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That is indeed eerie.


looks like they picked him up from the gutter at his neighborhood bar. Sad.


I think the drink-sodden popinjay would make a good character for a bad, after-school special on the evils of the demon rum.

Seriously, someone schedule the intervention…quick!




I think number 4, looks like a cross between 1-3 and this. (Not the best photo, but you get the idea.) Could it be that Gavin has uncovered the true identity of Welles and Laughton’s love chilld?


Thanks, Gavin. I go to see Citizen Kane tonight for the first time, and now I will be seeing Hitchens in my minds eye. Well, I guess it depends on how much of drinks soaked Stalinist popinjay the Kane character is. That being said, I could see Hitchens coming up with the crowd pleasing intellectual abusurdity that was the genius of the cuckoo clock speech from The Third Man. Poor Holly. Doesn’t get the girl, and what a girl.


I go to see Citizen Kane tonight for the first time

On a big screen? Lucky bastid.


“Swill no gin before its time …”


Yeah- double feature with “All About Eve”- I have always waited for CK, because I was hoping I would be lucky enough to see it the first time on the big screen.

“The Third Man” is absolutely stunning in the big screen, BTW. And the a millionth anniversary DVD is unbelievably good.


Who’s the other guy?

Welles used to be kind of hot..


How can you do that to Orson? So what, Welles got fat–the man was a stymied genius. Hitchens is a penis.


Is Hitchens auditioning for a remake of “Educating Rita”?


The difference here being that Welles was a genius, and Hitchens is a schmuck. Other than that it’s a terrific analogy.


time for Hitchie to do some commercials for Paul Massson. or given his fondness for martinis, popov vodka.


“We will sell no whine before its time.”


It isn’t really eerie until you realize Hitchens is now doing voices for the new Transformer cartoonz.


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