I know it’s hard to believe, but…

Instapundit: Good for something.

Katrina relief info here.

The wingnutosphere is doing a flood-aid blogburst tomorrow, and as long as they stick to stuff like that, we might all be pals around here.

The black people are looting, looting, looting!

Well, maybe not pals, exactly. But we won’t call Michelle that special name until things are brought at least somewhat under control in the Gulf.

Also, since it’s Ecumenical-nice Day around here, Jude Wanniski, of supply-side fame, was one of the first conservative solons to speak against the war. A principled conservative: R.I.P., August 29, ’05.

We certainly aren’t what you’d usually call joiners, but ever since Blog Like A Conservative Day we’ve felt a special warmth for our right-wing bretheren and sistern. And not just in our pants! Watch the world turn backwards and upside down as S,N! joins the conserv-o-blog flood-aid blogburst.

And will they remember this later, when we’re scuffling over a fireplace poker trying to bash each other’s skulls in? We hope so, because that might slow them down long enough to grab the poker. Hmm.


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I’m pretty sure Malkin is making the face that the horned frog makes right before it shoots venom from its eyes.


We should all be pulling together behind the president. Now watch this drive.


Malkin = El Chupacabra…


Gavin, please, as a personal request of a friend…

Please stop putting pictures up of Michelle Magalagadingdong! I have about as much refluxive tolerance of her as I do Anne “I’m a slut, but I’m still better than you because I toe the Christan slut line” Coulter. I like to read without puking, and the words of these wingnuts is hard enough to take….


Antiwar.com is your friend…libertarians and Republicans against stupid bullshite like Iraq.

RIP Mr Wanniski…


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