We love you, we really love you!

After much tweaking, and in no small part thanks to the help of Bruce, the first version of the style switcher (from white-on-black to black-on-white) should now be fully functional.

We had some minor issues with the new style not sticking on comments or extended entries, so we added the switch option to both windows (near the top.) Once selected in all 3 possible windows, the settings should stick (even when you close your browser.)

We hope this is to everyone’s liking — please report any problems in the comments. (Tested on Firefox and IE.)


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If your link goes to http://www.sadlyno.com the page loads without any of the cool visual stuff (no template?).
Using just sadlyno.com works fine.
It feels SO good to be loved.


And I love you too, Sally. Light on dark made my eyes hurt.


It burnses, BURNSES!


Way cool. I tend to skip here on days the migraines are bad, because light-on-dark does not help any.
Now I can get my No! every day! Huzzah!


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