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We’re certainly not working on a mash-up Flash video for Dr. BLT‘s new song, The Folks at Sadly, No!

Not Toots Hibbert of the Maytals


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Well, that sure is reassuring to know!


“They’re stagnant in their groupthink …”

Time to dust off the shelf and make room for the grammy!

Mr. GregH, M.S., P.E,, The Bong Slogger

Pressure Drop…54-46….Funky Kingston…Toots makes me weep with joy. Saw him a year ago and he had slowed down but the time before, 10 years ago, he would’ve given James Brown a run for his money.


Some people here are very hip. I’m not. Although, my father did have a homosexual affair with Eugene Amaro…Hello? Eugene Amaro!?

…ah, go to hell, all of youse.

Let me know when the mash-flash is not posted.


I would like to dispel the rumor once and for all that if you play “The Folks at “Sadly, no!” (I Sadly Know)” backwards, you will hear the words:
“Hello: This is really Bob Dylan, once again reinventing myself, this time through the aka of Dr. BLT.” And if I have contributed to the false rumor in any way, or have helped to fan the rumor’s flames as a cheap publicity stunt, then shame on me!


Sadly, this isn’t the first time Dr. Big and Tasty has to dispel false rumors about lyrics heard in one of his songs when played backwards.

I wonder who these people are that spread these false rumors.


Release, the hounds!


“They’re stagnant in their groupthink …”

again, stagnant, bog. gold.


Oh, dear god!! How funny is that?

So, who’s the drunk in the background trying to harmonize?
Was it Marie?
Sadly, no!
Ladies and gentlemen, the internets debut of…{drum roll}…Kaye G!!!!!


I saw Toots about 5 years ago at the Maritime. He had his kid with him and let him sing some songs. All was fantastic until this 300-pound Hawaiian guy decided to stage-dive.


Oh man, Dr. BLT, you’re now my second-favorite troll. If Marie wasn’t so hot, you’d have her beat. I’m seriously touched by this lovely tribute.


Okay, sort of off-topic, but kinda not: What have you delicious people done to the Chalabi-flash of yesteryear? I need my vintage cronie flash-porn.


I want some sort of restitution for listening to that. It has caused emotional and mental trama.

Hint: The point of dissonance is to make the harmony sound sharper. But if the entire song is dissonance, it just sounds like nails on a chalk board. A) get in time, b) major and minor chords are your friends.


Fuck The Shaggs. This guy rawks!!

\m/ ^__^ \m/


Uncle MIke, would you like to become my fan club president?

Karl Bunker, G.E.D.

Note to Dr. BLT (Ph.D.):

To paraphrase Arlo Guthrie:
“If you’re gonna perpetuate the war an’ stuff, you gotta sing better than that!”


I’ll be the first to admit, that The Folks at “Sadly, no!” (I Sadly Know)is not worthy of the kind of attention you have drawn to it. It’s just a knee-jerk folk song with little, if any social value. I’m not saying that my new song, the one for victims of the recent hurricane, is great either, but I believe redirecting folks to that song would take the attention off of me, a mere troll, and on to the people who really deserve attention at this time. Please, let’s all “…just get along” and focus on what brings us all together: responding to human need and human suffering.

New Orleans (In the Wake of Katrina)
words and music by Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT, (c) 2005:

Criticise the song, put down the songwriter, assign sinister motives to my inspiration for writing the song, but please try to find a way to rise above your grievance with the “singing troll,” and respond with kindness to the victims of this devastating hurricane. That’s all I ask.


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