Have a Laugh at Marie’s Expense… And Then Donate

Here’s a neat graphic from PeoplePolitical:


The above graphic links to a story called “It Is Not Safe in New Orleans.” I’m not sure how the “Able Danger” conspiracy theory relates to the hurricane, but we’ll forgive Marie, because she also links to the Red Cross donations page.

So por favor, donate. It may not give you the same immediate gratification as buying a PeoplePolitical classic thong, but it’s better for the soul.


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Mr. GregH, M.S., P.E.

It’s funny I looked at that earlier today and didn’t even notice the picture but rather the spelling error: revaled. That’s why you guys make the big bucks I guess.


The spelling error… I didn’t even notice that. Nice work 🙂

I was probably too floored (and drunk, right now) by the Able Danger/Katrina connection to notice 🙂


It’s just ”abdominal” that they’d misspell ”revealed.”

(Rats. I made extra-special certain to use double apostrophes rather than quotation marks in the above sentence, in honor of our gal Marie. But in the preview, they look like regular old quotation marks. Pretend, okay?)


Did anyone see right below that the article titled

Katrina Was Not
Always An Abdominal Name

Well, they’ve got one thing right. I’ve always called my abdomen “Clarice.”

And, coincidently, Pat Robertson’s penis is called Marie Jon’!


At first I thought it read “reva’ed” or maybe “reva!ed” but then I realized that it was simply a case of Marie Jon’ and her “down home” spellin’

At least we keep getting evidence that William Safire’s job is secure (for better or worse, he does do a good job discussing grammar).

I’m still waiting for Marie Jon’ to team up with Dr BLT to write those killer rightwing folk songs we all so desperately want to hear.


I’m still waiting for Marie Jon’ to team up with Dr BLT to write those killer rightwing folk songs we all so desperately want to hear.

I dunno. At least Bob Roberts could sing…


well, she’s changed “Able Danger Revaled” now, but “Katrina Was Not Always An Abdominal Name” is still there. I dunno if she means to imply ‘visceral’ or ‘abominable’.

If you follow the links along you find an interesting row with the Wash Post about a columnist “making excuses for looters”.


BTW speaking of relief donations, I don’t know the financial situations of anyone who reads here, but I’m not that well off. I heard that some relief agencies, though, can provide food and water for a family of 4 for only $3. So any little bit you can give will actually help. Imagine if everyone in the country would just give $5. That would help so much.


Go figure this one: our county is “hostin” some of the folks who actually evacuated before the storm. Their kids even started at our schools today. Now the powers that be (County?, Idiot County Judge?)are asking the community for volunteers. Volunteers to help clean up!

Don’t get me wrong, my heart goes out to these people, but I say we have a new rule. “We’ll give you lunch after your space is clean.”


D. Sidhe: I have to give you credit for doing your homework on me:
Another Bob Roberts? by Andrew Alexander

The problem is, they said Bob Dylan couldn’t sing either. Oh, no! Now you’ll saw I’ve arrogantly put myself on his level. It that’s the case, you’ve obviously never heard my self-ridiculing, Right-wing Bob Dylan? song. Don’t bother to look it up at http://www.drblt.com/freesong.htm either, because it’s not up on my Free MP3 Jukebox yet. There is one addition to the family however, that I’d like to introduce to you. It’s now available for your listening displeasure, and I’m hoping to also use it, like the last one, to raise money for hurricane victims. This one is my slightly lyrically altered post-Katrina cover of Steve Goodman’s The City of New Orleans. The direct link to that one is: http://www.drblt.com/CITYofNOL.mp3

If anyone wants to hear this song, it’ll cost you a donation to victims through your favorite charity. Once again, it’s on the honor system. Once again, for a price, you can hear the song, but please don’t download this one just yet. I’m still trying to get a hold of Steve Goodman’s people to get permission to give you folks permission to download it. I know some of you folks are big shots, so if anyone can connect me to Goodman’s people to make this happen, let me know. Of course, you’ve all injected enough of the cyanide of cynicism into my brain veins that I’m thinking you’ll all say I’ve single-handedly destroyed the song. But cynicism has a survival function. Knowing your predilection for pounding each piece I release, gives me protection ahead of time. I lower my expectations. So bring on the ridicule, the profanity, the suspicion of my motives, whatever bad medicine you plan to prescribe for the doc. Just keep giving to the victims. Don’t worry about me. I’ve protected myself with your gratuituous gift of cynicism.



You’ll deal with this Italian if you ever have the balls enough to give me a phone number! YOU ARE afraid OF MARIE! 🙂



Uh-huh. Because it’s not like you’ve ever made absurd mistakes before…


Awww……..she’s fixed it, but it’s still on the Google cache. Google never forgets.

How do people this stupid even manage to breathe?

Dude, she wants your phone number. You know what that means – she’s gonna drunk dial you! While she’s wearing her PP thong, too, I bet.


Dr Hold The Mayo: *Why* would I bother to do research on you? Honest to God, you dork. I made a one liner about a Tim Robbins movie, okay, not an article by some dude I’ve never heard of.

To be perfectly frank, I can’t be bothered to download your music or even read your lyrics other than what’s been quoted here. What I’ve seen, buddy, don’t flatter yourself with the Dylan comparison, either. Dylan can write.

And don’t flatter yourself about the donations, either. The people here donate because they give a damn about people who are suffering, and maybe also because the shit Marie Jon’ is spewing makes them disgusted enough to ding the credit cards a little harder, not because you’ve come along and cajoled them into it.

Do you ever just stand in front of the full length mirror with a hothouse cucumber in front of your dick and pretend it’s really that big? How do you also find the time to loiter here? And doesn’t it seem like the payoff’s better in front of the mirror?


I’m thinking you’ll all say I’ve single-handedly destroyed the songYou flatter yourself, Doc. That song swatted you away like a gnat.


The miserable mayor as well as the governor of New Orleans should to be held accountable for willful neglect of the people we have seen for days suffering! A class action law suit
The race card will loses ! This Bull Fit going on with the drug dealing ala caught on tape- Al Sharpton along with the lack of morals liar Jesse Jackson who never was a pastor of any church stood ready to STEAL the LEADERSHIP of the Civil Rights movement from a Ralph David Abernathy. Abernathy was the real right hand man of Martin Luther King! Jesse ran and smeared Martin Luther’s blood all over himself and went before the cameras and a STAR for the LEFT way BORN!
I’ll see just what I personally can do to bring this up with special friends in Texas. 🙂
Jackson Blasts Bush Over Katrina Aid

The Associated Press
Friday, September 2, 2005; 3:48 PM

BATON ROUGE, La. — Racism is partly to blame for the deadly aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, calling President Bush’s response to the disaster “incompetent.”

“Today, as the President comes to Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi for his ceremonial trip to look at the victims of the devastation, he would do well to have a plan more significant than a ceremonial tour,” Jackson said Friday.


Sidhe, if you haven’t bothered to read my lyrics, if you haven’t bothered to download my songs, and listen to them, if you haven’t bothered to do your research, then what the heck are you talking about, and why are you talking in the first place? You speak from a position of ignorance, and you’re making yourself look like a real idiot. Why should anyone take you seriously? Furthermore, your vulgarity speaks volumes and further discredits you. You sound more like an adolescent bully on the playground trying to impress his friends with his foul mouth than someone who even deserves to receive a thoughtful reply. Is there anyone out there, (besides Gavin, and the good father), who actually cares to engage in some dialogue that goes beyond infantile insults, adolescent crudity and abysmal ignorance? I really should just ignore the rest of you. Why even waste my words trying to discredit you when you do such a great job of discrediting yourselves?


Speaking of Right Wing Bob Dylan, check out the article at: http://weeklystandard.com/Content/Protected/Articles/000/000/012/727xwxao.asp?pg=1 —– as well as http://www.rightwingbob.com.

I’ve already reached a few conclusions, below ….

“Right Wing Bob� is a never-ending string of deception and in the end a total joke.

Sean says Bob Dylan doesn’t belong to the Left but rather to us ALL then gradually revises that thinking, eventually claiming that Bob Dylan somehow belongs to ALL of us … minus the Left. While Sean flatly states that Dylan can “ultimately make more sense to an average modern American conservative as opposed to a committed leftist� he also reminds us that Dylan’s work is simultaneously “beyond politics or ideology.�


Sean says it’s a shame when people fall into a trap of becoming more loyal to the ideology (or the person who represents it) rather than the pursuit of truth. Not only has Sean implicated himself but he also tries to convince us that “Bob Dylan thinks so, too� when it comes to Sean’s own agenda. Just look at the “sidebar� structure of his website including the approved links … let alone his title, which would otherwise read “Right Wing Sean� instead of “Right Wing Bob.� And all the while Sean professes that “I don’t try to speak for Bob Dylan.�


A crux of Sean’s claims on Dylan is that Dylan never – NOT ONCE – spoke out against the Vietnam War. That’s an outright lie. Dylan at one time pointedly told an Australian reporter that the Vietnam War was “ridiculous� and it doesn’t take much of a Dylan fan to know that he’s done so in song, too (“Tombstone Blues� being a shining example). Sean would have us believe that back then Dylan (of all people) either wasn’t in tune with his environments or didn’t care thus giving his own personal “green light� to the war. And while noting that Dylan wasn’t/isn’t necessarily anti-war but did/does have a problem with the “military-industrial� mentality, Sean conveniently forgets that Vietnam was just that, a “military-industrial� thing.

Simply the fact that Sean seeks the soft pillow of Bob Dylan into which he can tuck his views is suspicious, implying an underlying deep guilt about his self-serving, ignorant attitude towards the paths his country has taken and the history that has shaped those decisions.

Meaning that Sean “picks & chooses� to fit his preconceived notions (or should I say, wishful thinking) about Bob Dylan. Granted, Dylan’s lyrics allow for the proverbial “reading between the lines� but when that space between the lines becomes bigger than the lines themselves, look out below!

Sean’s desperation in transforming Bob Dylan into an ultra-right conservative to satisfy his friends means this: It’s time for some new friends. But he should be easily able to work that in while he “Gets a Life� (in lieu of playing “Right Wing Bob,� that is).

I tried contacting Sean about some of these issues but methinks Whimpy is out paying for last Tuesday’s hamburger.


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