This place is really coming together

With our new, original logo finished, the obvious next thing was a mascot. And also streamlining our operation. As a distributed global organism, we gravitate hive-like to HumorSolutions attuned to the…

Ow! I just sneezed and Steven Johnson came out my nose.

Blah, hey — here’s a sneak peek at the all-new Sadly, No! Posts will follow this hilarious and super-contemporary-edgy (= late-’90s pre-dotcom-collapse) style guide from now on.


::From Selwyn Duke’s new thing at The Rant::

::Do you really believe that Michael Moore or the New York Slimes cares about the plight of Mrs. Sheehan? Be not deceived: they use grieving activists because they know that such pawns are both handy conduits ? through which they can damage political opponents and promote their agendas ? and get-out-of-criticism-free cards. They?re doing nothing less than taking a leaf out of Saddam Hussein?s book, as they use these hapless saps as ?human shields.?::

::”Rreeow! Hspfth! So pawns are conduits taking leaves, who are also saps? Nice metaphor, Smellwyn Puke! (Rreow!)”::

:: ©1996-2005, SadNo, GmbH ::


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Streamlining your organism?


Streamlining? That doesn’t mean layoffs does it? I’ve got a lil ole’ doggie to feed.


Er, Yosef, I think that they meant “orgasm.”


Heh. Indeed.


Speaking of Marie, I hear that she has a real thing for plush toy mascots.


Brad, BTW, 272 Bitchez!


I thought Marie ‘lil’ Jon was the mascot here?! Has she left you for the poorman?


Petercollada, unfortunately the NCAA has banned the use of psychotic mascots. So we had to let her go so that S,N could be considered for post season play.


She has actually become GregH’s personal mascot in the long thread.


Oh yes the long thread. I would like to clarify that she is my personal but not exclusive mascot.


Ye gods, blink tags? You, off teh intarweb, now!


“Smellwyn,” is that Welsh?


GmBH? So, you’re HQ is in Munich?


Hey man, it’s

Inter alia, I’ve been making fun of this stuff for five years, but it’s only super-recently that graphic designers themselves have stopped being super-offended, and…

Well, you know. Whatever makes people shriek the most is often the bullseye target of satire. Which is also why I try to devil Amanda Panda from time to time.

But ok, yo, What’s up with Marq’s dad?


Last update I saw on Mark’s Pop was in this thread:


Brad, BTW, 272 Bitchez!

276 now, ho bag!!!


Don’t you mean “ho bage!!!”?


LOL, yes, thank you ho bage.


One must be careful in the use of the “street” vernacular; otherwise, one might loose their “cred.”


Be not deceived: they use grieving activists because they know that such pawns are both handy conduits ? through which they can damage political opponents and promote their agendas ? and get-out-of-criticism-free cards. They?re doing nothing less than taking a leaf out of Saddam Hussein?s book, as they use these hapless saps as ?human shields.?

I seem to recall something, something, what was it…
Oh, yes. There was this fifteen year old Kuwaiti girl called Nayirah who told the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, in the run up to Gulf War I (“This Time It’s Not Personal Yet”) that she personally witnessed “hundreds” of babies pulled from incubators by the Iraqi soldiers and left to die on the Kuwait hospital floor.

My God, those fiends, we must *do* something. But then, oh yes, it turned out that Nayirah was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, a member of their royal family, who had been told what to say by popular PR firm Hill & Knowlton. Turned out, in fact, that there had only ever been a handful of incubators in all of Kuwait to begin with, and that Nayirah’s story was, actually, objectively untrue.

But, you know, actually mentioning that was terribly bad manners, because, hey, she was this traumatized young girl, and just because what she was saying happened to be pushing an agenda and making those who opposed the invasion appear to be Pro Baby Killing, that doesn’t mean it’s not true!
Except, of course, that in this case, it wasn’t. Demonstrably so, in fact.

Meanwhile, Ms. Sheehan is saying what she’s saying as a matter of principle and opinion, and it’s much harder to prove that she doesn’t believe what she’s saying (and, you know, even if she *had* changed her opinion on the war or on Bush, so fucking what, many *republicans* have), so they’re left suggesting that just because someone, in essence, takes their own side in a debate, they must be dishonest.

Which is so disingenuous I’m amazed these people are capable of forming a complete sentence without the earth swallowing them as their God becomes increasingly embarrassed for them.


2 words, Terry Schiavo.


Cheap shot, merlallen. It’s not my fault my long term memory functions better than my short term memory.
Oh, wait, it probably is. Damn you, permissive liberal drug culture!


Pot, kettle, very fucking dark.


My dad gets the Bill Clinton special this (Tuesday) morning-yes, quadruple bypass! There was too much blockage in four of the arteries that supply the heart muscle with oxygenated blood (from 80-95%) to be able to make do with stents. Then, assuming he survives, it’s weeks of short-term disability & rehab-and no car driving. Or walking our dainty 80lb labrador retriever. So fun for me! You know, since I already have a handicapped parking placard (long story-no, not HIV), so long dog walks with the pooch pulling me along at about 25mph are really hurting me. Ah, well. I can omly bask in self-pity for a decade-or-two at a time before I start irritating even myself.


Marq- I hope everything goes well with your dad. I know it must be tough right now. I feel for you.


Thanks, Yosef. He just went into surgery within the last 45 minutes. He should be out bf surgery between 11am and Noon, CDT. Guess I’m not sleeping tonight after all. Have to hop in the shower and do a couple of things before I head over there and twiddle my thumbs uselessly. Whee!


Again all the best to you and your Pop.


I’m briefly back from the hospital. The operation went well–except that it didn’t. That is to say, my dad came through it OK, but a post-op EKG looked funky. They suspected that one of the grafted veins got twisted or kinked while they were closing him up, restricting the blood flow a bit. So they put him back under and are presently re-opening him. Ugh. This fucking sucks. Nothing else better go wrong. Will find out in an hour or two. Gotta do a couple of things around the house, then scoot back there. Like I said, UGH.



It Binks! It Bliiiinks!!!!



Opening my dad up and poking around seems to have fixed whatever wasn’t quite right at first. The EKG looks more normal now. They’re going to keep him on a respirator and under sedation until Wednesday morning. Unless something goes horribly awry, he should be on his way-slowly-to recovery. I feel a great deal more relaxed now, though there’s still plenty that could go wrong. But the most dangerous phase is over now, so hopefully we’re all a go.


The blink tags, much like the favicons, didn’t work in Safari, but did in Firefox for Mac OS X. I sent a bug report to Apple bitching about it, ‘cos by-and-large, I’m very fond of Safari. There’s no real reason it shouldn’t be able to support these things-indeed, sometimes it does display them. But really, it should just do it without special effort on the part of web designers. It’s probably is just the matter of adding a line-or-two of code, so there’s little excuse.


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