of us are still very angry that so many lives were lost. Many of us feel that a lot of them needn’t have been lost. Many of us are unwilling to “put aside” that desire for accountability, because we’ve seen this administration in the past, and every time they’ve said “Now is not the time,” what they mean is “there will never *be* a time, because we intend to forget all about it in a week or two”.

And as far as I’m concerned, it is the least respectful thing we can do for the victims, to let the people responsible get away with it. Because they don’t go on to redeem themselves. They get medals, and promotions, and go on to cost more lives.

I’m not actually interested in making common cause with those who think that’s okay.


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