Lefties Rule, Wingnuts Drool

Via Pandagon, an excellent post at Pharyngula exposes the sneaky dishonesty of so-called ‘conservative’ bloggers.

I know that the orcish minions of those conservative villains will flood my comments with odious lies

Instapundit has failed to respond repudiating such tactics, thus admitting that his wife is an odious liar who smells like dirty feet.

The nastiness of their personal atacks is indeed appalling, and Science and Politics gives a must-see wrap-up of the unanimity of the entire world on the matter of liberals ruling and conservatives sucking. (Hat tip: Sisyphus Shrugged.) Third Estate provides a helpful infographic while the titanic cowards at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler shiver and quake, afraid to attempt a single word in rebuttal.

Note: Due to the persistent scourge of reprehensible trolls carrying out libelous personal attacks of lying, we are forced to follow Pandagon’s example in banning and deleting posters who persist in “debating” in comments. These lying personal attacks will not be tolerated, and persistent violators will be sued by lawyers.

Dishonest claims that the earth is not flat are magnificently Fisked by Thomas Friedman, while Asia Security explains why liberal bloggers (note: NOT conservative. Heh.) rule Asian Security blogging. (Hat tip: Roxanne.)

UPDATE: Buck Milligan stunningly exposes the far-right-wing, blame-America-last, objectively-pro-suckage MSM conspiracy to totally blow goat penis, via sucking.

Do they actually wish for our defeat at the hands (or tentacles, as the case may be) of evil space aliens? Disturbing, if true.

An interesting question. (Hat tip: Democratic Veteran.)


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Well, if we were playing soak the biscuit, thank God for you Gavin, I wouldn’t want to eat that thing. I wonder who’s gonna lose this Circle Jerk?


Ban TrollZ? You liberalaces can’t evenhandle the truth!!1! Ban this Suckerz!!1!! *drops pants*

Libs suck Wingers Rule! OUT!!!!1!!


You did that far better than I ever could have. Bravo! 🙂

Major Shortssniffer

Screw you democratards and you’re jackass banning. You ain’t got the sand to ban us!



I’d be so sad if you banned me. I wouldn’t knwo what to do. Maybe I would kill myself.


Eat it, douchewads. Maybe we’ll just go over to Sadly, Yes! and reign down on your ass like a god damn golden shower of rightishness!

SUCK IT1!!!!!!!!!


Y/PP – I just can’t get the “1” – “!” down. Your’s look so natural.

Major Shortssniffer

Er… I believe you meant “M/CT”, not Y/PP, right?

It’s tough sometimes because it’s not a natural motion. You have to practice and then just rely on muscle memory.


Yeah….that’s what I meant.


Wouldn’t it be funny if Raphael Palmiero were the first one banned for lying to congress?

Major Shortssniffer

Mdhatter just hates Palmera b/c W likes him! You hate everything about Bush (and bush!! LOL!!!!1!!!11!!!


Hey, Major Ss just posted over at Dr Myers’ place. Looks like he just wanted to find a new community since someone got him banned at LGF:

Check it out


about buck milligan, i hope you recognize the echo from james joyce’s ulysses:

“Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed…”


I am so. not. worthy.


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