Best NOLA information and reports:

The entries and (equally) comments at Metroblogging have the best up-to-date reports on New Orleans.

The broadcast media has been using old footage and routinizing the disaster to fit the template of a standard Florida-style hurricane story. But it seems much worse than that: The city is effectively in chaos, with no end in sight. The best media source is the Times-Picayune, the entire staff of which is now ‘at large’ (the paper is in temporary offices, publishing only its online edition).

But the scarcity of hard information from New Orleans is startling. Most residents have left the city, and there are few channels of communication open for those who have stayed, but if anyone has a good source to post in comments, I’ll bump it up pronto to the main page.

Added: These folks are putting together photographic flood maps using Google Earth. The downside, as with many such techie projects (I grabbed the link from BoingBoing) is that you need to be set up with existing trendware to view the files — in this case Google Earth, which is, to put it mildly, a resource-intensive program.

Added (thanks, Scaramouche!):,
Both have good links to NOLA media and breaking information. 


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I know one person in Louisiana. She said she was evacuating. I hope like hell she got out ok.


Life Goes Off lists a few blogs reporting on Katrina. I think the Hurricane Katrina Evacuation blog is a very good source for info.


I was looking for an image I had, apparently on my old machine. A picture of the trail of smoke from 9/11, with hurricaine erin offshore. Perspective, as to how much worse today is than 9/12/

and i found this out there:

“The terrorist attack upon the United States of America, Client Nation to God, was the worst in the history of the world. Many people were shocked into outrage and others seemed willing to listen to Bible Doctrine. People usually run back to church in a crisis. However, the crisis today in the USA was not from an enemy that can be easily found and destroyed. Even Sandy Berger figured that out. ”

but they’re still at it.

“As Hurricane Katrina crossed the Gulf of Mexico on April 28, it reached an impressive Category 5 with winds of 145 knots. The pressure of 902 mb was the fourth lowest on record in the Atlantic basin. This corresponds to the meaning of 2005, “when I am weak, then am I strong” (2 Cor. 12:10). The powerful hurricane disrupted oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and today oil prices topped $70 a barrel.

Landfall was at 29.1 N., for victory over Edom, and 89.6 W., for an authority counterattack. Landfall was at the spot indicated by the umbilical cord of Baby Katrina, which appeared off Florida on August 25. when the weather service predicted landfall in the Florida panhandle After initial landfall on the Mississippi delta, Katrina proceeded north over the Louisiana-Mississippi state line and into the mouth of the Pearl River. ”


forgive my haiku, I have no more taste for lettuce.

Baby Katrina??? errr.

I know it’s 4 years later, but they’re still at it.


Thanks for spreading the info.


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