Bush is in Deep Shit

He’s even lost The General:

I hate that son of a bitch in the White House and everyone who supports him. He doesn’t represent me. He’s the embodiment of America’s darkest side…

And yes, my Inner Frenchman just kicked the shit out of the General for supporting that fascist fuck in the White House. The General should recover in a few hours.


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I wonder what is going to happen to Bush’s approval ratings over the next week or so as the confirmed number of dead rises from the hundreds to the thousands.


I remember reading that 90% of those who took the survey at CNN.com disapproved of the way this was handled, and as the writer of the blurb about it said, this was with LGFers and Karl Rove interns furiously trying to skew the results.

Also, Jillian, I wonder if we’ll ever get an accurate body count, or if that will be another fiddled-with number in this administration.


Considering that the Potemkin nature of the “relief efforts” that are following Bush’s Great Disaster Tour 2005 around the Gulf coast are getting missed by most of our media, I won’t be holding my breath.

Granted, outfits like CNN seem like they’re finally starting to get over the worst of the speech impediement they’ve gotten from trying to talk around the mouthful of WH spokesmen dick they’ve been choking on since who knows when. But I suppose one can only do so much to recover from a decade or two of utter incompetence in one week.

Hopefully within another few years we’ll have something resembling a competent media presence in this country.


If things are so bad that the General allowed his Inner Frenchman to take over like that, then my God, things must be horrid indeed!


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