And then, what about all the stuffed animals…!?

Ol’ Sissy Willis at Sisu, the rightbloggers’ answer to the designy lifestyle publication, has once again been hypnotized by the shiny, beaten-brass dangly-thing at the end of her pentatonic wind chimes.

Rebuild, perhaps, but can we — will politics allow us to — learn from our mistakes? Hurricanes will always taunt the Gulf coast, and the Mississippi will rise every spring. If we would rebuild New Orleans, we must listen to the living history of natural systems. Or maybe we should listen to blogfriend Richard Lawrence Cohen, who paints a vision of New Orleans, 2025. Simulated reality trumps reality, and his future tourist, a youngster traveling with his family, takes it all in stride:

This is the greatest city! Our hotel room is on the 40th floor, right on Bourbon Street, and I can look down over the whole French Quarter and see what?s going on without even going down there. We have in-room VR, so this morning I put on the helmet and there I was, back in old New Orleans the way it was before this flood or something that they had about twenty years ago. It was okay, but it was small and dirty and nothing much interesting was happening, just a lot of people eating seafood and getting drunk and watching other people take off their clothes

We think Richard’s definitely onto something. They’ve already got stuff like that at the Grand Canyon, where most tourists just say no to the real-life adventure and relative discomfort of a muleride to the bottom, opting instead for the wide-screen video version in air-conditioned, couch-potato comfort at the top.

Good thinking! Meanwhile, let’s save all the puppies and kitties.

We see that our cod-Southern-belle friends at the Cotillion are also involved. Sorry gals, but we’re still on nigger rescue at the moment. A few tens of thousands of Americans, you know. But maybe there’s an attractive young white woman in there somewhere whose safety is more important to certain people than that of a housepet. We’re just thinking out loud here.


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Makes me sick how people are patting themselves on the backs right now about saving a few cats and dogs (don’t get me wrong that’s a noble cause) but there are untold numbers of poor, mostly black people dying of hunger and dehydration and preventible disease with no help in sight.
This whole thing just makes me so mad I can’t see straight. They’re treating this like some sort of goddam sideshow story of the week on CNN. The fucking MAYOR is begging for help. What continent am I living in?


There’s seafood, alcohol and people taking their clothes off at the Grand Canyon?


Calling all pretty white girls! Your country needs you!

…no fats, fems, swarthies or wide-bottoms. Sorry, gals.


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