Last I saw Dan, he was running a recording studio in the storefront that later became his raw-food restaurant, Quintessence, on E. 10th St. — he was living with Debbie of the False Prophets in a loft above what’s now the dining room. Chicken John was also living there, or crashing, or keeping his stuff in the basement (or something), and I was playing bass with John’s band-at-the-time, Letch Patrol. We’d record in what’s now (I think) Quintessence’s kitchen, while Dan and Debbie argued upstairs about all the weirdos who were always hanging around the place.

Right, ‘Letch Patrol’ — ‘food in the raw.’ Puns springing up like hollyhocks. See, you turn around and suddenly people are on the cover of the NY Post. There are like, what, a couple hundred residents of downtown Manhattan? Because it’s just the same people over and over.

(Pic & clip stolen from the doughty Steve Gilliard.)


Restaurant boss in raw – tipsters

Is he subway flasher?


Cops want to question a Manhattan restaurant owner after getting numerous tips that he’s the subway flasher caught in the act by camera phone, police sources said last night.

Nearly two dozen people have phoned the Daily News and the NYPD to say they believe Dan Hoyt, co-owner of raw-food eateries called Quintessence, is the man whose photo appeared on the cover of Saturday’s paper.

Investigators contacted Hoyt by phone and asked him to come in for an interview, NYPD sources said. No arrests have been made.

Hoyt did not return The News’ calls, and his business partner and ex-wife, Tolentin Chan, said, “It’s not proven yet.”

She said whoever the flasher is, he needs counseling.

“There should be a support center to support these men to find what is the cause of their action instead of …putting them in jail,” she said.

Hoyt and Chan co-own two restaurants, one on E. 10th St. in the East Village and the other on Amsterdam Ave., and are well known in the raw food movement, which calls for serving uncooked food.


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Hmmm. Seems he likes to serve sausage raw, too. That must have been a hilarious scene, when Mr. Flips-open-the-trenchcoat-to-reveal-his-pride-and-joy whips it out, probably making “Hurr hurr hurr” sounds, and the flashing victim whips out… their camera/cell phone and clicky-clicky (and perhaps, ironically, a flash). What, no screaming and running? He shoulda done what Raymond Marble (David Lochary) did in Pink Flamingos–tied a kielbasa to his dong. For pure shock-value, works every time.


Therapy for the genital terrorists?



Now it turns out he may have been arrested in 1994 for the same thing and at the same station.


the fading smile is priceless.


Wait, do you actually know this guy?

I found his picture on the Quintessence website and posted it beside the camera phone pic, it’s a pretty good match.

You can see it here: http://www.jamespoling.net/archives/2005/08/subway_perv_ide.html


Give the poor guy a break. He was just displaying his raw meat to try to drum up business. That just upsets you because you’re a Communist who hates the free enterprise system.


There you have it! The cyanide of cynicism has taken yet another victim.


It would appear that Dan’s vanity shot is, how you say, not so fresh?


“He shoulda done what Raymond Marble (David Lochary) did in Pink Flamingos–tied a kielbasa to his dong. For pure shock-value, works every time.”

Actually, it was even better than that – as I recall, it was actually a turkey neck.



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