How is the weather on Planet Novak?

Bob Dole’s former babysitter, Robert Novak, opens up a can of whoop ass on Howard Dean, courtesy of an anonymous Democratic insider:

The Democratic savants I have contacted can only shake their heads over his stubborn insistence that Saddam Hussein’s capture has not made the country safer.

Did Bob mean the idiot savants he contacted? In other news:

NEWSWEEK POLL: A majority (51 percent) of Americans say Hussein’s capture hasn’t made them safer or more secure (41 percent say it has), and 52 percent say it probably won’t have much effect in reducing the number of attacks on U.S. military personnel (41 percent say it’s likely to reduce the number of attacks).

Expressing an opinion shared by a majority of the American public — could one be any more out of the mainstream? It’s shocking really. As shocking as this:

Increased: 17%; Still the same: 61%; Decreased: 18%.

Thanks Bob.


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And now, Tom Ridge has vindicated Dr. Dean by raising our security level to Orange. Well done!


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