Well, that takes care of that


First a favicon, now an original logo. I’m singing ‘Climb Every Mountain’ here.


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should’t the logo anf the favicon be more coordinated?


Nah, I’d like it better if each letter came from a different font — like a ransom note in the good old days! (Sighs)


Um, so the logo doesn’t look familiar?


Welp, back to the drawing board. How about ‘Kittenhouse Review,’ with a bunch of snarling, evil kittens?


Snarling, evil kittens would be soooo cooool!


I’m calling bullhonkey on “your” new logo. It’s a total ripoff of Atrios’ logo. Geesh the noive of some people.


By the way, what’s a “Favicon” and do I need one? I’m too lazy to Google it.


OK, maybe it’s because I’m having a really shitty weekend (had to take my 77-year-old dad to the hospital with possible heart trouble; really not happy right now), but I gots to know: why is the background graphic for the “logo” lifted from the Daily Kos? Juuuuuust askin’.


If I had to describe that logo in one sentence, it’d be, “Nevermind that we stole it from Kos, here’s Sadly, No!”


This is like the first time I’ve had to explain a joke around here.

Okay, see, it’s brazenly ripped off from Kos. And half the letters already match.

That’s the joke.



Let me explain my joke too! You see it was quite obvious that the logo was intentionally stolen from Kos for comedic effect (or is that ‘affect’ Horriban?) and I intentionally implied that it was instead stolen from Atrios. Get it? Ha, Ha, Ha I kill myself.


Sorry-I did, indeed, realize the general thrust of the Daily Sadly, Kos! logo. Like I said, I’m in a very bad place emotionally right now. It turns out my dad did have a heart attack yesterday, albeit a small one. He’s still at the hospital today, and will be there at least through Monday, which is when they’re doing an angioplasty(sp?) and probably putting a stent or two in, As I said, really fucking bad place emotionally right now.


The idea is ok, but the use of the flag undermines my sheer contempt from America that is usually supplied by this bog. I’d vote for something to represent your inherent evilness (maybe hell kittens?).


Best wishes for your dad, Marq – I hope he’s feeling better soon.


Looks strangely familiar….I could be wrong though


Marq, hope your dad’s okay. -G


Best wishes, Marq, for your dad and you. It’s hard on the whole family, too.


Marq, I hope your Dad makes a full and happy recovery.


Thanks, everybody. Monday, he gets an angioplasty(sp?), and probably a stent or two. Depending what they see, other operations may be called for (I’m hoping no open-heart). I’m not sure how soon further procedures would be performed. Other than the inital incident, he seems to feel pretty much OK, and it hasn’t recurred so far. The main thing that worries me at the moment is that the angioplasty has about a 1/10th of a percent chance of causing a fatal heart attack or stroke. That would really bite. I’ve gotten about 3 hours of sleep over the last 48 hours, and I’m still restless tonight (AND really tired).


What’s a Daily Kos?


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