This one goes out to The Derb

Because no one likes homosexuals more than John Derbyshire.

So we say: Go Brian! (It’s must see TV.)

Warning: Contains a naked George Bush and homosexuals. Hooray!


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Rats. I want to vote for homosexuals too! But I live in Brooklyn, and we probably won’t have homosexuals in our BP election (not *out* homosexuals, anyway, and they’re the funnest kind). We will probably be forced to choose between Mart Markowitz (who is amusing, if straight) and a cabbage or something.

Wait! I can WRITE IN a homosexual! I choose Tennessee Williams.


Hurray for Brian Ellner! No pun intended, but I love that he just comes right out and says, “Here I am, I’m not taking any crap from the likes of George Bush, and by the way, here’s my equally handsome, cleancut, and appealing Gay Male Homosexual Man-Partner.” Yay!


What will those poor, parochial Manhattenites say when confronted by the insidious scandal of… gay hugging?!? The horror, the horror.


I don’t want to panic anyone but that homosexual was running for some sort of office.


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