The Sound of a Blogger Crying

Jim at the Rittenhouse Review writes about our favorite Ayn Randian princess Amber Pawlik:

Did you hear that?
I swear I heard laughing.
No, no. I know I heard laughter.
The sound of millions of women laughing. […]

No, it?s the blogosphere and its countless readers worldwide, their attention to Amber drawn by such leading lights as TBogg, Roger Ailes, and World O?Crap, that has ignited the unceasing wave of abuse that is being heaped upon this public-trough-feeding student

Sadly, No!: Not one of the leading lights of the blogosphere. Talk about a case of Jim putting the F and the U in our FestivUs. Whaaaaaaaaa!


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I think Jim at Rittenhouse Review is just jealous because Amber has been writing about YOU in her diary, not him, and so he’s been telling Amber that you have been cheating on her with Ann Coulter, and so can no longer be considered a serious rival for her hand.


I will admit that I still think YOU are Amber. I think she is much to ridiculous to be a real person. Not to mention the wisdom of the Gender Genie. And since I believe you are Amber, I think it is really funny how Rittenhouse can mention other bloggers and leave you out when discussing her as a phenomenon.


Oh, and here’s proof that Amber likes you best (and that’s all that matters):

“I’m glad to see the folks follow my articles and always give me free plugs.”


Sadly, No!: Not one of the leading lights of the blogosphere

You’re one of my leading lights. That and a buck fifty will get you a small coffee.


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