Bloggers behaving badly

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Thanks to these guys.


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I saw that on Boing Boing. I too have a burning desire for Youppi and his cousin, Youppoo.


I’ve been afraid to talk to my doctor about my burning desire. Is there an OTC cure?


Superb link. I’ll be using that.


That was highly amusing.


It would be better as
“Professonial Virgin
because otherwise nobody would pay any attention to us at all”

New York Law Firm

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been made aware of internets making slanderous postings of a libelous nature. Receipt of this post by No! will be construed as legal confirmation that you have been made aware that serious legal consequences shall follow, should you not desist forth-with.


Christian Fakenberg, Esq.
New York City Lawyer


Aaaalllll-right!! It seems I qualify under both of the categories for whom sex is appropriate! Yes! And not sadly.


“We have been made aware of internets making slanderous postings of a libelous nature…”
Shouldn’t that be libelous postings of a slanderous nature?
How about libidinous postings of a prurient nature?
How about Republican lies of a conservative nature?
(Please specify which internets…i.e. the ones on earth or Mars or Zebulon or Uranus?)


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Not on your fucking life.


Blog Like A Conservative Day

Sunday, 26 Sweltring (Wedmath, sorta), 2005 It seems that while we were off helping to put together a couple of…


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Not on your fucking life.

Well… maybe, just a peek…




Notice to the New York Law Firm:

Attempt to preempt a client by soliciting legal representation vis a vis means of comments sections of bog posts can result in a revocation of all entitlements hereby authorized vis a vis the Bar of the State of South Carolina, et al. Legal representation such as ours has heretofore been slandered and libeled by such as yours by creating a new libelous label hereafter referred to as “blogchasers”. You will cease and desist in soliciting repartee from heretofore unnamed parties hereafter named as Gorge, Jeff and Gavin, in any attempt to discredit the entire United Bar Association of the States, Commonwealths, and Provinces of the USA (hereafter named UBASCPUSA) or have your charter thereby revoked in a legally “naughty” nature. Viewing of this post by the New York Law Firm, hereafter referred to as NAMBLA, qualifies as receipt and assent to above noted Cease and Desist decree.

You have been informed.


Before I choose sides I need to know who has the most money. Thank you. DC Law Firm


Before I choose sides I need to know who has the most beer and saunas. Thank you. Finnish Law Firm.


(psst! Tapio, you’re supposed to change your name to the Law Firm name.)


psst! Tapio, you’re supposed to change your name to the Law Firm name

psst! Yosef, you’re supposed to change your name to Stanton Carlisle.

A Real Law Firm Fo' Shizzle

Be it known by all men, women and fauna hereby present that this portion of the internets, also known and doing business as Sadly, No!, henceforth shall be deemed to be slanderiferous and libelodorous, and subject to all rights, duties, obligations, accoutrements and condiments accorded therewith. Unless and until the perpetrators and perpetuators of the calumnitous bloggifications set forth hereinabove and thereinbelow shall be brought forth to stand trial before a judicature and jurisdictional entity, with all deliberate speed, this section of the internets shall be declared off limits, out of bounds and terra prohibita for all right-thinking persons and personages who do not wish to be associated, exacerbated and incarcerated with the proprietors and probationers responsible for its defamatory nature.

Love and kisses,

A Real Law Firm Fo’ Shizzle

Major Shortssniffer

Heh. The Real Law Firm said “duties”.


We wish to discuss several possible movie treatments for this blog. We forsee a major treatment of “Sadly, No” for the teen market and a possible adult version for pay-per-view. Marie strikes us as a natural for a particular niche in the adult movie business. Have your people call our people and picture Sean Penn as Yosef.

LA Law Firm


Our client, a very prominent Television Network, did not give written authorization for the usage of a retired Television Show to which it still owns the rights. LA Law must cease and desist, or at least let us in on the profits from any movie deal made with SadNo Enterprises GmbH.

And Yosef shall be portrayed by Brad Pitt in his “Fight Club” physique.

You are hereby notified.

Addendum 1:
Pinko Punko shall be protrayed by Wilford Brimley.


This is to notify you that under the terms of the restraining order and lein placed on this site and all its assets by Acme Lawfim and Storm Dorr Company, Inc, all previous contracts are null and void. In other words, let’s talk contratcs baby! We can see Brimley but Pitt is box office poison now so if Penn is unacceptable then I suggest we have an appropriate muppet made to be Yosef. We can hire the company that made Alf.

LA Law Firm.

Muppet Company that made Alf Attorneys at Law & sons

As the legal representation for said company, we hereby inform the Law Firm which is in flagrant disregard for the Cease and Desist order issued by the NBC Law Firm that our client feels it would be legally and morally reprehensible to fashion a muppet to portray Yosef. We instead nominate the inscrutable actor hereafter referred to as Denzel Washington. Although ethnicity could represent a problem in this decision, we feel it could easily be overlooked by casting George Muresan to portray Brad R.


Marq, I might qualify under both categories too. I’m a slut in theory. Which is to say, I WOULD be a slut if there were any takers. Does that count?


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