Ah yes, another one of those well kept secrets

There’s no better way to get the weekend started than visiting Renew America, where we learn that Intelligent Design is like, totally scientific and stuff. Besides, the other guys are keeping things totally secret:

The American evolution establishment has suppressed the information, so that many American scientists and students of science have never heard of the “Cambrian explosion.”

Hmm, I wouldn’t count on that. You want a secret? We got one for you:

Scientists in Communist China have significant freedom of thought and publication. Biological science in democratic America is under the dictatorship of the evolution establishment.

Here comes the punchline:

In conclusion, whether one believes in evolution or intelligent design science, one is obliged to consider that at present, the intelligent designers are operating at a higher level of integrity than the evolution establishment.

Considered… and dismissed.


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So by “Renew America” the “Renew America” folks really mean “Bend over and wait for Asian scientists to give it to us like Ron Jeremy.”


Thank God those trolls are gone. They’d be trolling this thread up like a bunch of…trolls.


You Rang?!


Scientists in Communist China have significant freedom of thought and publication. Biological science in democratic America is under the dictatorship of the evolution establishment.

Wow, that’s sneaky, ‘cos that statement is very nearly true. Except, there is no “evolution establishment” exerting pressure on scientists in the USA. There is an Intelligent Design lobby that is leveraging an amount of pressure on science that is disproportional to their actual numbers.
So if ID wishes to be treated on equal terms with evolution, I have only this to say: show me the evidence.


Maybe it’s a typo? They probably meant to call the site ‘Renewzit America’. Cover all those nasty logic fault lines. Fill in the gaping holes (in their heads).

Feh. I’m tired today. Somebody else make with the funnies.


illeducibry comprex oh god. so solly.


“Biological science in democratic America is under the dictatorship of the evolution establishment.”

Other startling revelations:

* Medical science in democratic America is under the dictatorship of the hippocratic oath establishment.

* Government in democratic America is under the dictatorship of the United States Constitution establishment.

* Carbon-based lifeforms in democratic America are under the dictatorship of the oxygen-breathing establishment.

The horror!


Did I just read that they are going to the Communist Chinese for support that evolution is incorrect?

What next: “Hitler’s surviving zombie scientists refute evolution from the jungles of Bolivia, how does the American scientific elite respond? I hear crickets.”


I’m gonna get serious with you assholes for one minute. Why do my kids have to be forced to listen to your theories?

My uncle is a guy named Frank, not some monkey. By y’all act like a bunch of monkeys.

Kommandant Viktor Von Shyst

How about this, Capn T:

When your kids go to public school and attend science class they will learn science (evolution). This way they will learn what the rest of the world agrees upon as science and they will be able to compete in the global marketplace if they choose to do so.

After school, your church group can teach your kids whatever religious based theory they want.

Then your kids can make up their own mind about which theory they want to believe.

If you want ID taught in science class in America, what about the hindu, muslim, native american, etc. kids? Should schools teach their religion’s theory of the creation as well?

Would you want your kids being taught in Science class that the earth was created when Shiva had sex with a goddess, or that the earth moves because it’s on the back of a turtle? If not, why not?


Evolution is just a theory. I insist that Flying Spaghetti Monsterism be taught in any school my children attend. Children should be exposed to all of the data, not just the parts the evolutionists like.


Uncle Frank is too a monkey. Have you ever seen him without a shirt? That is one hairy mofo. And how else can you explain the colossal desire for bananas and the poo-flinging? Monkey.


You know, it’s funny that no one seems to mention that the “creation science” folks are mostly intolerant evangelical Christians:

Creation Research Society

No Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, etc. allowed.


‘creation science’ makes it sound like they have fusion powered terrariums in their basements.

AS usual, becuase you don’t understand the math, it must be god.

then god bless, america.

You sneezed up a fine one today.


you recall the peer-reviewed reichstag journals, no?


may his noodly-appendage reach unto the forever


The best way to piss off fundie evolution deniers is to point out to them how much their “science” resembles Lyseknoism.

Comparing them to commies is usually enough to produce throbby forehead vein in them. And if giving fundies throbby forehead vein isn’t a worthwhile life goal, I don’t know what is.


I’ll agree to allowing the IDiots to teach in my kids’ science classes as soon as the churches allow scientists into church on Sundays and into religious education classes to point out scientific errors in the Bible.


um, wasn’t Gould’s book “wonderful Life” about the Cambrian explosion? Didn’t that come out in like, 1979 or something? I read that when i was like, 12.
She is hot, but man she is stooooopid.


nice one on the fusion powered terrarium. You forgot the paper machier volcano and the diorama of Thanksgiving. I would love to see a creation science lab. That would be so funny. They would just have some bubbling blue water. “Igor! More dry ice for the water! This lab must have more mist and bubbling!”

Cue: Monster Mash


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