Hey Marie- I Think I’ve Found You a New Columnist

Note to Marie Jon’: I think I’ve found a potential star columnist for you in the comment section of Brad DeLong’s blog (via the Sandwichman, writing at Max Sawicky’s place):

You know, It’s really sad that americans like you are so quick to jump on the bandwagon and start conversations of impeachment when you yourself have no idea what’s actually happening out there. YOUR stupidity rings louder than the actions of the president.

So in other words, Bush’s actions ring more quietly than a piece of writing published on someone’s personal website. And that’s pretty sad, considering he’s the President of the United States and whatnot. You’d think he’d have a wee bit more clout.

Our country has never had to deal with this sort of thing.

Uh, sadly, no?

Hind sight is fifty -fifty.

And the odds that I’ll be able to finish reading this without doing myself irreparable psychological harm are around 20-20.

There are alot of things people could have done to help this city before the hurricane. What Fema and the president is facing is so challeging.

Yeah, didn’t you hear the President say (repeatedly) that “It’s hard work?” Sure, it’d be more effective to have a broken cement mixer running the country, but that gives you no right criticize him!

Above: President Mixer says, “Goddamit, Brownie, I don’t care how much fun you have chatting online with Ukrainian transvestites! Get off your laptop and get those people out of the Convention Center!”

What part of NEW ORLEANS is floodoed do these people not understand.

Because there’s obviously no way for the federal government to enter New Orleans when it’s flooded, despite the fact that FOX News somehow managed to sneak Geraldo in.

And other thing, the people of new orleans need to take responsibilty for there actions in this time of crisis. Instead of worrying about getting out, a lot were making things worse.

Yes, they should have had the foresight to be white and middle class.

And another thing. It’s not about race! I’m tired as a white person being blamed for our behavior toward blacks.

Yeah, we white people have it rough. Not only do we treat black people like shit, but we even have the common decency to feel guilty about it once in a while.

We are all one race that comes from one place.

Wow. That plea for racial harmony was so deep that it inspired me to write a song:

Oh brother, can’t you see we’re all the same race,
And we all come from the same special place,
‘Cause whether you’re from Africa, Europe, America or China,
All of us are children of Mama Earth’s vagina.

It’s touching, I know. OK, let’s wrap this up:

I’m tired of the black organizations caliing all there meetings and making big press releases that only preach about the negativety of our country. If they would get in there and help and work together, they would send out the message to there other fellow blacks and help spread peace.

“And if they don’t, we’ll shoot ’em on sight!”

instead they preach negativity, your going to make those people belive that only negetivity works.
GEt off your ass and help rather than hionder! ASSHOLE.

And there’s no better way to spread the magical power of peace and positive thinking than by calling someone an asshole.

Anyway, Marie, here is the e-mail address the guy left in Professor DeLong’s comments:


I suggest you contact him immediately- you don’t want him getting snatched up by competitor wingnut sites like GOP USA. You can thank me for it later.


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What part of NEW ORLEANS is floodoed do these people not understand.

Well, I can tell you I’m not sure what “floodoed” means.


With an email address like “hdawnmonroe@aol.com”, I’m not sure him is the appropriate pronoun.


Because there’s obviously no way for the federal government to enter New Orleans when it’s flooded, despite the fact that FOX News somehow managed to sneak Geraldo in.

But Geraldo is so inconspicuous! You’re being unfair!

Brad, I still want you to have my baby. My partner says it’s okay. I know you’re all hung up on Marie Jon’ and all, but… Let me know.


wowk i didnt know Geraldo still had a job. And i defintly didnt know “china” rhymes with “vagina”. I just learned two new things : )

see ya
derek j


wow, i didnt know Geraldo still had a job. And i defintly didnt know “china” rhymes with “vagina”. I just learned two new things : )

see ya
derek j


wicked sorry about the double post. Im and f’n retard : (

derek j


Gov. Kathleen Blanco Refused Bush Aid

Though her state has been devastated by Hurricane Katrina and thousands are believed dead in New Orleans, Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco has refused to allow the federal government to take control of evacuation efforts.

“Shortly before midnight Friday, the Bush administration sent her a proposed legal memorandum asking her to request a federal takeover of the evacuation of New Orleans,” the Washington Post reported in Sunday editions. Gov. Blanco’s office rejected the request, the paper said – concerned that such a move would be comparable to a federal declaration of martial law.

The Louisiana Democrat had also failed to use more than a hundred school buses parked near to Superdome to transport stranded citizens who didn’t have to means to obey earlier evacuation orders.

After the 17th Street Levee broke on Tuesday, the buses were rendered usless by rising flood waters.

State and federal officials also told the Post that Gov. Blanco did not reach out to a multi-state mutual aid compact for assistance until Wednesday – more than 24 hours after New Orleans descended into chaos.

PS. Brad & Gavin
Let’s get this straight. I was a Democrat in my late teens. However the Party SUCKS!
I am now a handful at 22 years old! I think the Republicans are a better choice than the Democratic party that lies, steals, plays the race card, plus Bull Fits in way to hurt America ! Babes you both suffer from the lofty delusions of grandeur syndrome!

I know that and you spell correctly and practice perfect grammar, but what does that mean? You both are totally lacking so many good character traits!
A Joke! Yep, I just created a totally incorrect elongated sentence! I LOVE IT! 🙂
I love you both also! Now what are you going to do about that Hmm? I warned you both months ago that opposites attract!

I’ll just have to Marie – atize you both!

Love and kisses
Your Girl WINGNUT,
MJ 🙂
PS. ((((((hugs)))))) Do you feel those hugs?


I don’t know where you found this woman, but she is pure comedy gold.

Honestly, every thing about this woman, down to her bio, is a perfect caricature of…well, I’m not even sure what…except that it is very entertaining.

Thank you, Sadly, No! for bringing Marie Jon’ into my life. I will check her writing on a regular basis, just as I check out The Onion when I need a good belly laugh.

This one was great. It really has it all…


I was actually going to pull a few choice sentences out, but really, you’ve just got to read the whole thing. Each sentence a wonderful, nutty, non-sequitir, leading to this gem of a closing paragraph.

“After five days the National Guard and troops came in to save a people. We cannot think that big government can take care of all Americans. Please give to the Red cross abundantly. The Lord has a better time and a better place. Lets take ourselves there this day in prayer.”

All I can say is, wow….


Sorry Sandy McFuckstick, I hate to inturrupt your drippy little wankathon but the Washington Post issued a retraction to your Gotcha Point.

“A Sept. 4 article on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina incorrectly said that Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D) had not declared a state of emergency. She declared an emergency on Aug. 26.”

Seems that White House Senior Offical lied to them.
I guess I missed the footnote on the 10 Commandments: Though shalt not lie (1) Unless it allows an ignorant Califonia abortion miscarrige to remained wrapped in her candyfloss of self-delusion, in that case fire away Karl, the Baby Jesus loves a good prevarication.


you’re not afraid BLT will bogart your lyrics, are you?


Marie Jon’, you are disingenuous. I admit that ‘disingenuous’ is a word so hard to define that even I, one of the great dictionary thumpers of all time, am unhappy about defining it, but it is definitely the opposite of ‘ingenuous’, which means the same as ‘gullible’, i.e. easily fooled. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that being ‘disingenuous’ is good ; it’s not good, because it means that you are not as gullible as you pretend to be. Now there is nothing less attractive than a beautiful young woman pretending to be stupider than she really is because she thinks it makes her lovable. p.s. maybe Chavez is right and Bush is wrong, in which case you shoulda stayed Catholic. I notice in one of your little autobiogs here you say you converted from what you call ‘cafeteria catholicism’ to seventh day adventism. Maybe if you had checked for some non-‘cafeteria’ catholicism first you woulda thought twice. p.p.s. like the turtleneck.


Well, hell. Now that she’s called Brad a babe and done the “love and kisses” thing, I’m never getting him. Not even for a single night of hot, steamy, improbably procreative but probably creative lusty depravity.

I dunno, though. It must really really suck to know that your fine Christian president used to jam firecrackers up frogs’ asses to watch them explode, you know, for fun. I mean, man. It takes a lot of the lustre off, doesn’t it.
Still, soldier on, Marie. Maybe people won’t remember that part of his legacy. Frankly, after this last week, it’s almost a given.


Gavin, Brad
I’m going to be very blunt with you both. Your Web blog really is not much except for what it possibly represents! You are a reflection of what is crushing America. You are totaling spewing needless poison all over America and even into foreign countries!
There are hundreds of Web blog’s on the Internet like yours. I resent people as you! You are bitching cowards. Now we chat by phone, lets have at it.
I want to understand just what the heck you think you are accomplishing.
I’m not interested in your lack of manner type of e-mailers you think are upsetting me. President Bush is not my relative.
I have a tracker on my Website just as you do. I see all the countries from where your buddies are from. I see Sadly No all over the visiting paths making their way to People Political.
You criticize everyone and everything. It is time you talk to me personally about many things! Why? Because Marie says so!
I did not come to you. You came to me.
Leave a cell phone number !
I am a very pretty female that does not give out here personal phone number. However I can assure you after our conversation you’ll not need be concerned that I’ll be interested in using your phone number again.

One thing I do understand is that bullies and cowards need to be met head on. capiche? If you do not comply, everyone will see the meatballs that you really are!

Do not think that I will ever honor you with my presence ever again if you do not chat!

PS. Read Vincent Fiore He and are very much alike in thought.! Also as petite and delicate as I am I beat the living tar out of a bully in school. She never bothered me ever again! In fact she is a very good friend of mine after I cleaned her clock!


“In fact she is a very good friend of mine after I cleaned her clock!”

What, so now she’s completely cuckoo? It’s funny that you think that sites like these are ‘spewing poison’ into the rest of the world. I’d say bogs like these more accurately reflect the thoughts of the rest of the world. Marie, the only people that think the way you do are a few million people in the US. You’re in a minority.


Leave a cell phone number !Yes, Brad – I definitely think you should give Marie your phone number so she can have her whackjob army call you night and day, not to mention signing you up for lots of telemarketing calls and having pizzas delivered to your house.


Marie, I have a tip for you which I found via a blog called “lenin’s tomb”: Nagin said late Saturday (i.e. Aug 27) that he’s having his legal staff look into whether he can order a mandatory evacuation of the city, a step he’s been hesitant to do because of potential liability on the part of the city for closing hotels and other businesses. (Times-Pic., Sunday, August 28, 2005)


p.s. I like Mark Fiore better than Vincent Fiore


Marie, we appreciate the hugs, even though you took them back a few minutes later and said we were destroying America. You and Dr. BLT are our two favorite trolls 🙂


Marie Jon’ is twenty-two whole years old? Almost twenty-three, even, I bet.

That explains a great deal.

While not all young people are stupid, stupid young people are a breed unto themselves.

Unfortunately, behavior like this indicates she’ll probably grow to resemble ever more closely the cognitive skills of a microcephalic as she ages.

Here’s hoping she marries soon.


That last Marie Jon’ comment HAS to be a parody.


Be afraid, boys, she sounds like a real bunny boiler’.


Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Great Idea!!:

Celebrity Topless Jello-Wrestling Cat Fight! D. Sidhe vs.Marie Jon’!!!

Winner gets Brad to have her baby! Proceeds go to Red Cross!

Start lining up for your tickets now, folks!


“Do not think that I will ever honor you with my presence ever again if you do not chat!”

And the check is in the mail, I swear I thought she was 18 and I won’t come in your mouth.

Promises, promises!


Like I said earlier…

Comedy Gold. You couldn’t create a character like Marie Jon’ if you tried.

Or, maybe you could, who knows?

Maybe she’s actually a 48 year-old liberal hippie dude out of Marin County just having a bit of fun with an alter ego on the web. That must be it.


“Hind sight is fifty-fifty”???


Hmm………a S,N! chatroom might not be a bad idea. Then MJ can fulfill her fantasy of real time interaction with the whole S,N! crew all at once – and we can all watch.


I’m not sure I want to watch someone tossing her word salad.


That last comment didn’t sound real, but who knows. All I know is that Marie apparently still hasn’t answered my WHAT WOULD JESUS DO question.


So, when is MJ going to respond to Onager’s point, that the Newsmax story MJ cites is based on a WaPo story that has since been corrected?

The NewsMax story still stands uncorrected, of course. Whenever people base their opinions on notoriously unreliable sources like Drudge and NewsMax, you know that they’re not really interested in the truth.


Thank goodness Marie is here to enlighten us on who is really at fault for Katrina and the failed emergency response and the deaths of thousands of people:

The land developers who have damaged protective wetlands over decades? Sadly, No!
The industrial polluters and greenhouse gas producers who have contributed to glopbal warming and the recent increase in Gulf temperatures? Sadly, no!
The politicians who cut funding for levee repair and upgrade projects because they had “other priorities”? Sadly, No!
The Pentagon officials who decided to run the Iraq War “on the cheap” and had to pull thousands of National Guardsmen and tons of their equipment out of the region indefinitely? Sadly, No!
The bureaucrats in FEMA who ignored local and state requests for emegency aid, turned away offered help from other agencies, other countries, comapnies, and individual volunteers, and remained mind-bogglingly ignorant of the situation on the ground (on MONDAY AFTERNOON, I told a co-worker that I’d just hear the Jefferson Street levee had broken, and FEMA didn’t know until late TUESDAY!!!)? Sadly, No!
The system of political patronage and cronyism that has for the past 5 years stuffed the cabinet and top White House aide positions with incompetant, unqualified, unintelligent, and unimaginative people simply because they were loyal campaign staffers, college roommates, and limo drivers for the folks who make the decisions? Sadly, No!
The amazing lack of foresight that led the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, White House communications director, deputy counsel for FEMA, and scores of mid-level aides to ALL TAKE VACATION AT THE SAME TIME during what was predicted to be one of the worst hurricane seasons in years? Sadly, No!
The unbelievable lack of concern, compassion, and consideration that let ALL of these people STAY ON VACATION when Katrina hit Florida several days before making landfall in Louisiana? Sadly, No!
The ridiculous lack of coordination and cooperation that caused petulant and petty bickering over who was in charge where and when? Sadly, no!
The criminally negligent decision to devote resources to press management and photo opportunities so that it “apppeared” things were getting done rather than devote those same resources to actually doing things? Sadly, No!
The snarky, cynical comic stylings of Brad, Gavin, and Seb on a blog with a daily hit count that may well turn out to be lower than the final death count from this tragedy? Sadly, YES!


(Sorry I stole your schtick. Also sorry the post was that long–didn’t realize it was that long in the tiny little comment box.)


The snarky, cynical comic stylings of Brad, Gavin, and Seb on a blog with a daily hit count that may well turn out to be lower than the final death count from this tragedy? Sadly, YES!

Way to run it in 😉


You know what? I wasnt going to do this but if shes gonna come here and blather on like the queen of shit mountain, all bets are off.
Here is her latest email to me (my reply is the topmost part, and try to picture her words in 92 point, bold pink font, with rediculous animations moving around everywhere like it was an anglefire site or something

Nice to hear from you again Marie, Although your Pat Robertson-esque assassination attempt through email was not so nice. I had 3 seizures trying to read this thing and when my dog saw it, he started doing the funky chicken and jumped out a window.

Anyway allow me to take this point by point:

“I can see that you as a person have absolutely no reasoning skills. You wish to continue the silly sad far left extremist talking points.”

Ummm… I don’t remember any talking points, but let’s let the numbers speak for themselves.
Number of questions I have asked you in our correspondence:7 or more
Number Of questions you totally dodged:6 and 1/2… sorta. (I’ll guess i’ll give you the one about global warming, because I know how hard it is for allot of christian fundies to accept science fact, if you forgot the questions, I’ll include them below)
Number of spelling errors or word confusions in last email:4
Number of Grammatical and punctuation errors: I think you just broke my spell-check (number uncountable)
Different kind of “ethnic” friends marie has: 4(though I still believe they’re imaginary.)
Number of totally ridiculous, mind-twisting animated gifs that an over-excited 14 year old AIM addict wouldn’t even use:24 or maybe a couple more (it’s hard to count when there’s nothing but crazy stickmen with their fucking heads on fire running around in your “oh-so logical” email.
Number of days the victims of Katrina were left on their own to wallow in their chemical shitbath:5
Number of days it would have taken if that happened in Kennebunkport: 1

“I answer and you continue a Kook Aid mind set that NO one can Satisfy. ”

Boy oh boy do I love my Kook Aid mindset. Whatever the fuck that means. And no you haven’t answered anything (see above and below)

“The e-mal STOPS NOW. ” (first instance of flaming stickman.gif)

This could mean one of two things, either you intended to stop writing the email at that point and your spastic arm flailings are why there’s still more email to read, (which would explain the random pictures after that) or you’ve started some sort of crusade against an online store called the E-mall. Either way it’s retarded. Honestly how can you write this crap without losing your attention span and eating the keys, one by one from your keyboard. You write a column? A legible one?

Americans like you and those of the Democratic Party have become totally useless AS WELL AS DANGERIOUS FOR MYSELF AND OTHER GOOD citizen OF AMERICA.

Sorry for ruining everything for you and the other good citizen. I’m sure you will find solace together as the last to whackos that believe this shite.


This would be offensive if it weren’t so funny. Ah, ya got me pegged, I’m a terrorist, lock me up in gitmo and don’t give me my rights, strip me naked and point at me, attach electrodes to my nuts!

I took your advice and called up my good friend terrorist Akbar, We talked allot about how liberals are helping their cause with dissent and then we watched a movie, played a little soul caliber (I was working my way up to the hug, but I’m allways so shy around mujahadeen)


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. *wipes tear* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…. oh shit…. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
That was priceless.

“YOU ARE USELESS TO ME AND AMERICA!Dangerously Stupidly – uninformed outspoken , ALJAZEERA.COM Democrats!”

What was that talking points thing you said again?

“I love my lord and God, that means that I know no greed or color. ”

Oh ok i get it, you see if you believe in god, that automatically precludes you from being a odious racist… hey, wait a second. (I’ve also noticed you stopped calling me racist. Did I strike a chord with that projection stuff?)

“That’s your own problem MEATBALL!”

My own problem is that you love god? Meatball? Are you having some sort of rapture induced stroke or something? You must be confused, a meatball is that you get left over when you shoot an iraqi civilian with depleted uranium rounds.(New-age Nuclear warfare the US is involved in, I know you don’t believe in that radiation crap but try to bear with me)


So when you see a toddler having a tantrum at the supermarket do you writhe around on the ground petulantly with him? Actually don’t answer that. At least you got the first 5 words in that sentence right. *Applause*

Oh and don’t send me links to other useless garbage, I know it’s impossible but try to defend your bass-ackwards views with your own (mangled) words.

I bet your fellow “columnists” on your piddly little site would be ashamed to know that this is what passes for intelligent discourse with you.

I sure hope you have the guts to respond to this.

From: MarieMarie22@aol.com
To: timmah420@hotmail.com
Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005 11:13:50 EDT

I can see that you as a person have absolutely no reasoning skills. You wish to continue the silly sad far left extremist talking points. I answer and you continue a Kook Aid mind set that NO one can Satisfy. The e-mal STOPS NOW. Here is my Marie advice to you. Go look in the minor and see just who is the problem.

Americans like you and those of the Democratic Party have become totally useless AS WELL AS DANGERIOUS FOR MYSELF AND OTHER GOOD citizen OF AMERICA. GO HUG A Terrorist ! To ME You PROBALLY ARE ONE YOURSELF!

YOU ARE USELESS TO ME AND AMERICA!Dangerously Stupidly – uninformed outspoken , ALJAZEERA.COM Democrats!

I love my lord and God, that means that I know no greed or color. That’s your own problem MEATBALL!
“A Reformed Anti-War Socialist”
with Steve Beren
“Unholy Alliance”
with David Horowitz
Dr. Berger’s statement
“In Their Own Words”


btw the part with the 2 quotes and me laughing my ass off are the 27 animations in a row


You too, Timmah!

I see you got the same “intelligent discourse” that I have. It’s amazing that her idea of being smart and funny(??!??!) is the same as that of a 5 year old. I’m surprised she didn’t call you a big “patootie-head”…


Well, hell, Karl. Now you tell me. Last month, I could have smothered Marie in a topless Jell-O fight. This month, not a chance. If I’d have known that was what the people wanted, I’d have put the whole thing off another month.
Well, maybe not. Sixteen thousand dollars’ worth of less back-and-shoulder pain is nothing to sneeze at.

I think Marie’s just been letting all that moral outrage fester for years, since she realized that she had no Godly choice but to vote for the guy who used to brand the naked buttocks of frat pledges with a hot wire coat hanger.
It’s no wonder she’s so angry.


On the “Message From Marie” portion of her website, Marie signs off:

“Thank you. Founder of People Political Website, Marie, known as Pretty Proud USA.”

Um, surely “Pretty Proud USA” is not *her* nickname. (Oh, please, say it is, say it IS!!). Also, I LOVED that she provided a link to the “Traitor’s Tour” on this jewel of a website that is chock full o’ cretins:


P.S. I just discovered sadlyno.com a few days ago and am enjoying it immensely and have passed it on to a plethora of folks. Thanks!

Mr. GregH, M.S., P.E.

Yes, prettyproundusa is one of Marie”s many pseudnyms.

Brad/Gavin/Seb/Jeff I’d be willing to pitch in a few bucks to buy you guys a prepaid cell phone so that you could give Marie your number if you promise to post the trasncripts to the interwebs.


Greg, so what’s your engineering speciality (I am an unemployed NucE)??

While I am just a lowly commenter on this site (I am far far below Brad/Gavin/Seb) It does seem that our very own Marie Jon’ made me her own.

Anyway, with that said, and as much as I think I’d enjoy a phone conversation with her, the last thing I need is some psycho hussy harrassing me all the time after I put her in her place (and, for the record, that is not the kitchen, rather the trash heap of bad ideology). Besides this is not the time for gloating, this is the time for calling those people who thought W. could do no wrong, imbeciles.


When I called her ‘disingenuous’, I think it released her inner demons. She hasn’t yet come up with a response to “There are few things less attractive than a beautiful woman pretending to be stupider than she really is because she thinks it makes her more lovable.” My email addy is easy to find Marie.


“…plus Bull Fits in way to hurt America !”

I truly and honestly have no idea what our sweet, dear girl is trying to say here.

Do any of you guys think maybe she’s a robot? I mean, not a really advanced robot or something, but some sort of artificial ‘intelligence”” that went horribly wrong, escaped, had its core processing units replaced with a database of WorldNetDaily columns, and began rampaging on the internets, seeking out the leaders of tomorrow to try and seduce them only to destroy them and ultimately secure the rise of the machines?

Just sayin’ is all.


“seeking out the leaders of tomorrow to try and seduce them” is kinda flattering, I’m up for that.


Wow. As bad around here as those meatheads at DU.
Give this girl Marie Jon a break. She is rough around the edges, true; but she has courage to post-up.

Like your left-wing zealots are any better in your practiced theology, which is the politics of power. If any of you came within 10 feet of a bible, one of two things would happen:
-Dean would come down from the DNC mountain top and slap the socialism out of you,
-you might actually pick it up and read it.

Just a thought, all you massive brains at Sadly, No!


“Remember a September Day Like No Other and Urge Roger Ailes to Remind Americans Why We Have the Patriot Act.”

By Marie Jon’

Given Congress’ shameless failure to extend for more than a few weeks key provisions of The Patriot Act, as initially urged by President Bush, before it adjourned this month, it is useful to recall that not all the heartbreaking scenes of death and destruction filmed on that horrendous day known as September 11, 2001 were ever shown to the American public. And to demand that the news media show us the entire footage depicting how so many lives were taken in a cruel and cowardly fashion.

The biased alphabet networks that constantly undermine America’s efforts in the War on Terror (ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC) are unlikely to do that. But Fox, the “fair and balanced” network, may do so with some encouragement. So, I urge you, please join me in asking Roger Ailes of Fox News to have Fox News do a special on the need to renew those soon-to-expire provisions, by emailing a copy of this article to Mr. Ailes at Roger.Ailes@foxnews.com. together with your own words of urgency and encouragement!

“The Patriot Act has earned an undeserved stigma, which has allowed it to become the catchall for any government nuisance or useless bureaucracy, most of which are untrue or unrelated to the act.

“As such, it is important to know that much of what the Patriot Act does is to add ‘and terrorism’ to existing criminal and intelligence-gathering statutes, ones like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which serves to delicately balance civil rights protections with intelligence-gathering capabilities.

“However, the irony over recent criticism of the president authorizing domestic wiretapping by the National Security Agency is remarkable. Democrats have criticized President Bush for not working within the existing legal framework while simultaneously working to eliminate part of that framework by filibustering the reauthorization of the Patriot Act.” Full Article Jim Winston

September of 2001 came quietly as months often do. Terrorists had come here to rob Americans of their feeling of safety by acting violently and bringing thousands of deaths in mere minutes in America’s premier city and at the Pentagon, America’s military headquarters, and, but for the bravery of the passengers of one hijacked airplane, America’s national capitol. The horrible attack shocked the world. The devastation was shocking and horrifying, but NOT intimidating or insurmountable. Our minds could hardly grasp what our eyes were witnessing on television news, with devastating scenes repeated again and again. Those who lived in the affected areas were left dumfounded, yet heroism was not scarce. Fear turned into action to save a multitude, and to make certain that those who had died had not died uselessly.

On October 24, 2001, forty-three days after a catastrophic attack on the United States, Congress passed what it called “the ‘Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001′” in order “[t]o deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes.” Americans simply refer to it as the Patriot Act.

Congress was not fooling around. It made a series of legislative changes that significantly increased the surveillance and investigative powers of law enforcement. Section 2 specified that the Act “shall be construed so as to give it the maximum effect permitted by law.”

After September 11, 2001, the Bush Administration quickly made many important proposals to make it easier for America to protect itself from terrorist attack. But the Democrats then controlled the United States Senate and Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, worked to weaken the law that ultimately would be passed. But Attorney General (and former Governor and United States Senator) John Ashcroft tellingly warned that further terrorist acts were imminent, and that Congress could be to blame for such attacks if it failed to act expeditiously. So the final bill was much stronger than Senator Leahy wanted. Then Senate Majority Leader Thomas Daschle, Democrat from South Dakota, had sought unanimous consent to pass the proposal without debate or amendment, and only one Senator, Russ Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin, had objected. Minor changes were made in the House, which passed the bill 357 to 66. The Senate and House versions were quickly reconciled, and the Act was signed into law on October 26, 2001.

The Act contains a sunset provision terminating several of the amendments enhancing electronic surveillance authority on December 31, 2005. The War on Terror continues, so the Bush Administration is seeking to continue those provisions. But America’s leftists, led by The New York Times, want those provisions to die, fearing the Bush Administration more than the terrorists, and seeming to forget the lesson learned on September 11, 2001 at a cost of some 3,000 innocent lives, not to mention the property damage and the horrendous effect on the survivors, particularly the families of the dead, and America’s economy.

A few weeks after Congress reconvenes early next year, it needs to renew the soon-to-expire provisions of the Patriot Act that a filibuster by a willful minority of mostly leftist Democrats and liberal Republicans blocked.

There is a critical need for all patriotic Americans to understand fully the enemies we are facing, both abroad and at home. Many of us have become complacent and forgetful instead of continuing to remember a September day not all that long ago that was Pearl Harbor for Americans alive on that day and forgotten at our grave peril.

In retrospect, the sanitization of that sad September day was a bad judgment call. We must not hide the truth that was witnessed by those who were on the scene that tragic day. Those unseen footages, held hostage by our own media, could serve as a much needed teaching tool and thereby pave the way for renewal of those soon-to-expire provisions crucial to our safety and a better future not only for America, but for the cause of freedom, democracy and peace around the world. All Americans have a need to know, not just the few chosen to serve on the on the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (better known as the 9-11 Commission).

If we as a nation wish to continue to remain free from further attacks, we must revisit that day in its horrifying fullness and reabsorb September 11th of 2001. In viewing all the innocent victims, we can fully understand the need for the Patriot Act . The stark reality would bring back the will to fight a war on terror. The lies about the Patriot Act would dissipate, and those who try to deceive us would hold no favor.

It was on September 11, 2001 that America was thrust into a new era that would no longer allow us to simply put a yellow crime tape around an act of violent terrorism. Those moments captured on film and hidden away show all the fear, bewilderment, and dismaying shock that many are too willing to forget. To recapture those feelings, we must rekindle a resounding resolution never to forget those who were victimized on that day. In reality, we were all victimized on that day. Our enemies have not changed their wicked unfulfilled agenda. They are more than willing to do physical harm all over again. The unforgivable deeds perpetrated on our homeland must be seen over and over again, lest we forget to keep America strong and secured.

Law-abiding Americans need not fear the laws written to protect them. Terrorists and their aiders and abetters do. A willful minority of legislators must cease and desist from playing with our very lives. We have been spared and shown mercy by a vigilant watch and a president who has carefully executed his duties and secured the passage of the Patriot Act.
Webcast – President Urges Senate to Reauthorize Patriot Act and :Pass Defense Bill

Again, I urge you: please join me in asking Roger Ailes of Fox News to have Fox News do a special on the need to renew those soon-to-expire provisions, by emailing a copy of this article to Mr. Ailes at Roger.Ailes@foxnews.com. together with your own words of urgency and encouragement!

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President Clinton Administration Secret Search On Americans – Without Court Order

President Carter Executive Order- Electronic Surveillance Without Court Order http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/eo/eo-12949.htm

Bill Clinton Signed Executive Order that allowed Attorney

General to do searches without court approval

Clinton, February 9, 1995: “The Attorney General is authorized to approve physical searches, without a court order”

– WASH POST, July 15, 1994: http://nationalreview.com/york/york200512200946.asp Extend not only to searches of the homes of U.S. citizens but also — in the delicate words of a Justice Department official — to “places where you wouldn’t find or would be unlikely to find information involving a U.S. citizen… would allow the government to use classified electronic surveillance techniques, such as infrared sensors to observe people inside their homes, without a court order.”

Deputy Attorney General Jamie S. Gorelick, the Clinton administration believes the president “has inherent authority to conduct warrantless searches for foreign intelligence purposes.”

Secret searches and wiretaps of Aldrich Ames’ office and home in June and October 1993, both without a federal warrant.

Jimmy Carter Signed Executive Order on May 23, 1979:

“Attorney General is authorized to approve electronic surveillance to acquire foreign intelligence information without a court order.”




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