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Love is in the air:

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of stupid people parroting stupid buzz words. There are too many to list all of them here, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to try. I propose that we all agree, here and now, to strike these words and phrases from our collective for the betterment of humanity, and the improvement of my blood pressure. Thank you.

Blog: The word “blog” is literally shorthand for “boring;” a vulgar, overused word that strikes your ear with the dull thud of a cudgel to the soft spot of a child. […]

It’s an unspoken rule that every blog must use the same layout as every other blog: long, slender columns of annoyingly condensed text, thousands of links to other blogs, plugs for shitty political books, and more links to yet more blogs:

Hooray! Plenty more where that came from.

(“Thanks” to Scooby for the link.)


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Maddox has provided me with much amusement the past few years. What I love most about this particular essay is the irony. Look back over his site and you’ll see Maddox was blogging years before the word existed.


Since we are talking about blogs… I don’t think his site is a really a blog because he works on things forever, as opposed to most blogs where people put out something fairly quickly and without much work.

It makes sense that he actually takes his time when he makes a new page because I doubt there is any automation so it must be a hassle to update the main page and create new ones. Maddox is more like the world’s longest running homepage (though he doesn’t make the distinction).


Blog: The word “blog” is literally shorthand for “boring

No, it’s really not “literally shorthand for boring” at all.


WARNING: Do not attempt to take Maddox seriously. It can only end in tears.


Why the hell is ‘literally’ in that sentence at all?


I thought blog was what Count Dracula would use to keep a diary. Blah! I drink your blahd! I write my blohg! Blah.


Fuck Maddox.


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