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Responding to some of our earlier praise guarded enthusiasm, Dr. BLT, the composer of such great Christian classic songs as It’s gonna take a miracle (for you to like my music,) and God’s life didn’t have a melody (and neither do any of my songs) writes in the comments to this post:

It’s easy to stand back and make sarcastic remarks if you don’t have any creative inspiration of your own.

Yet as Gavin M. once wrote:

Well, maybe it looks easy.

You think it’s easy to write witty sarcasm whatever you want to call what we do? Try it, and let’s see if you can top Sadly, Yes!


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Wait, so Marie Jon’ is calling herself a pussy?


Well I guess I done been told. I’ll try to be less uppity, at least until I get my grocery lists published.


Amber’s pizza, Kerry’s art, Dr. BLT’s random noises… nothing is sacred.


The doctor complains that his song
receives no respect from this throng.
pearls cast before swine,
the puerile malign:
an example of free speech gone wrong.


He did put it pretty nicely, though! I do appreciate that, Dr. BLT. Thanks for dropping by. Still, Gavin had a point, and he still does. The people out there doing bad poetry and right-wing screeds and whatnot should think of themselves as Sadly, No’s muses, and then they will have the proper respect for what Sadly, No! does indeed create.


But Ben Shapiro just said that as Americans, we’re entitled to gas off about anything we want without knowing anything about it!

It’s easy to stand back and make sarcastic remarks if you don’t have any creative inspiration of your own.

There’s a little song that goes, “Saaadly…” I qualify as an RIAA voting member. Neener.

Ham on rye,, Ph.D.

So, Dr. BLT…

if you’re hovering about…

Let me start by saying that as a musician, I’ll give you an A for effort, but a D- for execution across the board (and only this, because an F would be too obvious)

Your musicianship is OK, but your lyrics are ham-handed, and the sound of your overall composition both in terms of production quality and song quality is just slightly less appealing than the combined sounds of stray cats having sex nest to a live megaphone, fingernails on a chalkboard and Slim Whitman being sucked into a jet engine

Meanwhile, I have to ask:

is this perceived infallibility of a sitting President strictly a partisan thing?

If not, then every last one of you right-wing hacks could have, and by your “logic” should have been rounded up for treason during that period between january 1993 and January 2001

Also, Doc, I don’t remember the voice of God calling down from the sky and declaring that “Whosoever shall sit behind the big desk in the Oval Office shall be above reproach, lest ye be smitten by My irritability and wrath”

And since when did the Presidency take on that whole Arthurian notion of “the land and the king are one.”

I don’t remember any constitutional or statutory provisions for the President being considered the literal embodiment of the nation itself.

In fact, as a former seminarian and divinity student, I’d go as far as to say that the aggressive devotion conferred upon this particular President by his (ostensibly) Christian supporters (not unlike yourself)is tantamount to idolatry, and we all know what God has to say about that, don’t we?


Amen! Preach the Good Gospel, Brother Ham on!


If you think this is poor poetry, try to come up with something better. Then, try to get it published.

Does putting something up on the internets count as publishing?


Doctor Brother Ham On Rye, can, uh, can I get a tape of that Slim Whitman thing?
That would rock. Thanks.

source f/k/a anon.

(A Haiku toast to) DR. B.L.T:
In parentheses
I find the cost of Great Sex.
Held in place by curves.


Dr. BLT sed: “It’s easy to stand back and make sarcastic remarks if you don’t have any creative inspiration of your own.”

A hint. It’s easier if you have a bottle of ether of your own.


“is this perceived infallibility of a sitting President strictly a partisan thing?”

NO! It is based on the misconception that Greoge HW Bush may or may not be God, and the reality that ‘W’ may or may not be his son.

Anyone got a couple thieves we can try along with him?


I do not consider it my job to get any of you to develop an appreciation for my music. You’ve already formed an opinion on all of my music after only being exposed to a tiny fraction of what’s been written and recorded. Just today I posted four newly recorded tunes at my website. ( What you folks have been listening too is already old. And by the way, how many of you can write and record a new song nearly every day ? Nevetheless, if putting other people down is what makes you feel better about yourselves, then be my guest. I am a psychologist, I want folks to feel better about themselves. It is sad that you must do it at the expense of others, but so be it.. Furthermore, what you say about the songs, actually says more about you than it does about the songs. You look for the bad in others because you have been poisoned by the cyanide of cynacism. Fotrunately, not everybody shares your opinion of my music. For example here is a review of my CD, Right-wingers Need Love Too, by the highly acclaimed writer and cultural critic, Bryan Preston (Sure he may be biased in accordance with his politics, but isn’t that the case with all of you?”):


First, there was the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Then came Right Wing News.

Now we have Right Wing Records, and Right Wingers Need Love Too, by Dr. BLT.

Fortunately for the world, only the last couple of those things actually exist, former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s infamous invocations notwithstanding. No conspiracy forced her husband to do what he did with that woman, Miss Lewinsky, in the Oval Office all those times, and no conspiracy forced him to commit perjury and suborn the perjury of others. But enough about that.

Dr. BLT is Bruce L. Thiessen, PhD, California psychologist by day and singer-songwriter by, well, day, night and pretty much the rest of the time. His music is focused on current events as they happen, making Right Wingers Need Love Too something like a cross between a lucid Bruce Cockburn–I did say “lucid,” thus excluding most of the actual content of Cockburn’s work–and a well-written blog. In fact, if you’ve been reading right of center blogs over the past year or so and then listen to Dr. BLT, you’ll find yourself in familiar territory.

Sonically, Dr. BLT offers up a mix of country, folk and rockabilly, while vocally he tends to come off as a Dylan with clear diction. No, scratch that. I liked the line so much I had to include it, but Dr. B’s voice is smoother and clearer than that. Especially on what I think is the best cut, “Merle Hasn’t Lost His Fighting Side.” I hear slight hints toward country legend John Anderson in that one.

The rest of the tunes slip from the humorous to the serious, touching on all the hot-button issues of the past few years. “FahrenHYPE 9-11” takes on Michael Moore (and was written before the rebuttal movie that carried the same title) from a psychological point of view (and maybe Bush does remind Mikey of his dad); “Republican Rock Stars” asks why we can only count the Ramones and Ted Nugent as fellow travelers; “Grievin’ for the Gipper” laments the passing of Ronaldus Magnus; and the title cut recounts the Cheney-Leahy Senate expletive incident before calling on folks to stop bashing President Bush and then reminding listeners that right-wingers need love too. Which, believe it or not lefties, is true. “Let’s Roll” is a haunting call to war in the wake of 9-11’s devastation.

Lefties will find Right Wingers Need Love Too highly annoying, especially the lines about swift boats, Michael Moore and issues near and dear to the right side of the political divide. But righties and the open-minded will get a kick out of it. It’s not often we hear our beliefs and politics set to music. Dr. BLT is a pro-life, pro-America hard-charging storyteller with, as Bono once put it, a guitar, three chords and the truth. Except I’m pretty sure I heard more than three chords on Right Wingers Need Love Too.

RWNLT is not destined to climb the Billboard charts, but it’s an entertaining listen that often caught me by surprise. As a former garage band player, I can only envy its spirit and creative energy. If you’re looking for an antidote to the usual garbage and nonsense you find at the local record store, and if you like a little grit with your tunes, Dr. BLT and Right Wingers Need Love Too may be what you’re looking for.
Posted by B. Preston at 10:18 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack


Furthermore, how many of you have had more than one of your songs aired simultaneously on over 200 radio stations across the nation, or appeared on a music video by the band, Cake that was nominated for Groundbreaking Music Video of the Year at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. OK, now I’m beginning to sound like an arrogant, obnoxious braggart,. But the point I’m making is that those who do not have a life, spend their lives criticizing others who take creative risks and make themselves vulnerable by putting there music out there public consumption. Please don’t take any of my comments personally. You may be basically nice, good people, you just don’t know how to express love or appreciation so you express bitterness, cynicism, and contempt for those who don’t hold to your value system or to your cynical Weltenshaung.


Now I suppose you’re going to look for typos and spelling errors and criticize me for those too. I’ll tell you what, go directly to my free MP3 jukebox (the entire jukebox is loaded with tunes but these too are only a fraction of what I’ve written and recorded)

Listen (from beginning to end) to at least 10 songs, then I will take your criticism a little more seriously. Have you heard Holdin’ the Hands of Time? Sadly, no.
How about Capitol Hill-ary? Sadly, no. What about my tribute to Brian Jones (Our Most Precious Stone) or my cover of the Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want? Sadly, no. What about Short Part/Long Cake Music Video?? Sadly, no. How about my tribute to George Harrison, Bye George? Or my tribute to Frank Sinatra (I Wanna Be Frank with You)? Sadly, no. How about my tribute to the Beatles Rubber Soul album, Rubber Stamp My Heart? Sadly, no! I don’t mind criticism from folks who take the time to actually listen to a wide variety of what I’ve done, but those of you who spout off after listening to a verse or two of Great Sex Can Ruin Your Life, (a song I wrote and recorded in about 20 minutes) on a whim, really don’t know what you’re talking about. Actually I appreciate all of your opinions and I love you even if you hate my music. Over 20 of my songs have been played on radio stations and I will succeed whether you like my stuff or not. Thanks for listening to my stuff. I appreciate all your comments, the good, the bad and the ugly.


That guy is great! Can we give him some sort of award for awesomeness. I mean Dr BLT is funny enough, but with song titles like Grieving for the Gipper who cares about melody or lyrics? And bragging about a review by Bryan Preston(???) that should get you four stars in Rolling Stone. Oh and in a Cake video too?

Jesus H. Christ! Where H stands for Holy Crap!!!


You know what Dr. BLT…?

You gotta love sadly no! They always make my day, with their sardistic version of sarcasam. They have the right 2 think you know…

Watch out… right wingers who sing, write and paint!!!! AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Its a vast right wing conspiracy! LOL!


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