We’re always the last to know!

Oho, so this is where all the comments have been going lately…

This thread is like our secret club house now. Nobody knows we’re here and we can do whatever we want!

Posted by: GregH at August 17, 2005 09:25 PM

[Update: Mystery trolls outed!]


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Frickin’ narc.


But we work so hard making new content!

It’s like no one cares anymore!

Major Shortssniffer

That’s right no one cares because you leftwimps aren’t funny!



Damn, Gavin. It’s not like we were hurting anyone. We were just talking about corndogs and MJ.


It’s always about you isn’t it Gavin you freakish self-lovin’ hemaphrodite!

Pvt. Jockstrap Johnson

Straight from the Redundancy Dept. of Redundancy,, Yosef. Corndogs and MJ, heh.


Yes, MJ’ and Corndogs and then a whole herd of trolls arrived but I think that we scared them off.

Major Shortssniffer

More like cornholes!



Shortsniffer, you’re just an ass, plain and simple, an ass!

Major Shortssniffer

Is that the best you can do, leftwimp?


In a way your outing of us provided a major service, now I don’t have to scroll through the August archives to find our refuge.


I agree.


367, TROLLZ!!!


How in the hell did that happen in the first place?

Maybe everyone was staring at that picture!


Not and ass, an ass pimple.

And Gavin’s hemaphroditic nature is not related to this conversation, that’s a non sequitur and it is BEYOND THE PALE.


Triple Heh, Indeedy, Jockstrapper!

We ownz these losers!


The week li’l girlie man are to scared to respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, that was again like the Bataan Death March of scrolling II, after that other MJ post. We have been pulling double duty Gavman! We just thought that maybe the trolls wouldn’t find us there and mock our love of corndogs, but they did, and then they started to spread like bird flu. We tried to contain them, but they were too organized for us. I bet they are in their last throes though.


Stand down you lilttle pink punk. This is a mans’ blog now!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the last time I feed you guys. Are you ever gonna get it at my place though. I am documenting your every move now, and don’t be surprised when it’s all over Teh Internets tomorrow, hosebeasts!


Tough words from a little girls!

Modern Major-General

“b)be blinded due to the preternatural whiteness?”

I would have thought her neck is red.

Acme Law Firm, NY

We have been informed that illegal Internet activity is taking place. We advise you to cease and desist upon penalty of law. You have been warned.

Brad adds: Hi, Marie.


Wow, Gavin, you have a serious infestation of puerius trollius patheticus here. That’s a very persistent species–especially in their larval stage.

At this point, your best bet is to capitalize on the rampant inanity somehow. Maybe the Crocodile Hunter needs some completely mindless but high-energy footage for a straight-to-video pre-schoolers entertainment project. (It’s a pity Buck Staghorn isn’t still on the air: this kind of random silliness that can almost pass for human behavior would be perfect for him.)

Hang in there. When they reach the pupa stage, their cheeto-dust chrysallis will make it hard for them to type. And, of course, if they actually make it to adulthood (close to 60% never mature past the pupa stage, you know), they will be too busy actually having sex to waste everyone’s time talking about it.


Word! Well looks like Dotty got herself a dictionary for her birthday. Hun we aren’t going anywhere…and where your worsed nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stand down you lilttle pink punk. This is a mans’ blog now!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s going to be one of my favorites. He says it as though he’s actually commandeered the website. At the most, he may have taken over the thread. But unless the actual posts on Sadly, No! become much less intelligent and filled with all this contempt for “leftie losers,” it’s doubtful the “men” have taken over. (By the way, Gavin, that’s a compliment. Pat yourself on the back, you do good work.)


With that prank Gavin, you have earned my eternal admiration.


Gavin, I think that requires your trademark “That’s saucy! (TM)”

Disregard a vote of 10 from this overeager beaver if we wan’t to know how others really feel. I’m a sucker for the unexposed neck.


THose pictures are up without permission. This is complete b—shit. Expect to hear from my layers.

How about a “hell, yeah” to that Sadly, No! or is that Sadly, mistaken?????

EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hellz Yeah!


Forgive us, Mr. Asshat, if we forgo the creation of the Sadly, No! branch of the “He-Man Woman Haters Club”.
Even with your extraordinary enthusiasm, there is simply not enough interest.

And Mr. Trollypants- I’m sure your “layers” as you call them, will have to be content with talking to them/yourse(lf)/(lves).

Have a wonderful day, our dear sweet trolly-poos.




Guiness GAY… what could that possibly refer to?
Ah, of course!
You made a pun! It was quite wittily executed indeed, and replying to such a razor sharp comment is perhaps beyond my ken.
Bravo, good sir, bravo! You are indeed a Mozart of the art of turning the phrase!

Give me a moment to recompose myself- I’m afraid that such brilliantly executed humor has left me drained and thus able to reply attempt to reply in kind (despite knowing that my pitiful wit is incapable of matching such a virtuoso!).

And I riposte!

hAHA, As$hat is p0op! OMG u w3re pwn3d, l0z3r.
1 @m r0xx0r 😛

There, I have struck, sir!


I can just see super rich elitist left-coast Guinness Guy ordering his gay butler to do some research into how to post like the kids. No sell, GG.

As usual,



Super-rich elitist left coaster?
Dude, (as much as internet credibility counts) I’m from fucking Iowa- from fucking lower middle-class rural Iowa for that matter.

As of next week, I’ll be an even poorer college student.

As for “elitist”, if by that you mean ‘I think I’m smarter than you and most people that vote Republican”, then you’re right- and I am if the standardized tests are right.

You sir, are an idiot.
Embrace it- you’ll be much happier. In fact, if you can get on LGF, you’ll be able to post among crowd of like-minded fellow adolecent boys. You’ll love it.

Major Shortssniffer

Dude! GuinesGAY just smacked you, Capt!!

Don’t take that shit!


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