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Striking back at Krugmania

At NRO Donald Luskin bats cleanup and hits a grand slam in nailing Paul Krugman’s outrageous Florida lie and his lame effort to cover his tracks: “It the truth that counts.” Luskin does not note Krugman’s misstatements about the Ohio counties that John exposed in “Krugmania,” or that Krugman made no attempt to resuscitate his lies about the 2004 race in his follow-up column on Monday.

“Hi, I’m Powerline. I have something fresh from Don Luskin.”


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I haven’t followed Krugman’s portion of the 2000 election story, so I can’t judge what this story is here for. (I don’t mean that in a snarky way.) Are you saying that NRO has a point and reasonable people agree Krugman did lie about the meaning of the findings?


This is a verbatim Powerline entry. Click the link to see. Should have been italicized so as to avoid confusion.


I did click all the links and read the original, but I didn’t understand what the posting was doing here, since it was offered with no comment. Basically I’m saying I don’t know enough about this topic, so what am I supposed to make of what Powerline is saying? Judging from what is presented, the liberal guy lied and Powerline is right? Sadly, yes, or sadly, no?


Maybe the Raccoons got to Gavin’s computer and made this entry while he was logged in. I’m blaming Popeye.


Yeah, G, this one’s over my head too…


Aww, cute li’l Republican raccoons. With their tiny paws and bandit masks and all. I wonder if those paws are small enough to tamper with Diebold machines.


Hm. I’ll tinker with it a little bit…


Was the picture not there before? Because it looks to me like you’re saying that Powerline is full of sh!t.


I thought it was there before. Did it not show up?


The picture was there, but I could swear this is the first time the caption was there.


Now the caption’s even better.


Just changed it again.

I haven’t quite gotten the hang of the worse, dumber post yet. It’s always either too bad, or not bad enough…


Oh, I think you don’t have to worry about it being bad enough. (Kidding! SO kidding!)


OK, now I get it- and it’s very funny.


Well, you know, it’s like how a picture of a naked person isn’t as funny as a person in their underpants.

It’s mysterious.


Well, you know, it’s like how a picture of a naked person isn’t as funny as a person in their underpants.

It’s mysterious.

Naked people rarely have tiny teddy bears tattooed all over their crotches. That’s a good thing, I’m not saying it isn’t. But it explains why people in underwear is funnier.
Pictures, anyway. IRL, there’s very little that’s funnier than a naked man.


Oh, I think a naked lady can be just as funny. It’s all about the timing.


Over my head. I still don’t get it.


It’s a toilet, and it’s saying, “Hi, I’m Powerline.”

I mean, maybe you’re over-thinking it.


Ah, now with the caption visible, I had the throaty chuckle I expected. Well done once again.

You know, Krugman could have avoided all this stalking by Luskin if he just accepted Luskin’s invitation to the prom.


Speaking of Krugman, where did the Right come up with this “shrill” meme? Of course, I’m much more familiar with printed works by Prof. K. than tee-vee appearances, but I still don’t get it. Is it, yet again, projection-‘cos the wingnutz seem at least as shrill as Prof. Krugman–on a bad day, even? Like I said, it’s like I’m trying to experience a new color nobody’s ever seen before by reading a description of it. It’s damned awkward.


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