We’re not sure what the best answer would be

But we’re pretty sure that the best answer to a rather uninteresting and tired (and, frankly, quite boring) blog post isn’t to write something that is even less interesting, even more tired, and astoundingly managed to be more boring and inaccurate to boot. Then again, we ain’t David “Axis of Evil” Frum’s wife:

TO: EricaJong@huffingtonpost.com
FROM: StPeter@heaven.org
RE: Recent blog

The Almighty has asked me to send a reply on His behalf regarding your recent blog [sic] on the Huffington Post. […]

For example, you suggested that the Almighty would be angry at the President for “the bloodied souls of the women and children he [Bush] killed in Iraq.” Actually, up here we have an excellent view of the battlefield.

Sadly, No!:

Pope John Paul, in his first public comment on the outbreak of hostilities in Iraq, said on Saturday that the war threatens the whole of humanity, and that weapons could never solve mankind’s problems.

“When war, like the one now in Iraq, threatens the fate of humanity, it is even more urgent for us to proclaim, with a firm and decisive voice, that only peace is the way of building a more just and caring society,” he said.

The Pope, in a speech to employees of Catholic television station Telepace, added: “Violence and weapons can never resolve the problems of man.”

The Pope led the Vatican in a diplomatic campaign to avert war, putting the Holy See on a collision course with Washington and its backers in the Iraq campaign.

See you in hell.

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No, no no, you don’t understand. The whole “God Is Love” thing was over in the 80s. New God is a violent capitalist that hates the poor, the gay and the non-white, and likes to see shit get blowed up.

Git R Done!


shit! i’m broke, brown and bi.

i’m so fucked.


I liked her better when she was getting her husband canned.


Please, could someone edit this post with the picture of Han Solo from ESB where he says the “then I’ll see you in Hell!!” line. IT’s just too perfect. I know this is within the awesome power of Seb.


I think the link on “wife” should be this. I like how she hits the “now don’t you be mimicking no God” note early on in her faux e-mail written as the voice of Peter speaking on behalf of God. I guess putting words into two mouths is much better than what that ho Erica did.


Jesus- that was the most asinine faux-letter I’ve ever seen.

Jesus doesn’t delegate, dammit!
I also imagine He has better things to do than reading the Huffington Post (being as stuffy and uptight as it tends to be, though the post in question was pretty good).


I don’t get this post at all. Two of the links refer to some thing on the Huffington Post (and just what the hell is that?), and there’s a slag against Danielle Crittenden (…always good, but..huh?)

But, if I catch Sadly’s drift (…I’m not on a ‘tu’ enough basis with him to refer to him as ‘Seb’), the Latinate mullah is stonger than the Protestant mullah. Or something…Yes?…No?

The former is probably true. Now pardon me, while I prostrate myself.


He sure is, Mal-
The Pope could kick Crazy Pat Robertson’s ass in a cage fight. He’s got that Papal Staff that doubles as a bo-staff and his Pope-hat projects an energy shield around His Holiness.

The Dark Avenger

Plus, his Papal Infallibility means that he only has to wait for his opponent to make a mistake, and then, WAMMO!


this post is amazing.


My heart just exploded with Sadly, No! love. Perhaps it was not wise to show that you have the power of any Star Wars screen capture. Such power can only be used for ill.


I admired the Pope enough to write and record a song about it (feel free to check it out and download it for free if you like:

But this goes to show that even the Pope makes mistakes. Yes, in many ways the situation in Iraq looks bleak, but the fact is, nobody knows if the war in Iraq was a mistake yet or not because it ain’t over until the fat lady of liberty sings. She stepped up to the microphone when hundreds of threats of violence were not enough to deter citizens to go the the polls in a national election and boldly excercise their right to vote in a free election and to excercise their freedom of speech. I thought I heard her clear her throat as we began to draw nearer to the creation of Iraq’s first democratic constitution.


SADLY NO BLOG is a DEMIGOD BLOG that SUCKS ! The BLOG is So Sadly Dishonest. Above is an interesting blog.


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