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saddam hussein could have used supplies to rebuild water and power plants but built pal

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What kind of pal? Like a tiny little robot that would announce the arrival of the plane to Fantasy Island (Saddam’s early 80’s themed palace #4)? Da plane boss! Da plane!


Obviously referring to Saddam funding Palestinian terror groups.


If only Iraq had been run by a benevolent leader who looked after his people’s interests, rather than one who only wanted to enrich himself and his cronies; we wouldn’t have had to invade at all, and could have used all the money we’re spending there to help make our own infrastructure better and safer.

When will people learn: Greed doesn’t pay. I’m sure that’s written in the Bush Doctrine somewhere. Probably right after the part about no-bid contracts and reducing SUV fuel-efficiency standards.


You haven’t shown how the addition of “using a secret time machine” adds to the meaning of “saddam hussein could have used supplies to rebuild water and power plants but built palaces instead”.

By the way, in the last two days, when I download your site I see it without graphics. It’s just html text on white, without boxes or columns.


aha, I find from a previous comment that one has to remove the [www.] from one’s bookmark to get the graphics back:


actually, they mean palaces.

and there are 2 simple refutations to that.

1. Saddam DID fix all of the water/power plants after the 1991 war best to the ability of a nation under intl. sanctions.

2. palaces and those 2 giant mosques in baghdad were cheap to build. why? concrete is cheap. just take a look at the new Grand Mosque in Baghdad that was halfway done before the war (ive visited it). its supposed to be the largest on earth. its ALL poured concrete.

This isnt to justify Saddam – but to point out that these arguements are weak ones. There are much much better reasons to hate him.

But any one who claims he starved his people neglects how disasterous the sanctions were for all Iraqis.


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