A Laurel and Hearty Handshake

We hate sending hits to The Poor Man because he was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when he met No, and five months later on he has the world at his feet, and never comes and says hello.

Rrowrr! Hsfptht! Would you like us to…”

No no, evil cat minion. We’re all grown-ups here.

But the old Poor Man, despite pinning you to the sofa and forcing you to look at his baby pictures from time to time, is a brilliant polemicist and quite often an analyst second only to Billmon and Digby — next to whom second place is a golden and bejeweled laurel wreath. (We’d like to point out, just this one time, that we CAN do that sort of thing here, but are too lazy and slovenly, and often drunk, to do it frequently or with any aplomb. Plus, no one links or comments when we do, because this place is basically a zoo filled with howling baboons — not a bad thing).

Anyway, back to the brilliantine (in the strict-French, not the ‘pomade’ sense) dawn-ray that is the Poor Man’s essay today. Go check this one out.

Yes, right? If we each had one of these, we could give each other ‘fellowships’ and ‘jobs,’ and endow musical swappy-chairs with each other’s names. Directorships, trusteeships. It’s exactly how it’s done.

Let’s start with an award.

The No Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Criticism.

We’ll come up with an original proclamation and graphic as soon as we figure out a list of trustees and all those other details. But it is our privilege to present the first No Award to our colleague TBogg, for his tireless, yet always inspired work in stomping the fuckers making sense of the often-baffling ebb and flow of contemporary culture and politics.

So let’s totally squander the rest of today’s Atrios link-spike (they never hang around anyway) by sending all vistors piling Bogward. Tip the barman, shake the Congressman’s hand, and please make all checks payable to No.


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I don’t care how much you beg Gavin. I ain’t giving you “fellowship” or a “job” of any sort.


Yeah, well you don’t get a coffee mug or tote bag, then.

Huh, a ‘tote bag.’ Hey, totebag!

God, trolls. Where are they coming from?


Happily, there’s a merry bunch of Trollz already posting at the PoorMan thread that you linked too. WE KNOW AND SEE ALL. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


If you see those other guys, the non-troll guys, tell them there are trusteeships up for grabs. Total ground-floor opportunity.


I already claimed the Marie Jon’ Chair in the Department of English and Nude Photography.


And I claimed the “Hottest Young Conservative Writer on the Internets.” Sorry, Yoseforoni. Your reign has ended.


Picking on wingnuts is like shooting fish in a barrel.


Hey, can I intern and then get shipped to run the CPA in the future Green Zone in Tehran? I can pretend I’ve read Ayn Rand and act extra virginy and stuff…


“act extra virginy and stuff…”

Would this involve dousing yourself in Bertolli?


I’m all over the Scaife-Mellon Distinguished Professorship and Chair of Moneyed Malfeasance


Teh, you may be extra virginy but are you expellor pressed?


I got dibs on “Largest Membered Hottest Young Conservative Writer on the Internets that Likes, Women Not Other Dudes Like GregH or Yosef”

wah wah- LOOZERS!


Sweet Ass Bro!!!! Yosef and GregH just got Schuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuled by Cap’n T!!!!!1!!!!1!!


There’s no spirit in your filthy lacivious TBogg other than contempt for God and the USA!


Notice how the fine folks at the Editors’ place our far to sophisticated to fall for baiting by Trollz. NOT LIKE THE LOSER FREAKS AT THIS DUMP!!!1!!


You call yourself a bog? You aint’ even fit to lick the boots of a bog like the Poormans’!!!


Even I had to tone it down while posting at the Poorman’. I only made one BJ joke but I felt really bad afterwards.


“I only made one BJ joke but I felt really bad afterwards.”

Kinda like your mom only your mom doesn’t make BJ jokes she gives BJs an she doesn’t feel bad afterwards cuz she likes doing it an she gives way more than one an then she comes an tells you all the jokes you need to make so she can give you your milk money, right?


Sorry, Asshat. You’ll have to defeat me in competition to win that title. No one has done it yet.

I would be honored to be a trustee of the Institute of SadNo Fellows*. The only thing I would ask in return is what any trustee of anything would ask: a briefcase full of cash delivered to my home once a quarter.

*By “Fellows” i mean it as the innocent all inclusive term, not as a synonym foy men. So back off D. Sidhe and Lucy!

Major Shortssniffer

DOOD!!!1!!!11!! jkd just scolled Asshat!@!111!!11

You gonna sit there an take tha, Assie?\



Already being named the Doug Giles Scholar of Virile, Christian, and Aggressively Heterosexual Not-Gayness, I have been wandering the ether in search of an institute to house my completely rigid majesty. I think I have found a home. Just don’t tell Volokh about me, he’s been giving me the eyes for weeks and it sort of creeps me out.


YEah, does the Editors have some invocation about not feeding the trolls like LGF? That’s so cool. And like how the eff can the trolls even get on LGF, it seems like thta whole code of conduct thing is BS???


jkd: only if it’s the brand Ben Shapiro slicks up with.

GregH: of course, otherwise my delicate oils might get all damaged.

Major Shortssniffer

Capn, thas the porblem wiht thes lib moonbats. You try to engag them in hoenst debate, and they wont evben respond to you! The most theyl evr do is start callin names, and maybe stsart callin Hitlery Clinton to fight for them!!1!!!11!!!!


*By “Fellows” i mean it as the innocent all inclusive term, not as a synonym foy men. So back off D. Sidhe and Lucy!

Either way, Ann Coulter’s eligible, so no complaints.


I put in my bid in comments over there:

How many kitten pictures to I have to view to be the Chair of the Bairrifs and Terriers Research Foundation at the Institute?

We’ll have pictures of cuddly puppies on the wall, and listen to “Dark Side of the Moon” alot, and give out AOL 9.0 CDs to worthy employees in lieu of filthy lucre.

I need a new job anyhow.


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