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Free Opera for everybody.


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Hey, there are no opera performances at that link. Way to get a girl’s hopes up.


better than most real operas


Nuh-uh! And here I thought you were all classy an’ stuff, what with that badass haiku-fu.


As classy as a BLT sandwich.


Still, we’re sorry about the crushed hopes and stuff.


Ugh, BLT. You had to say it. He just responded on that other thread to something I said and accused me of being cynical about the disaster down south, but he misunderstood the point. My post was unrelated to his song about New Orleans, MS (it had to do with his earlier postings), but as someone (Dan Someone?) predicted, Dr. Bad Louisiana Tunes dragged us back to the point that we should all be crying due to the feelings his song elicited, apparently more than by the devastation from the hurricane itself.


(oops, wish I could edit–that “by the devastation” makes no sense and is an artifact of my sloppy editing. I hope it makes sense anyway.)


Someone needs to put him back in the fridge, his bacon has lost its bounce, his once dewy lettuce has languished, and his tomato is a pale pink shadow of its former piquancy.


His hot side got cold and his cold side got hot.


I thought we discussed keeping him to one thread.

quite right though

Opera now free
It will not help much with their


Is Opera less sucky than Firefox?


Is Opera less sucky than Firefox?

We’re not sure but we did notice it doesn’t render our stylesheet properly, so maybe sadly, no!?


Lucy, you liberals are more sensitive than I gave you credit for. I take back the “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” comment. I shouldn’t assume that you left-wingers are all a bunch of druggies— that you are high on anything but the cyanide of cynacism. And I don’t take it personally that you feel nothing but cold in response to New Orleans (In the Wake of Katrina), or in response to the idea that a right-wing hatemonger—someone so unspeakably evil, and so ineffably sinister, would take advantage of your bleeding hearts and try to manipulate you with a song. My motives here must be pretty transparent. How could a conservative possibly be acting out of a sense of genuine compassion? Compassionate conservative–now there’s an oxymoron for you! Limited to only one thread? That reminds me of how my mother used to limit me to only using one sheet of toilet paper per bathroom visit. There, now it’s out in the open. I’m the one with a mother who employed fascist techniques during my formative years in toilet training.


Jesus Christ, BLT, I wasn’t talking about your song.


Less sucky than Firefox? Well, you’ll have to be the judge of that, but I think Opera is a fine browser. Sadly, No! rendered in Opera exactly as it did in Firefox — for me anyway. Opera does offer a few features that Firefox does not, and vice-versa.

Personally, I recommend everyone follow the link and getting your free registration code, install Opera, and register it if you can. Yes, even you Dr. BLT. More browsers are good. I’m typing this in Opera right now and have not noticed any problems.

Having said all that, I still think Firefox is the best browser around.


Oh, and for those who don’t know, the free version of Opera displays advertising banners. To get rid of them, you would ordinarily have to pay 40 bucks. IMO, it’s not worth it, but the free registration changes all that.

Get it while you can, it won’t last long.


I have terrible crashing problems with Firefox, often in relation to Haloscan.


firefox crashes
one too many ‘extentions’
go ‘auto-update’



OK, I’m officially a perv., ’cause this picture makes me hot:

Almost makes me want to switch browsers!


You’ve got me completely confused, Lucy. Are there two of you?


I like the ‘yahoo personals’ girl



Opera doesn’t render SadlyNo! correctly even though it looks the same in IE or Firefox. Same thing with my site. My vote is to ban Opera because it’s hard enough to validate a site for IE, Firefox and Safari. Perhaps Dr. BLT can write a song “OperaSucks.mp3” which would be a better use of his time than anything else I could imagine. We can probably convince him to do it by saying that Opera is written by a bunch of Scandinavian left wingers. That should get his lather up.


We can probably convince him to do it by saying that Opera is written by a bunch of Scandinavian left wingers.

It’s soooo true about the Scandanavians. They’re all atheist commie pinkos with no sexual morals. Everyone knows “Norwegian Wood” is a coded reference to Nordic tumescence. They have no shame – none of them.


Hey Doc. BLT, what would it take to get some of your raw vocal tracks? I’m thinking “Sadly, No: The Remix” (and I don’t mean that Sadly, Yes! site)


Regarding the way Opera renders pages, it has a setting for how you wish it to present itself: as Opera, as Mozilla, or as IE 6. It’s under the Opera>Quick Preferences menu, at the bottom, or in the Preferences>Advanced pane>select Network and it’s the last drop-down menu on that pane. All of this is from the Mac OS X version, though the location of these things should be in roughly the same locations on Windows, Linux, etc.


It isn’t free anymore. And it kind of seems to suck just a little.


A “…Sadly, No…” remix? Raw vocal tracks? Food for thought, Hamlock. I would possibly be honored to obligue, but no promices at this point. My e-mail address is accessible via my website. Have you people get in touch with my people.


Dr. BLT,

‘That reminds me of how my mother used to limit me to only using one sheet of toilet paper per bathroom visit.’

Bet your fingers still stink, too.


Father, he’s a crank-yanker. nothing (s)more


Yeah, the free Opera was on Tuesday, 8-30-05 only. Glad I snagged mine in time.


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