No, the horse twitched, I swear.

From the Daily Howler:

COMING NEXT WEEK: All next week, we?ll use John Harris? new book, The Survivor, to explore press coverage of Clinton (then Gore). And oh yes, an incomparable treat?after we?re done, we?ll show you the kind of name-naming piece your liberal journals chose not to publish as the mainstream press corps put Bush into power. Yes, we?ll show you an actual article on the War Against Gore?an article which was specifically requested by the owner of a famous liberal journal, a liberal journal which then decided not to publish the requested piece (or raise the issue in some other way).



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What’s brown, and sounds like a bell?


Dung Hsiao Ping.




Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Is it too late at night for me, or is the sophisticated Gavim humour going over my head? I know Bob must have a three inch vein sticking out of his forhead, but he was so funny with his movie reviews the other day and nobody can shit on Chris Matthews like that guy, seriously. Every time he does his kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss I laugh. really. hard.


Somerby’s been analyzing the media’s War on Gore for years now. I love him too, but there’s a point at which…

You know, every now and then it seems like he’s moved on, but then he starts up again with another multi-part, umpty-thousand-word piece — and it’s like, JESUS CHRIST! STOP ALREADY!

Like you’re sitting there screaming with blood spurting out your eyes….


Gavin, I couldn’t agree more. He needs to move on.



Glad you think so. Andrew “Editors” Poorman said something about it in comments once, but the only overt sign, it seems, is that Somerby hardly gets linked to from day to day…

All these essays on the War on Gore would make a great book — and somebody would no doubt be thrilled to publish it…


Ok I do agree, BUT, sift out the WOG stuff, and he is still very astute eviscerating Matthews etc. He has been quite good about it, and while the horse is dead, maybe he’s hoping for Gore ’08?

I bet there are jillions of people that still think every one of those bullshit talking points about Gore.

Also, if Dems stood up for something instead of flitting from one thing to the next (Plame, Sheehan) it seems like we are grasping at straws. How about lies and more lies about Iraq. Be a broken record for once.

Seriously, I just filter out the same old same old from Bob, because I learn something new in between the lines, I really do.


Um…well, actually….Plame and Sheehan fit right in with the lies and more lies about Iraq thing. CIA undercover agent Plame was outed as political retribution because her husband was exposing lies about Iraq. Cindy Sheehan is pissed that her son died because of lies about Iraq.

I guess it’s all in the framing.


The reason he carps harping on the War on Gore is because it’s the perfect example of how the whole system functions these days.


He is a personal friend of Gore’s, isn’t he? Not just a fan?


I’m surprised to see this subject characterized here as beating a dead horse. I think a work looking in detail at that period will be very instructive. Remember that most people still think of Gore in terms of the lies and spin that were thrown at him all through the campaign. If the book is written catchily enough, maybe people will read it and realize how this false image became accepted truth, and how it happened to Kerry, too. I also am glad that it will be all down in one place as a historical document (partisan, but still a historical document of sorts–I assume it’s going to have footnotes and sources and whatnot). As jayinbmore said more succinctly, this is how the whole system functions these days, and Gore is a case in point.


Word. Krugman wrote today about all the ducking and fucking going on with vote counts in the last two elections, which, when you think about it, just about overshadows everything else. If we have a voting system that can be so easily hacked to the advantage of ANY party, we’re doomed. If there’s any point we should harp on, it’s that.

What really drives me nuts is how so many people in the Democratic party and even in the progressive wing of the Dem party are so fast to dismiss the people who are saying, “Hold on just a fucking minute here!” about issues like Diebold voting machines and the bizarre way the last two presidential elections went w/r/t counting votes. Kos blew off people voicing those concerns as part of the tinfoil hat crowd, it was unbelievable.


Not to give Sadly, No a hard time, but the right-wing beat the ‘liberal media’ dead horse for, oh, about 40 years – and see where that got them. Beating the Gore dead horse for 6 years has an advantage over the right wing ‘liberal media’ cry because the Gore story is the truth. When you’ve been screwed, its best to remember it so that it doesn’t happen again – too many moderates and liberals are ready to let by gones be by gones … and get screwed again.


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